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it snows every day

it snows every day

As the snow lands all around me,

And my fears begin to rise,

Cant help but worry about thee,

My anxiety I just cant hide,

Like my OC the snow has arrived,

Its lying all around,

Where has this strength come from that I have recently just found,

Like the thaw that comes my sun is hope,

Surgery chemo these I`ll cope,

For snow is gods sign that he has heard out loud me pray,

It seems if snow is like my OC,then it snows every day

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Hi Shaun,

Lovely poem, I hope you and your family are well, sending my best wishes love x G x


Hi Shaun

Lovely photo. Hope you are well.

Monique x


Hi Shaun

Beautiful poem and photo- where was it?




just off google,oh and in my head


Good to hear from you Shaun. Love the poem and photo.

Mary x


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