Thyroid and OC

I have noticed there is quite a lot of connections between those who have OC and those with thyroid problems. I've had a thyroid problem since my early twenties, and occasional medication and yearly blood tests.

In the US I notice that they have identified a link between the two but the tsudies are not agreed with here in the UK, although some doctors are starting to take more notice of this. My thyroid levels were raised before I was diagnosed, for the first time in ages, but the docotr didn't want to know, it wa sonly this new GP that sent for a scan also took my thyroid blood test, and I was aksed to have it redone. I'm due to have it done again now post surgery and am wondering if the removal of my OC will show a difference in the levels recorded.

Does anyone else have any experience of the two being connected or any research they have read, as I would be very interested by it.

On another note, feel woozy and tired today, on the ginger beer, as feel a lot more queasy, wanted to go out today but legs and head don't agree, oh well it could be worse.

LA xx

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  • Hi Lily-Anne

    I've not had any problems with my thyroid, in fact your blog is the first I've heard about it! Perhaps it depends on the type of oc?

    Sorry to hear you are woozy etc, its only day 2, so it's only to be expected. Keep taking the anti sickness meds, and try to rest. You will probably have a couple of what we call duvet days, where even getting showered and dressed is exhausting, so don't worry if you do, its normal! I have a shower stool, so I can shower sitting down when I need to. We got mine from Amazon, but you can probably pick one up from a mobility shop if you need one!

    If the anti sickness meds aren't controlling the sickness, get on to your oncology emergency line. I did last year, they recommended an injection, which I arranged through the out of hours GP, as it was a Sunday. A few days later they suggested a change of tablets, which I got through my GP. They really worked, and are the ones I took this year.



  • Anti sickness tabs can make you feel abit dopey but don't stop taking them. eat little and often and just what you fancey. Above all rest.

    Take care Lily-Anne you WILL get through it

    Love Suex

  • I too have an underactive thyroid which I have had for a good few years but have never associated the two, like you my legs and head give me the worse symptoms but I am lucky as I do not suffer too much from the sickness so keep up the ginger beer.

    Love Bettyannex

  • Hi Lily-Ann,

    i have an under active thyroid which was diagnosed approx 6 years ago. I do know another lady Annie2 who has the same thyroid problem as me. If you find out any more info please let us all know. I will now be searching the web to see if there is any connection.

    Love Babs x x

  • Hi Lily-Ann

    Thats really interesting, my mum and sister both have thyroid problems (underactive I think), but as far as I know I do not. Perhaps I should be tested?

    I find sips of iced water really good for sickness, anything fizzy makes me feel worse.

    Hope it passes soon,

    Love Brenda XX

  • Hi Lilly-Ann I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid approx 5 years ago and have been on medication for it ever since. I also have never heard of a link between this and OC. Funnily enough my thyroid levels dropped and had to have medication upped for a short period but chemo brain wont let me recall if this was before OC diagnosis or after, would have to consult GP on this. I too would like to know if you find any more info on this subject

    Ann xxx

  • Hi Lily-Ann Yes I have been diagnosed with under-active thyroid 12months ago I was trying to lose some weight. I thought it was down to the chem and steroids, not very successfully. my GP said before I start trying to slim she would test me. which she did and it was very under active I am now on medication. I didnt have any problems before my OC. which I have had for 3 years. Hope this is helpful.

    Regards Barbara

  • Hi Lily-Ann,

    I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid not long before being diagnosed with oc. I am also on medication.

    I'd noticed that there seemed to be quite a few of us with thyroid problems and was going to ask the onc about it on Friday but completelyforgot with the news of my raised CA125.

    love Marilyn xxx

  • Hi Lily Anne,

    This is really interesting, I have had an under active thyroid for ten years. I was having a few problems with thyroxin levels just prior to my OC diagnosis. I have just been asked to take part in a survey relating to hereditary ovarian and breast cancer as I have a faulty BRCA1 gene, interestingly one of the questions on the survey questionnaire asks about thyroid problems. I intend to ask the genetic specialist when I see her later his month if there is a link.

    In the meantime I hope you are feeling better,



  • Hi Lily- Anne,

    I have recently had a blood test to test my thyroid and it was a bit lazy, so having another blood test to see if there is any more change. I am 9 months in remission from OC and would like to lose some weight. i thought my weight gain was from the steroids and being thrown into the menopause but maybe my thyroid has something to do with my weight gain.

    Does make you wonder if there is a link between OC and thyroid.


  • I've been reading some research, as when I was first diagnosed I asked my consultant and he said that although he had heard of a connection between ovarian cysts and thyroid problems it wasn't recognised as substantial research in the UK, he wouldn't be drawn any further on it, or the evidence that life expectancy after a surgical menopause is reduced. So I've been doing some digging (the journalist in me) and there is a few papers on a possible link as well as many American theories, I have a thyroid blood test due to be done so am keen to see how my levels are as they were raised prior to my diagnosis.

    LA xx

  • Hi. I have family history of under active thyroid and have had regular blood tests for 15 years. When they found an ovarian cyst they repeated the thyroid test and im over active now. It turns out I had a Borderline Tumour. I too wondered if it was connected, Gp says no link. Let us know if you find any information.

    Louise. Xx

  • Hi Lily-Anne, just reading your past notes with regards to a possible link between underactive thyroid and ovarian cancer. Did you reach any conclusions?

    Best wishes xxx

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