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Merry Christmas from La Belle France

It's Christmas Day today for us as I had my final (well, for the moment) chemo on Thursday, so I know that Sunday will be a write off if history is anything to go by.

So, the capon is cooking, the champers is in the fridge, and all the presents have been opened.

To the rest of you, have a good day on Sunday, and thanks to all those whose posts have been both informative and helpful. My mid-chemo scan was clear and my CA125 is 6 so with luck 2012 will be a bit better although I have a dodgy op' to go through in early Jan to remove some nerve ganglions which are perilously close to the aorta but which the docs feel are better got rid of to stop the oc coming back and/or spreading in the future. 3 surgeons (including the top gynae guy in the Sarthe and the top neurologists - how neat is that?) all working together.

I hope that you and yours have as good an outcome as I have enjoyed so far. Keep positive and give a big hug to those you love. I don't know what I would have done without the wonderful guy who has been my husband for nearly 39 years now. Yes, I've got oc, but I've also got him, so I've done better than most!

A happy and healthy future to you all. xxx

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Well done and God Bless you and yours over the festive season !!!! Enjoy all the pleasures and goodies and stuff yourself silly !!! Love and Merry Christmas to you and yours Love Lynn RSA XXXXXX


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all the ladies on this site. I am 1 year into remission, diagnosis stage 4. I don't post often but read nearly every day and I have been given so much hope from all the beautiful women on this formum. Thank you.

Love from Chris R


Frenchdeb, hope you have a good one.

Chris R you are doing brill and long may it last, Im stage 3.

Enjoy your Christmas and a Happy New Year .

Luv trish x x


Merry Xmas, have a good one! I am in remission but remembering last Xmas in the middle of my chemo - hugs and best wishes for next year.

love Janbeegee



So pleased to hear you have finished the chemo and with a lovely low CA125.

Yes wonderful husbands are a fantastic gift. I wouldn't trade mine in for good health. I hope he feels the same way too.

V sensible to have Christmas Day today. You never know you might feel well enough to have another one tomorrow. You can't have too much of a good thing.

A very Merry Christmas

Love Sarah


What a lovely post! I especially love your last sentiment about your husband - I feel just the same about mine; but also feel immense sympathy for those who have not yet found their life partner.

Good luck with your op in the New Year - sounds as if you will be in the best possible hands!



Frenchdeb,hope you soon feel better and heres to 2012 xx


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