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Nine weeks post op

I can't believe I've been back to work for two weeks now. The first week wasn't so good and I really struggled. Not physically but mentally and I felt pretty low. Feeling more positive this week and have decided that I need something to focus on. Living in a bubble of hospitals and Dr's for three months has taken its toll on me mentally and I need to start moving on. Problem is I don't know how. Hopefully when the weather starts warming up I might get some inspiration. In the meantime I shall keep reminding myself that I've been a very lucky lady and for that I'm very grateful.

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Hi! It's not surprising that you're feeling a bit low. It's only 9 weeks ago you were facing the op and all it's implications..........and a big op does take it out of you. I think it takes 3 or 4 months to get back to normal, physically. Also the physical tiredness will probably make you feel down emotionally. I had 4 months off work and had a staged return for a week for my first week back. I was very tired! I found a swim every few days helped, is this a possibility? Or a daily walk, even if its just for 20 minutes. It all helped me to shift the focus from being a patient to getting back to some level of fitness and health. Try to plan a few treats to look forward to. Maybe a short break or a night out or something like that? I'm sure your friends would help out in finding somewhere nice to go to to celebrate your returning to some sense of normality.

Hope you get to relax a bit over the weekend. Take care of yourself :-)

Love Wendy xx


I am so pleased to hear things are moving forward for you. You have been through so much so it will take time to get your confidence back. I would focus on the fact that by the second week of working you were feeling more positive.. That's a start. One step at a time you have only been back two weeks!!! I think sometime we all expect too much of ourselves, when all we need is time to recover mentally. It won't happen overnight and thats the trouble, it will take time, but with support you will get there. Although warm weather would help a lot too......

hey, the nights are getting lighter and next month it's march.. Spring is on the way! Xxxx!

Take care of yourself, Jules xxx


I'm really pleased for you that it turned out so well but you have had a lot of worry and stress and this takes its toll - as does the major surgery you've had and the post-operative menopausal symptoms that start ... or return .... depending on your age and where you were before the surgery.

I do hope you are making a staged return to work. You should have accrued some holiday leave in the time you've had off so it should be possible to use this to make up your usual hours and pay.

I think it's OK to still be in a bit of shock so you shouldn't be too tough on yourself. Moving on will come naturally as you get back into your normal routines and build up your strength and energy. I for one am a great believer in a liquid tonic such as Metatone to give me a bit of a lift mid-winter.

Wendy's suggestions for a bit of exercise are really helpful. Only problem I guess is that it's difficult to fit it all in with work as well and you might feel you just haven't the energy. It is, nonetheless, good advice - and you're quite right. A few sunny spring days would be a great tonic. I hope you have some treats lined up for yourself.

Let us know how ou get on.

Love Annie xxx


Thanks Wendy, Jules and Annie. It really does help putting my feelings down on here and receiving such positive advice. I am trying the exercise thing. I live a good half an hour walk from work so I'm walking there and back each day which does help. I've also tried the liquid tonic but I'm not so sure that a good glass of red is the right sort of tonic lol. In the meantime I'm going to concentrate on my lovely boys and my hubby. I've decided we are going to have a weekend in London very soon to see the sights. I've always to go on the London Eye so my project for this week is to plan that. Thanks again ladies xx


So glad you felt better on your second week, I am halfway through my chemo and will not be back at work until it is finished and am already thinking ahead to how I might feel after time away. Its always tricky going back even after a short time let alone after all you have been through and had to adjust to, hopefully you can get some flexi-time to ease you in over the next few weeks and remember to plan out of work treats so that the 9-5 doesnt become all consuming.

Take care of you

Love Amanda xxx


Good for you. I know how tough it is trying to find "normal" again. I am right back into the stress of overwork after 3 weeks back at work. Not easy to find balance. I'm whizzing on my exercise bike daily to get some exercise as otherwise can quite easily sit at computer for 12 or more hours (its Sunday - I have sat here for 6 just today...!). My inspiration always seems to be finding things that require me to sit at PC for even longer!

Keep up the efforts to seek the balance. We are right behind you!


Sue xxx


The reply I posted earlier seems to have disappeared into the ether! Just to say that it's still really early days. It's great that you're back at work but please take it easy. Your internal wounds are still vulnerable to tearing and scarring.

You've been through a gruelling experience and it takes a lot of processing so don't expect to be making major decisions just yet. Just little steps for a while. But it is good to have the spring and longer days to look forward to. A great motivator and good for the spirits.

Wishing you all the best for your continued recovery. Keep us posted.


Linda xx


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