Ask the experts day in Manchester

Firstly thank you everyone who sent me lovely message congratulating me on becoming a grandma. I had my first cuddle of lily Francesca yesterday and shed a few tears. Also I thought some of you may be interested in attending a day in Manchester on 5th June called ask the experts-Advances in diagnosis treatment and support. I'm intending to go and it's being run by target ovarian cancer so you need to contact them to book a free place x

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  • I am looking forward to it

  • Looking forward to meeting you if I can tear myself away from grandma duties! no doubt the novelty will have worn off a little by then but I am besotted! xx

  • Thanks so much for the reminder Francesca - a friend has invited me to stay nearby so I could make the event and your post has reminded me to book a place. I would have completely forgotten had it not been for you - so thanks so much for the reminder. xx Annie

  • I do hope you can come as it would be good to meet you. xx

  • Booked, and looking forward to meeting you! It'll be brilliant having chatted on line so much. xxxx Annie

  • Thanks for sharing this Francesca- it sounds like it will be a really interesting day and a great opportunity to hear about what treatments are coming to the fore and hear about developments. Hopefully a chance to meet some more great women too, xxx

  • I hope we can meet there. It should be interesting and I would like to meet more women whoa re dealing with this ** disease.

    Francesca xx

  • That would be great xxx

  • Hi Francesca, congratulations on becoming a Grandma and might I add your granddaughter has been given a beautiful name. I have 2 little grandsons, one about to turn 2 and the other 20 months old, both very precious. Enjoy your granddaughter. Ann

  • thank you I intend to spend as much time as I can with her without getting on their nerves of course!

    Francesca x

  • Would have loved to go. But am away on hold. But I hope its a great success. X

  • I think I'd rather be going on holiday too! Do you live in the Manchester area? X

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