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Fundraising by my friend

Just a quick shout to let you know my friend Liis has run the Edinburgh half marathon wearing her Ovacome t shirt and running vest and managed to raise over £500 for Ovacome!

She’s a star especially as she has always been let’s say a rather large lady and never run until about 6 months ago.

She has helped spread the word about being aware of Ovarian cancer and that Ovacome is a fantastic source of information and help in dark moments. She did it to support me but in turn I dedicate it to you other ladies who are a source of solace, laughter and hope.



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Hi Em, It's friends like liis that make the difference Lorraine xx


A very special friend indeed . So pleased you have such a support . Send her our love and thanks . Kim x 💜


Well done!!😊


Without exaggeration, that really is a phenomenal achievement (I've been running for over 10 years and I know I'II never run a half marathon!). Brilliant too she ran for Ovacome; runner's supporting ovarian cancer charities are thin on the ground in races. Thank you, wonderful lady.


Thank you to her for doing this. Excellent effort. No way o could run 100 metres or even 10so this is so impressive! Xx


Well done to your friend, that is such a lovely thing to do. Thank you for sharing. I'm hoping to do a race for life in September with friends & family- we'll be sure to wear our ovacome t-shirts! Xx


What a lovely thing to do and what an excellent way to increase awareness. If her T Shirt leads just one lady to being diagnosed and successfully treated it’s done it’s job. Thank her from us all she deserves a lovely big hug 🤗❤️Xx Jane


That is a true friend Em. Lucky you and well done to Liis !


What a wonderful friend! Thanks for sharing this with us and huge thanks to her!

Gina xx


Well done to your friend! Takes some determination so please send congratulations! X


Dear Emsymits

We really appreciate all the hard work fundraisers like Liis put in to enable us to continue working to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and support those affected by ovarian cancer.

Liis has also helped raise awareness through her run and of course wearing her Ovacome t shirt and running vest!

It is such a fantastic achievement by Liis to run the half marathon and the amount she's raised through all her supporters is wonderful! A massive thank you to Liis and everyone who donated to support her run.

Best wishes

The Ovacome Team


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