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Back at the beginning

or at least that's how it feels, have e-mailed my specialist nurse today for a heads up on appointment details. My hospital sends a recorded message until eventually you answer and accept the offered appointment or opt for a different one, but it's usually only a few days beforehand, for me that's a problem as I'm trying to do a few hours here and there.

I'm feeling a little strange at the moment, I felt really good, like the old me, now I'm tired, possibly because 've been bombraded by my children this weekend as we went to the cemetary for my son's anniversary of his passing away, my son got really upset and my daughter announced she has just realised she won't see her brother again until she goes too, so emotionally draining and no time for me.

I have a pain, when I first had my operation I had a pain on right hand side low abdominal which the doc said was where they pin back to get in (yuuuuk!!) but now I have some internal pain on that side only during sex like a nerve type pain, now I guessed I'd be paranoidish one the chemo stopped but have decided I should see the doctor. Hubby seems to think that as I'm now not on chemo and just being monitored that's it all done and dusted. I wish I felt his confidence.


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Hi Lily-Anne

I think many of us are left with pains and twinges, and I find it impossible not to be "paranoid" about them. Luckily my onc. is always happy for me to go and check things out with her. I think you are very wise to see the doctor and hopefully have your mind put at rest.

Maybe the tiredness is just a delayed reaction to all the emotional and physical turmoil that you have been through.

Good luck with the appointment

Monique x


hi lily anne . you have been through and still going through such a lot - i dont know how your still standing let alone feeling tired. i hope these niggles are nothing to worry about and wish you lots of luck at your next app. keep us posted. lots of luv xxxxxxxxx


Thanks ladies, doc thinks I may have an infection from the swimming baths and has taken a swab today. I have to have a blood test for my thyroid too as the level was raised again in January. She said best to be cautious, that the consultant will be likely to scan me internally, although she did have a feel around herself.

Been having lots of nightmares too, so huge bags under my eyes.

Hope you are both feeling well.

LA xx


Hi Lily-Anne, sorry to hear of your worries and hopefully the Dr is right and it's just an infection. I think we're all the same. Every little twinge or ache and we assume the worst, it's only natural. As for the nightmares I can relate to those as well. When I was waiting for my op I had the most terrible nightmares, which is so unlike me. Twice I woke my hubby up screaming. Poor chap nearly had heart failure, One I had my op the nightmares stopped and then I had another one the night before my CT scan last week. Funny how the body reacts to anxiety. Take care and keep us posted. Love Kerry


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