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Urination during chemo

Does anyone find that during chemo and for a few days afterwards, they have to urinate much more frequently? I've always had a bit of a 'weak bladder' and 'have to go' fairly frequently although I don't have problems holding it for a while and don't leak when coughing or anything. But I find it quite difficult to hold it in to get to the loo during my chemo infusion and for 2/3 days afterwards.

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Hi Cathy, Yes I have the same problem, I go to the loo quite a lot on the day of chemo (next is on Monday) I am very sick the first night all night and I have trouble in holding it then.

best wishes Gwyneth xx


Looking back through my journal, I found I had noted 'feel I need to pee a lot', about day 15 and 17 in chemo #5 cycle. I did not have this before and have not experienced it in chemo #6 cycle. For me, every chemo cycle brought it's own small issues which I had to put down to the joys of it.

Love Lizzie


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Hi Cathy, I had trouble every chemo round. I asked my Doctor and she said that it can irritate the bladder. Had to get up a bit during the night whereas I could go all night beforehand. I did actually get a bladder infection on about number 3 but also was finding it hard to drink water that time because of the metallic taste which probably didn't help. Has settled down since treatment finished which was in January. Still have to rush sometimes but that could be due to post surgery or just my age 57. Good luck. Chris


Hi Cathy yes I have had to go to the loo up to seven times during chemo and very often ended up leaking, but we are taking in a lot of fluid via the drips so I just accepted it . At home I went a lot but I drank a lot of water as advised to try and keep my kidneys flushed.

Have recently had my last chemo and am awaiting results of my scan!

Best Wishes Sue x


Hi Cathy.

Yes I did go a lot as well, but then I was drinking the THREE BOTTLES of water a day that recomended. (PHEW).

Good Luck with your chemo, and I wish you a long remission.

I had two years, but alas it has just become active again, so its a wait and watch situation at the moment.

Best wishes. x x


Hi Cathy, yes I have experienced the same thing with urination. I've recently started my 2nd round of chemo - #2 next Tues (after 2 years remission). As Sue says, we're taking in a lot of fluid with the infusions and drinking more - another annoying side-effect of the treatment! I find it settles a few days after chemo, but I always have to get up in the night (at least once) to pay a visit - probably due to age more than anything. I too am 57 like Chris. Take care Cathy. Sue - good luck with your scan results. xxxxxx Colette


Thanks everyone for your replies. It's one of these things that has happened from my very first chemo but something I've always forgotten to mention when they ask me how I've been - chemo brain??? But you've all reassured me that it's just another symptom of the treatment, although this time I've finally got around to writing down the questions I want to ask. I'll just continue to wear my Tena Ladies for the first few days of chemo and take heart that unlike some women of my age (63) I don't have to wear them full time!


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