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Chemo Day

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Hi all! Hope you all are doing well & wishing you a wonderful day. I'm getting my 2nd dose of my 4th treatment right now. I come back next Thursday then I will have a week break then start my 5th treatment for 3 weeks in a row. I have experienced some aching in my legs but not terribly bad. Mainly at night. I'm having treatment now. Achy all in my legs & arms & just don't feel good. Has anyone had the achiness during chemo? Or mainly just afterwards. Thanks in advance. I'm glad my bloodwork was ok today so I was not delayed. Blessings to all of you! xxxx


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The dreaded blood work we all have fingers crossed for no delay. I've never had the aches in my legs when having chemo but my arm after feels side and aches. Glad your coping with the aches I find them extremely painful on third night after chemo they build up and then taper off. It's the worse symptom I have so I cannot complain too much lol. Best wishes

Hi Andrea

Sounds like you are coping well...I do remember having really achey legs...they would also go to jelly in the early part of the cycle. There was a cycle when everything aches and I needed heavy duty pain killers for a few days but it didn't return on subsequent cycles. I used to wonder each time what was going to happen next!

Keep up the good work and hopefully you will be done with it very soonxxx Lyndall

Hi Andrea,

I've had aches and bone pains and have found Epsom salt baths have helped a lot (just had one and feel so much better!). Maybe something for you to try?


hi Andrea. Yes the aching joints are the pits! As said before the Epsom Salts baths and painkillers are the way tl go.


Hi Andrea, I didn't have this during the delivery of chemo but I did a couple of days later. I would have described mine as full blown bone pain that pain relief didn't touch. Ann.


I have had a lot of aches and pains straight after chemo, however just had 4th Carbo / Taxol and got severe skeletal pain day 4&5. haven't had anymore week 2&3.


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