After reading all the replies to the above, when I was diagnosed with OC in 1997 they found on an ultrasound 7 small gallstones standing up like soldiers (that was the consultant's words, not mine) but said unless they bothered me they would do nothing about it. It wasn't until OC recurred 10 yrs later in 2007 that I became aware that on both diagnosis I had dieted months before. I spoke to my consultant who poo poo'd the idea but around September 2011, I decided to lose at least 7 lbs & again was diagnosed in March 2012 that it had recurred for a third time. Again I asked if there was a link but no-one can tell me. Have any of you ladies out there any answers. I still have my gall bladder, it does bother me now & again but I try to be careful what I eat as I do not wish to have any more surgery if I can avoid it.

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  • Hi Flower, I really don't think there is a link with dieting and developing Ov cancer. If there were, I think there would be awful lot more ladies diagnosed with it than there currently is. I think its possibly just coincidence that this has occurred with you. I think its natural to try to find a reason why we got this disease. I even asked my oncologist if it was anything to do with the fact that Iwas diagnosed with an under active thyroid the year before my diagnosis and was commenced on thyroxine. Ann

  • Hi Flower,

    I have never ever been on a diet.. so you can count me out on this theory...

    Interesting all the same ( I was down on the internet yesterday so couldn't reply) xx

  • I know what u mean I find iin my three week cycle only one week I have an appetite and I eat whatever I fancy as it's better than nothing at all

  • Hi Flower, I think you will find that most women who diet and lose weight don't get OC. I agree that it is most likely just a coincidence.

    Wishing you all the best.

    Love Mary xx

  • Hi Flower

    I have to agree with herthing Andy, I was told to eat all the wrong things to get me to gain weight, which I did!!

    I still have some weight on me now. I am not particularly happy about it BUT I just get at my clinic we like you to have some weight on you. Whether this is the normal i dont know. I am 41/2 years down the line having been diagnosed 3C.

    So it hasnt done me any harm. Considering I thought my sell by date was going to be in a year or two.

    No doubt others will have their own ideas.

    Good wishes to all


  • I think a link between dieting and cancer may be very difficult to establish, many women diet throughout their life time, either post pregnancy or pre an important event. My Mum spent most of her life dieting, and never had any form of cancer in her life time. I think stress plays a major factor, which has indeed been proven, but I'd have to go a long way to be convinced dieting is a root cause - sorry.

    LA xx

  • Lily-Anne.

    You make a few good points here.

    Regards Barbara.

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