Great Manchester Run - the Result

I thought I would update you on how i got on today. Its been a tiring week I was diagnosed at the start of the week with cholecystitis and I've been on antibiotics all week. I'm not feeling sick anymore but I'm still getting pains that come and go.

I was pretty excited today it was my first race since my diagnosis a year ago. I woke up at 04:30 thinking it was time to get up so consequently I was tired when my alarm went off. I got up and had something to eat then I put my running kit on and went to catch the bus into town.

The buses were diverted because the race start was on Portland Street and many of the buses to South Manchester go out along that way. I went and dropped my bag off in the storage area I took some immodium because I was getting a bit of cramping and didn't want to get caught short on the run.

I hund around a street corner in one of the side streets for a while just watching the crowds and glad to be able to take part of course this meant I had to listen to Russell Watson sing 'You raise me Up' several times. Then it was time for the pink wave (the biggest and the last) to assemble in the start area.

It took about 15 mins to walk from where i was stood to the start line it was so congested. Finally I reached the start and I was off I'd promised my GP to take it easy so I was using run/walk technique by running for 8 mins and walking for 2 mins. I chatted to someone on the route that was raising money for ovacome but I didn't get her name I don't think she posts.

At 5k there were water stations and although it was cloudy it was warm so I was very thirsty then at 6k I ran through the showers which was very refreshing. The last 2k was the toughest I was running very slowly just slightly quicker than walking pace then before we knew it was 200m to the finish line so time to try and pick up the pace a little as I didn't want the cameras to catch me walking.

I felt fantastic when I finished in 1:28:18 just a couple of minutes quicker than I was expecting. I've got a charity place for the Great North Run in September so the adventure continues.......

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  • Excellent ,very brave of you to compete when you had been ill all double congratulations. Love Sue x

  • Well done, especially when you are not feeling too well.Congratulations.What an achievement!


  • Yes my GP thought I was a bit mad but I'm convinced the endorphines help the pain

  • Many congratulations especially as you weren't feeling well.

    Love Marilyn

  • Well done you!

    I xxx

  • Dear Scardycat

    Thanks so much for posting up your progress. It's good to hear you went ahead and completed the run in a really good time. You must feel very exhilarated to have done that in such a good time.

    I'm sure running is good even though we have various problems. I'm still building up my distance for the 5k.

    Well done you! xxx

  • Scardycat

    This is fatastic, so well done.You deserve to be so proud of yourself after all that you have been through.

    I know that there seems to be increasing evidence that taking more exercise really really helps cancer patients.

    I am training to do the race for Life on Sunday , I have never jogged it before, but am really enjoying the training. It's only 5 k by the way !



  • 5k are hard work so well done you

  • Well done, megga respect x

    Don't think my bladder would allow me to run lol x

    Tess x

  • Invest in a shewee?

  • hehehe not a bad idea :-)

  • Dear Scardycat

    Congratulations. That's a great achievement and especially admirable for sticking with it when you were feeling unwell, Very well done!

    Catherine x

  • Knew you could do it! and it was lovely to meet you last week......

    You are an example of the indomitableness of the human spirit

    Eleni x

  • Dear ScardyCat,

    Great news... I was thinking about you all day.... Well done....

    xx G xx

  • Well done! that was really brilliant! Have a good rest today though.


    Anne x

  • Congratulations ,well done ,put your feet up today!!

    Love Sue xx

  • Yes ma'am

  • Well done You - what a brick to go even when you weren't feeling very well. I watched on TV and it was really inspiring.


  • Thanks I was feeling much better by the Sunday. I'm not feeling sick any more still getting pains but not too bad I have an ultrasound on the 6 June to confirm if I have a gallstone

  • Hi Scardycat,

    Well done...and good luck for the next one in September! You've put me in the modd to see the Olympic torch pass through Kidderminster on Thursday. I am afraid they are wheeling me in the wheel chair to the bottom of our lane, but I am not proud as long as the vomiting veronicas do not strike.

    Love Lizzie


  • I thought of you the whole way round on Sunday it kept me going

  • What an amazing achievement. I feel so guilty about just lazing around enjoying this lovely weather and not doing something more positive like you. Brilliant. XXXXXX. Meryl

  • Please don't feel guilty I love to run however slow I may be

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