Waste of time at Dr's

I went to my surgery today could only see practice nurse. Felt I wasn't taken seriously listed all my symptoms including difficulty in emptying bladder. Was told the pain and discomfort is muscular take paracetamol and dydrocodene . No examination . Have oncology appointment end of the month so will grin and bear it until then. The plus side it wasn't a urine infection!

Thanks for letting me rant. Have a good weekend if possible Dee

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  • Well wait and see and if it gets worse ring the Ovacome nurse on here or your CNS in your unit, sometimes they come up with good solutions as to what to take etc

  • Hi Dee ..

    I was wondering if you can bring your appointment forward? Xxx

  • If it continues or gets worse, suggest you don't wait until the end of the month. Either get an appointment to see your GP or ask if your oncology appointment can be brought forward.

  • Thanks peeps will take your advice Dee

  • O dear GP are a bit useless these days so overstretched I don't think they see us as people anymore and just fob us off with the most likely thing. You should not have to wait for your month end appointment in pain. Give them a ring and hopefully they could see you early or at least chat about your symptoms 😃

  • Hi Dee

    Not all GPs are up to date on OC and PPC as they may not come across them very often. The experts are the best people to ask. Even then after you are told you are now NED like I was up to now, you can be told symptoms are of no consequence . For 5 years at each appointment i would be told they were just normal aches and pains. I was never happy with that answer and would get quite frustrated and angry . Now looking back I should have just enjoyed my NED status instead of demanding bad news ! Now I am back on treatment which I hope will be as successful as last time , I hope I have a different attitude . The best of luck and I hope all your questions are answered . Take care


  • You should see a doctor pronto if you feel you are not emptying your bladder properly. I left it too long and ended up going through the trauma of nurses trying and failing five times to insert a Foley catheter and then the insertion of a suprapubic catheter without anaesthetic in to my wretched bladder which was hoarding 2.4 liters of widdle. If you are asked to wait for an appointment then demand to see your GP and very politely make a ruddy great fuss, use the cancer card, turn on the tears, do whatever it takes. Or go to A and E. You must get the wee wee issue sorted. Take care. Xxx

  • Hi. Understand how you feel,ring your oncology nurse Mon explain to her and ask for your appt to be brought forward. If for nothing else but to ease your worries. Xxxxx

  • I agree with the others that you should contact your CNS on Monday and ask to see your oncologist sooner. I did that when I had bloating and abdominal discomfort for two weeks and saw my oncologist 3 days later. Do not be fobbed off by an ignorant practice nurse! Stand your ground and get some well deserved action.

    Let us know what happens.


  • Thanks everyone I will ring Mon Dee

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