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New here. Seeking feedback on OC

I have every symptoms of ovarian cancer. I took a hereditary cancer risk quiz online today and it showed a red flag. I do not have a gyn doc that I trust. I am 58. I read that a pregnancy test might be able to detect this if it is advanced. My symptoms are consistent with advances. Has anyone done a preg test to see if it was positive and if it correlated with a dx of OC? I would love some feedback. If possible, I would like to learn that I have cancer in the privacy of my own home. Because of insurance issues and family considerations. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi there.

I'm sorry you're worried and upset.

I've never heard that that pregnancy tests are used in the detection of Ovarian.

My advice would be to visit your doctor. Whatever your issues, the most important thing is your health and well being.

You never know, you might not have cancer at all.

All good wishes. Xx


I'm a cancer researcher and I have not heard of this. You must get yourself to a doctor and get a proper test done. As per reply below you maybe worrying over nothing! Best of luck x



sorry you're worried however as others have said you need to go to a GP, speak with them about your symptoms, ask for an ultrasound and a CA125 blood test as a starter. These do not diagnose but will be a starter.

A red flag on a hereditary test will NOT diagnose.

If you have been suffering with symptoms they need discussing with your doctor, cysts and other issues can cause problems too that aren't necessarily cancer.

You DO need to go and find a GP or Gyn (USA?) . Putting things off and reading the Internet will not help you.

Take action now

Take care

Clare xx


Please go to your doctor as soon as possible. You don't need to trust them at this stage, just start the ball rolling with a CC 125 blood test initially, then get yourself set up for more intensive tests. This is too important to leave. There is no do it yourself test for OC !



Should read CA 125 blood test.



Everybody has got this covered, all on line tests are very subjective and can be so far off the mark. I did one for fun recently and the results were that I was a 32 year old man!🤔

Go see your doctor and ask for the relevant blood tests and scans, once the results are in you will know what's going on and you can deal the deck accordingly.

Take lots of care but go see your doctor ❤xx Jane

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Thanks to everyone for their replies and words of support and concern. I will work on trying to find a doctor - yes I am in the US.

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IF and that is a big if your CA 125 number should be elevated, usually an ultra sound and/or scan are ordered and they go from there. If there is any question of it being OC please request to be seen by an GYN/ONC.. they have extra years of training and knowledge that our regular ob/gyn doctors do not. Best of luck to you

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I never heard of a pregnancy test to determine OC. I really never had symptoms before diagnosis. I did have a bloated stomach and gained weight. I suggest you go to a gyn doctor and get a CA 125 blood test.

This can't be a guessing game, too serious!

Good luck


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I agree with all the other comments. You need a CA125 test. I had one and it was elevated, I also had all other symptoms of OC. I had a scan and was diagnosed with fibroids. My bloating and vomiting turned out to be a hiatus hernia and reflux disease. I keep an eye on my symptoms, but right now things are settled. I was petrified, and not knowing is just terrifying. Good luck x


I doubt that a pregnancy test would give a diagnosis; were it to be so, doubtless it would routinely be used on us all. Even the CA-125 test gives false positives and negatives which is why that it is not routinely used on women until / unless there is reason to suspect ovarian cancer.

Whatever issues you may be facing regarding insurance and family, ultimately your own health and life transcends them. You need to seek medical advice. The symptoms of ovarian cancer can mimic relatively innocuous disease so matters may not be so dire as you might think, BUT you will not know unless you seek medical advice.

You've had a lot of good advice here, don't delay.

All the best!


Hi love,

All of what the ladies have said, whatever your problems they won't go away and the sooner sorted the better and if they are untoward,better caught soonest,

Best wishes,

Carole xx


Thanks again for all your replies. I appreciate you.


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