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living with ovarian cancer for 8 years and counting

Hi folks,

I am fairly new to this site and I have been reading lots of your questions and comments and have begun to feel less isolated and more part of a community. I sometimes feel sad or anxious when I read things here but often feel inspired and encouraged by your mutual support and courage.

I was diagnosed with stage ovarian cancer in July 2004 and had a hysterectomy and chemo and 16 months remission. Since then I have had another 2 rounds of chemo and a short time of radiotherapy. I am in the middle of my 4th round of chemo now.

I have been lucky as it has been fairly slow growing and I have been very well between treatment.

This time has been worse as there is more disease mainly in my abdomen on my omentum and after each chemo session I've ended up in hospital (the Christie as i live in Stockport) with a temperature. I was meant to have my 4th sesion last friday but my white cells are too low and I've got 2 weeks off. I was disappointed as I just want it over but I'm trying to enjoy the time now as I'm feeling well.

I have been much more anxious this time and can't sleep without pills now although I plan to ease off after chemo..

Between treatment I've used lots of complementary and alternative ways of staying healthy and combatting cancer - mainly with diet ( even did Gerson for 6 months), acupuncture, mistletoe injections, lots of vitamins, herbs, exercise, yoga, tai chi, etc.

I have produced a website with lots of info

So I hope I can contribute and be part of this group.

love and hope

Francesca xx

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Hi, we are also being treated at christies. Nice to see you 8 yrs on, we started 2009 and already on 5th line chemo. What chemo treatment are you currently on and which have you had previously. How have your CA readings been over the years. Rgds Paul and Sandra


I had carboplatin and taxol 1st, carbo on its own second, carbo and taxol 3rd and now it was carbo and gemcitabine but was so poorly that from 3rd session its just carbo. My CA 125 was 3000ish when I was first diagnosed and has recently gone up to 848 but after 2 chemos back to 68. It has varied over the years and has been higher with less disease so its hard to use it as an accurate guide. My doctor is Welch. Who do you see?




You will see from our profile page our history, just started the Gem/carbo last thurs, 2nd dose of gem this week. Too early to see how we will cope with it. We are with prof jayson clinic but get to see any of his docs, we prefer andrew clamp but its pot luck. His clinic runs on thursdays. We also had good CA readings below normal yet disease still present, we tend to take notice of the trend, ie is it going up or down. Paul.


Good luck with it. I too take notice of trends. x


Who do you see x



Just to say welcome to the site, as you have already discovered there is a lot of support on this site, a lot of sadness and a lot of happiness, a lot of diversity too, but we all feel we are in this together.... best wishes love x G x :-)



Welcome to the site. So much support on here.

Pity we go to Christies different days I am Tuesdays Dr Hassan. How I agree with comments regarding Dr Clamp he is lovely. He was the first one I met in 2001 and still looks as young now in 2013. I had carbo/taxol x 6 in 2001/2 following major surgery. 2009 recurrence operated and debulked 2010 followed by carbo/taxol x 3 then 3 carbo as taxol affecting fingers and feet. 2011 carbo/caelyx x 6, 2013 Rotterdam Regime am in middle of. Caelyx didn't seem to do much.

Keep on keeping on.

Best wishes

Hilary xxxxxx


We have had very little time away from chemo since it all began in 2009. It has been suggested to go back to the rotterdam if we get another recurrence later this year. Unfortunately with us we started the rotterdam in 2010 but in hindsight Sandra was not well enough post surgery to begin it so she only did 5 cycles and never continued with the tablet. We nicknamed andrew as Harry Potter as there is a striking resemblance.


Hi Paul

Made me smile, Harry Potter, yes I can see where you are coming from.

Good luck with the treatment hope all goes well.

Hilary xx


Hi Francesca

I just wanted to congratulate you on your 8 years living with ovarian cancer. It is wonderful for you, but also it is very inspirational for us to read about. I am sorry that you are finding things tougher with this chemo, emotionally as well as physically, but I'm sure once this treatment is over you will be able to relax a bit more and enjoy the good days. :)



Thank you Vicky. i have had been to Dunham massey park and had a lovely walk in the sun today so it has been a good day!

f x


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