How do cats know?

I am 51 and in a demanding job that knackers me (lecturer) and have felt unwell for about 6 months. Have visited gynees on and off for a few years due to fibroids. Was told I need hysterectomy in 2011 but decided the fibroids detected wold disappear with menopause. Thought I was my own physician! Fast forward to present. In past 3 months I got a huge tummy, back, chest and kidney pain. Increasing pain up and down legs and in feet. Culminated in seeing doctor then very swift referral to hospital for pelvic scan. Blood ca125 level is 67. Had hysteroscopy and awaiting results. My cat is even more loving and affectionate than ever (if that's possible). He scrutinized me for quite some time prior to the scan and stared (alarmingly) at something that was absent, above my head. He is a very knowledgeable cat (he knows everything) and I know his stare was significant. I kind of know that something is probably seriously wrong because my walking is becoming difficult - though I battle this like a bee. I suspect I have stage 3/4 ovarian cancer. My question is: how do cats know?

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  • Cats, and indeed all animals, have a sixth sense that we humans lack. They're wonderful creatures and whilst they know they're unable to impart any real solutions to our problems.

    Please try not to worry about staging at the moment. That will come after the post-hysterectomy histology examination.

    Meanwhile rest up after your surgery and take time to recover. I'm hoping for good results.

    love Annie xxx

  • Thanks Annie. My cat is my angel. They do exist.

    You have really reassured me - massively. Thank you so very much for that, Annie.

    You are an inspiration to people like me who are scared. You have a lovely smile that radiates a love of life. Good to know I am not so alone in this. Love, Linda x

  • I do agree about cats knowing when someone is ill. They are amazing.

    Sending you my very best wishes. Let us know what happens

    Love Mary xx

  • Thank you, Mary, I will. Hope you have a good day today.

    Love, Linda x

  • Dear Linda

    Who knows how, but they do have huge empathy (when they decide to share it). My 6 cats were all over me the whole time I was properly ill and doing chemo. I finished a week ago and they have all buggered off - apart from no7 which was my husbands poorly present to keep me cheerful. She is still utterly bananas half the time, and snuggled under my chin/on lap the rest.

    Life without cats? I don't THINK so...


    Sue xxx

  • Hi Sue, hoping you are feeling ok after chemo. Seven cats -wow! A feline-lovers dream. Your number 7 sounds gorgeous - bet he's entertaining. Billcat is a passive, hippy-esque chiller but really rules the roost and wouldnt take gladly to other cats. I think he could well be a secret agent working for M15...on a mission.

    Love, Linda x

  • You should never put anything past cats! Have you seen Eddie Izzard's standup sketch on cats and dogs? Hilarious - if not pop "Eddie Izzard cats and dogs" into YouTube and pick the one from his own channel for the uncensored version... He has them down to a tee :)


    Sue xxx

  • Sue - had a peek at this and it is hilarious. Cat drilling (purring) will stick with me...and their fussiness when it comes to food. Brilliant. They do appear to be in touch with the Mother ship: )

    Thank you for that, really enjoyed it. Love, Linda x

  • Hi Linda,

    I don't know how they do know but I think they do, and I haven't got a cat..

    sixth sense or is it seven haha lots of love x G x :-)

  • Hi Linda

    I had a similar experience with my cat, one of them in particular. He often stared right into my hair! :-o He always seemed to know when I needed some comfort and after my op, was especially attentive. You will only know what stage your cancer is at, if indeed it is cancer, when you get the histology results back. Try not to second-guess the outcome, it's not at all a vinous. My experience was similar to yours, offered a hysterectomy at age 40ish and declined (I still thought I might get pregnant, but not to be) I had a busy job - head teacher - I had big fibroids and that's why they decided to operate after a scan showed something weird. My tummy was huge, in pain, unable to eat, diarrhoea, losing weight, fainting, migraines worse, etc etc. mine was classed as stage 1c, borderline and I didn't need chemo or any follow up. I'm still ok, I hope, ten years on. There are so many different cases and outcomes, so you won't know yet. When is your next appointment? Just concentrate on getting over your op and following all those tiresome instructions and take a lesson from the cats....a nap every so often, take it easy! Let us know how things are going.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thanks Gwyn and Wendy. Good to meet you.

    Wendy, I have similar symptoms to those you describe. I tried to ignore them, as you do, and hoped they'd go away. They are now magnified of course and I am very much aware of them. I will know more on 16 Jan if not beforehand. I will indeed take a lesson from Billcat....a darn good teacher! Will keep you posted. Feeling a little more hopeful now and grateful for that, love Linda x

  • Hello good ladies

    keeping in touch and letting you know I have a hysterectomy op scheduled for 31 Jan, with follow up biops on removed ovaries. May need follow up things, but one step at a time eh. Thank you SO much for your help and advice. I will continue to communicate as and when I can as I care about you and want to know how you are all doing. Love, Linda

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