My Ovacome

An inspirational talk

I'm an OC patient 2 years along the road, after surgery, chemo, surgery 6month break and a second dose of chemo. It has works to a degree for me. So at the moment I'm "ok".....

My OC burden is like a shaddow to me, I may occasionally forget it's there - because it doesn't and hasn't caused me real physical distress - so far - just tiredness & bloating - but it's there, it came up on me like the sneak it is.

My hope is to find the positive in things and I find lots of these reading this blog, so big thanks to you all!

Anyway, I'd like to share this 3 minute talk with you - it will bring tears. It isn't about oc but brain cancer and I found it very moving.

Love to you all



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Hi Cara,

To be honest, I wasn't too sure about the talk, as I am not in remission myself so I can't be so reflective and upbeat about it all as a gift - more of a time bomb for me I think LOL.

However, it is great to hear you are remission and that your physical symptoms are minimal.

May your remission be long.

Love Lizzie



Hi Cara!

I have not listened to the talk yet, need time to concentrate. They do not use the term remission with me, though I have a similar history to yours. I am experiencing some quite severe discomfort under my left ribs and I am, to be honest s**t scared. I have rung my nurse who is chasing my scan results with a view to gettinG my gynaecologist to look at them. I think I might be with Lizzie on this one though I shall listen when I take my rest later.


Sorry to hear you are worried Margaret. I am a bit the same as you with a persistent pain - mine is below my right ribs! I am seeing the onc on Mon.

I keep telling myself its a muscle pull. We need warm weather.

Love Sarah


Hi Margaret and Twin,

I had odd pains yesterday, feel better today though - I think it gets worse as the day goes on. A big kiss each for you both and a very gentle hug.

Love Lizze



Hi Sarah! Don't we just! Paracetemol is not touching the b****r today! I am going to the theatre tonight to distract myself!


Hito you all

I too have been getting pain just below right and left rib cage. Sometimes one side sometomes both. Have had it since chemo. ? Chemo, ? spleen or liver Have bits on both, ? bowelly, muscular, adhesions who knows. I don't think it is worse since my ct scan so am keeping fingers crossed.

Good luck all of you.

Love and hugs



I am doing good like you Cara however, when I was having my chemotherapy I met a young women in her early 30`s who had a new born baby and a small 2yr old toddler. She had breast cancer, we sat together throughout our chemo every 3 weeks and then occassionally we bumped into one another in clinic. THEN I didn`t see her for a while.

At my last oncology check up in January I saw my friend in clinic again - she was not looking very well and using a zimmer frame to steady her walk, I knew she was not doing so good. Her cancer had come back, but this time she had 8 brain tumours - she was so brave in telling me she was going to die, she told me about her children and her fears leaving them behind. I sat and squeezed her hand with tears streaming down my face. I have never met anyone as brave as she was that day.

So darling sweet lady, I can`t listen to the talk, I know it will leave me in bits, I am never as brave for others as I have been for myself, strange that but a fact.

I can`t do tears right now, had enough of those on and off to last me a life time.

I try to do things that make me happy and laugh, laughter is what I need right now. My heart goes out to anyone and everyone who is involved with cancer.

Maybe one day I will be in a better frame of mind to listen to the talk.

Wishing you all my love from Tina xxx


I see your point Tina! I don't do tears either! My ma dealt with tears with "if you don't stop I'll give you something to cry for" as a result I find public tears hard to do! Sometimes at night though ................!


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