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Has anyone else experienced Hair loss after peritoneal washing? How did others recover from a salpingo-oopherectomy?

Just home from having laparoscopic surgey to remove a granulosa cell tumour (6.5cm), left ovary & fallopian tube.

Had peritoneal washings also, but when i washed my hair today for 1st time, was horrified to find handfuls of my hair in the shower....

Has anyone else experienced this? I didn't have chemo as my cancer hasn't been staged yet.

Waiting for results...anxiously!

Very sore & emotional at the moment too! Wondering if anyone else experienced this? Is it common to feel emotional after surgery? Was given no info as to what to expect...

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Not personally, but I do have a friend who suffered from this post hysto' op' in spite of having no chemo either. It was indeed put down to stress (the same thing happened to Humprhey Bogart but for different reasons!) It's so hard not to feel stress at times like these and feeling emotional is understandable - we all do from time to time.

Listen to what your body is telling you, try to relax and do something you really enjoy. It's also quite understandable if you wnt and need professional help, so do talk to your medical professionals about your feelings.

Good luck and enjoy Christmas and the New Year (yes, I know, easier said than done!) xxx


Hi Pippibee

Well done on getting through the operation and I am pleased that you found us.

Everybody gets emotional after an operation I I have worked on surgical wards and have seen young men for example cry after appendix removal.

When your ovary is removed your oestrogen levels must fall somewhat , so this complicates matters. Also , you have had the shock of the diagnosis and the uncertainty about what further treatment if any you need. I presume that your surgeon must have been fairly sure that your cancer was contained, as otherwise you would have needed more extensive surgery.As Frennchdeb says this is a big shock so you need to take things very easy.

Try to use all of the resources available to you. I cannot over-emphasise how important it is that you have say an oncology specialist nurse and our therapist to speak to. I was not offered this , although my consultant is extremely sweet and kind.Ruth , the Ovacome support nurse on this forum is so kind and helpful , I would certainly recommend giving her a call. Take plenty of painkillers too if you need them.

I had a TAH /BSO for what turned out to be borderline ovarian cancer and lots of fibroids. I also had another major procedure to investigate pain and I can tell you that I was extremely emotional and sore after both.This is perfect;y normal.

This was two years ago, I didn't need chemo or radiotherapy and am (mostly) fine now. I dive and have been away on 3 diving trips with my hubby this year.It has made me appreciate the important things in life more.

You will be too, honestly ! But this won't happen overnight.

Take care

Charlie xxx


hi pippibee,

I too suffered hair loss very similar to what women get after having a baby. mines appeared to thin and recede . I would wake up and have a lot of hair on my pillow but not clumps I also noticed it in the bath too . I suffered from this prior to operation and after operation i think because my ovaries were not working both had tumours .

On the plus side it has appears to have stopped and my receding areas are growing back so there is hope . i too like you was very concerned i bought all the thickening products and change my hair style to be honest nobody noticed unless i pointed it out .

A good quote from my husband "what does hair do that a hat doesn't " his hair was thinning faster than mine lol

take care of urself and wishing you all the best

sem 10 xxx



I also had a granulosa cell tumor removed. They didn't know it was there and I had to have a second surgery for staging. How did they do your surgery and staging? Did they take node and tissue samples? Did they take the ovary in one piece?

I am a 1a and no further treatment is needed. I get blood work and visit every three months for two years and then every 6 months for 3 years.

I did not have hair loss but my friend is a beautician and she said some people have hair loss from anesthesia. Maybe that is it.

I know waiting is a killer. I pray you get good results!



Hello there, yes I began to lose my hair at the beginning of June 2011, a few weeks after my total abdominal hysterectomy. I noticed that the hair loss started a few days after starting warfarin and it went on for about 6 weeks, I have really thick hair so began to worry when I started to shed more than normal. No one has really offered a reason why, I did inform doctors on two separate occasions particularly at my first warfarin INR and then on a hospital ward. Others have offered me explanations of lack of hormones, the shock of the actual surgery and stress. I preferred clexaine to warfarin to be honest. I was crying out to have my roots done but have waited until very recently to get them done. I just wanted to get my hair in the best possible condition, I will never moan about having silver hair again though!


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