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Update post - let your forum friends know how you are

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Hello All

It's that time of year again in the UK when the clocks change, which means it's time for an update post which we will pin to the sidebar. This was requested by forum members who might not regularly post, as an opportunity to drop in and keep you updated.

If you haven't posted for a while but would like to let your forum friends know how you're doing, please do leave an update in the comments below. You are of course always welcome to start a new post with your news, but it won't be pinned so may get a bit lost on such an active forum.

It will be great to hear how you're all getting on.

Best wishes

The Ovacome Support team

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Hi everyone, I spoke to my oncologist yesterday about my latest scan results, just e few nodules detected but very small as yet. After finishing my avistatin she's putting me on tablets. Forgot to ask which tablets but I'll find out later today. 3 monthly blood tests and a scan again in 6 months. Feeling fine at the moment and if things change before 6 months I've to let her know. So I'll carry on and do my best to forget the dreaded C and enjoy less frequent trips to the hospital. Looking forward to a holiday. Take care everyone and try to enjoy life xxx.

Thank you for such a wonderful group you have here. I am Brac positive and been on Rubraca maintenance pills 1200 mg daily for almost 5 years still cancer free. Thank the Lord.

I have lost 2 siblings, 1 brother in law, 1 sister in law due to covid in the last 4 months. Very heart breaking, none of them had taken the covid shots.

I did have scare this week I was rushed to Er with a full blown Afib issue. First ever but all is under control now. God Bless you all

Pat from US

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Emsymits in reply to Tabor

Sorry for your losses. I’m glad you’re still holding up and the Rubraca is working! Keep positive!

I feel very lucky & grateful to still be here over 4 years after confirmed diagnosis of stage 3b high grade serous in Feb 2018. Had surgery Feb 2018 followed by 5 cycles of carbo/taxol ( my body didn’t want the 6th). At the end of treatment a scan showed NED ( no evidence of disease).

After an increase in CA125, a scan was arranged in Nov 2019 which showed cancer was hanging around. Had my 2nd big op in Jan 2020 followed by 6 cycles of carbo only.

After which scan showed NED once again.

Since the beginning of July 2020 I’ve been taking Niraparib ( I’m BRCA negative) which appears to be working for me 🙏🏼My CA125 was 14 at my last blood test.

I still need to pace myself & occasionally miss social events if I’m not feeling tip top.

I have times I feel the need to release emotion & end up crying but feel better afterwards.

Living with cancer is most certainly a rollercoaster ride but one I’ve accepted is a part of my life ( also for those close to me).

I’m so very grateful to have huge support from friends & family. Not sure how I would’ve coped without them all.

Really wish everyone on here a safe ride & a good outcome with treatment etc.

This group ( for which I’m also

grateful) really helps with riding this rollercoaster together 🎢

Please keep those seatbelts on & keep going.

Love to all Lynne xx

Well said Lynne, God Bless You and keep you in his tender care. Thank you for sharing your uplifting story. XOXO


Keep positive lady!! ❤️

Good morning,After a 3 months journey, I have now finally been discharged. It has been emotional and difficult, but after having been told that my MRI scan in December showed a highly suspicious Mucoid cystic adenocarcinoma, seen the Gynaecolgist in January that disagreed with that diagnosis until a biopsy was made, total hysterectomy, bilateral oophorectomy, cervix and Fallopian tubes removed...... the Pathologist reported and I got the letter a couple of weeks ago that everything indicated that no cancerous cells were found, not even some borderline ones, it seems that was a massive, horribly looking, complex multiloculated cyst.

Now, I am packing to go to Spain to see my family, as it has been two years with COVID and then having to cancel all the plans to go last Christmas.

I am eternally grateful that my story is got a happy ending.

Please, please, please... if you notice anything abnormal, lumps, symptoms.... Go and see your GP, insist in being properly investigated. This, if left long time could have change. Benign tumours can degenerate with time.

I have been extremely lucky and will always be grateful for it


Haven't written for ages but am still here. I've asked for 2nd opinion and to be referred to Royal Marsden. Supposed to be getting three-monthly scans after first recurrence. CA125 didn't work as a marker for me. I feel fine though. I'm moving because a friend of mine had awful care at the hospital I was at. You would not believe it. Anyway, hope to hear how others are doing. xx

Hi all,

It’s been 15 months since I was diagnosed with early stage endometrioid OC (low grade) and exactly 10 months today since I finished chemo. Thankfully since then I have remained NED. Fingers crossed for my next check-up later this month.

I still struggle with fear of recurrence and recently went through a really bad bout of anxiety and insomnia that is just now improving (with the help of my psychologist and Ativan!). Other than that, I’m back at uni/work and trying to live my best life!

Sending all the positive vibes to everyone here who is struggling with cancer, a potential cancer diagnosis, fear of recurrence, or anything else OC-related. Here’s hoping we find more effective treatments for this awful disease soon.

Much love to all xx

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