Fundraising and Raising Awareness in Wales - Curves Gym Neath

Fundraising and Raising Awareness in Wales - Curves Gym Neath

This blog should really be Jean's (YoginUK01) but she's not so confident about uploading pix and creating blogs so I've agreed to post it on her behalf.

Jean is a popular member of Neath's Curves Gym for Ladies. When her gym friends found out she'd be diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer the Manager, Lesley Hopkins, decided to do some fundraising and asked Jean to nominate a charity. Jean had no hesitation in nominating Ovacome because she says this site has given her fantastic support since her diagnosis last September. Lesley rang the Curves' senior management to check it would be OK to support Ovacome. Apparently Curves generally fundraise for Breast Cancer. It turned out to be no problem at all to raise funds for Ovacome so who knows, perhaps other Curves might be persuaded to do something similar.

A new piece of equipment will be installed for March that will help to shake off (literally it seems) some excess pounds. The gym will charge for the use of the equipment and all proceeds will be donated to Ovacome. Metal pins and other merchandise are also available.

Today we got together in the gym to festoon the walls with teal ribbons alongside posters about the fundraising appeal and we set up a static display where the equipment will be placed so that there will be plenty of reading material for the ladies of Neath whilst they're about their body toning. We've put up information on the BEAT symptoms and information about the website where members can buy the Barry M Watermelon nail polish that will generate £1 for Ovacome for each bottle of polish sold. You might be able to see that Jean is already sporting the Barry M Watermelon Teal Tips which she says she loves and I'm wearing the Ovacome T-shirt.

I can only conclude by wishing Jean, Lesley and the ladies of Curves in Neath all the luck in the world with their amazing fundraising initiative.

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  • Hi Jean, this is a great start to Ovarian Cancer month. Hopefully the polish and the new piece of torture will raise a load of money. Well done, and to your trusty assistant Annie xx

  • Annie has done so much for me as I didn't know where to start. Lol good luck in Velindre try not to over do it.


    Jean. Xx

  • Thank you Annie for doing this for me. Just to say Lesley owns the curves franchise in Neath. She has only just taken over the franchise so its nice that she thought of my charity to donate the proceeds to. Her brother has donated the vibration machine for the month of march and anyone can use it for a donation of £10 for the month. She is also giving free membership to the gym for a donation to Ovacome. Lets cross our fingers that we do well.




  • There are things about living in Wales that make me very proud and very happy. xxxx love Annie

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