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Thanks to everyone who replied to my last blog about starting a group in Manchester. I also saw the posting from Helen the specialist nurse about their plans to start a group in Salford which sounds interesting.

Anyway if you fancy meeting up in Manchester with a few of us then please let me know your ideas on frequency of meetings, dates, times places (I'm happy to hold first one here at my house in Heaton Chapel, Stockport) and what you might want from meeting and then we can make some progress.

I'm having chemo tomorrow (no. 5 of carbo and gem) so may not be up to much this week.

Have a good sunday

love Francesca x

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  • Dear Francesca

    It's brilliant you're getting a support group up and running. We just had 3 at our first group but we're hoping it will grow. It would be interesting to share ideas and experiences about setting up a group from scratch. Macmilland give out grants to help establish support groups and they also offer training for organisers which is something I'd really like to do.

    Best of luck with your plans!

    xx Annie

  • Thanks. Where is your group? I have started a group before a few years ago for cancer patient generally and had Macmillan grant. It ran for 2 year but people dropped out and I had treatment so it folded. I don't have energy for running group like that again just putting out the idea and hoping others will share running and maybe just take turns meeting at different houses

    Love Francesca x

  • Hi Francesca,

    thanks for offering to hold the meeting at your house, I am in Prestwich and would be happy to have a meeting here also. I think it would be good to hold an initial meeting just to discuss what people want from meetings and take it from there?


    Jan x

  • Hi Jan

    Good idea. I just had chemo today so meeting in a couple of weeks should be OK. Have you got any dates/times? Are you having chemo at the moment?


    Francesca x

  • Hi Francesca,

    Hope the treatment went ok, I'm not having treatment at the mo, just regular check ups, fairly flexible with times/ days except Thursdays,


    Jan x

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