"Our Christmas Alphabet Song "

Hi all , Hope you are all having a good day,

Here's a little ditty which we can all sing along to ,I'm sure you're all familiar to the music...

After three now....

C- is for the chemo which you hope will save your life,

H- is for hysterectomy done with a fork and knife( well it sure as hell felt like it ! ).

R- is for remission, it's what you're aiming for,

I- is for indigestion, it makes your gullet flaming raw.( I used to hate that )

S- is for the staging,which fills us all with dread

T- is for the treatment, that takes the hair upon your head.

M- is for the menopause of which you have no choice.

A- is for the advice ,a more than welcome voice.

And S- is keep on smiling as no-one knows their fate.

Your day will come when you are cured ,go wild and celebrate....

Hope you all joined in . haha

Suzieque xxx

14 Replies

  • Well done Suzieque!

    As ever you made me smile!!!

    Keep them coming



  • Suzieque,

    You should be packaged and sent to us all every day LOL LOL.

    Where do you get them from ??

    x x

  • oh suzieque, you are so clever you make me smile. keep them coming .

    love nana flo

  • This is absolutely brilliant !! Well done Love Lynn XX

  • Fantastic very creative! Just what I needed on a dismal day like today. Love Liz x

  • Love it, Love Sue x

  • Fabulous-thankyou for that!! Had my first chemo yesterday and feeling fine today-long may it continue!

    K x

  • I like the 's' the best... keep smiling and take care everyone!! xx


  • Great Suzie, you should have been a writer, certainly made my day again


  • fabulous - can you get the army wives to sing it for us!!

  • Army wives ?Haha ,that's us on this website, we are that army...An OC army, The "elite squad " xxxxx

  • so very very true suzie, we are that mighty huge army. and we can win this horrible disease.xxx

  • Suzieque, your posts light up the day. Thankyou


  • Well done Suzieque! Just brilliant

    Eleni x

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