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How quickly do you get scan results?!

Sorry to be a pain but to recap I saw my consultant in November following first line treatment where she said she would arrange a 'non urgent' scan date (based on the fact I feel well). Scan date through post is 29/12. Said I would now be seen 3 monthly and would therefore see me in February.

My query therefore is it looks like I will not get scan results for 6 weeks and will not know if I am in remission or not. I also assume that if the scan is not good they will contact me so worry I might get a scary phone call and will be on tenterhooks then if I hear nothing will think its maybe good news but could be still be told not in remission but not urgent enough to see me before Feb and will rescan etc etc ie I just do not know what to think.

OK I am thinking to phone them but thought I would get some insight from my lovely ladies on here based on your experience. It seems strange that surely they know I will be wandering if I am NED, partial remission or worse but will have to do the waiting game. Maybe I will get a phone call so something else to worry about everytime the phone rings after my scan date especially as I could be out! Crikey its scary.

From what some of you have said already you get told quickly whats what with scan, I think from what Daisies was saying yesterday she got told same day maybe.

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I get results very quickly. I'd suggest writing to your consultant explaining how you feel and asking her if she could call you when she gets the results. I'd follow that up with a phone call to your CNS saying the same thing. I am sure they'll understand. Usually unless there's something urgent, results take around 5 days for a radiologist's report. Best, Vx


Hi there. I have never been told the same day and would imagine this is unusual. As far as I am aware the scan is analysed by the specialist and the results then passed to the next Multi Disciplinary Team meeting which includes the oncologist, specialist nurses etc. Where I am treated ( as I think you are too) this is a fortnightly meeting. As soon as this has taken place you should have either an early appointment to talk things through or at the very least phone conference with your onc. you should not have to wait until February.

Scan results can be available quickly (I was called in on a Saturday following problems seen on scan the previous day). But unless something really urgent is happening I can see that the docs want to consider all of the available information before having a discussion. I would phone and see if you can be included in the next clinic after your scan. That might be mid Jan.

I absolutely understand the stress of waiting and not knowing. If you have a definite appointment for the results it should help.

Love and hugs Elaine xxxx


Thanks Elaine, are you OK following the stents, is the chemo going OK? Have been thinking of you. xx


Hi there, I have been thinking of you too. Keeping everything crossed for you.

Stents are ok and will stay in until ( hopefully) tumour on hip muscle shrinks. The Carbo/Gem combo has hit me for six for some reason, can barely move for the fatigue. Next dose on 19th Dec with top up Gem day after Boxing Day! A quiet Christmas is planned.

I am so pleased you feel well so soon after the end of your treatment. I know you are anxious but I'm certain your scan results will be good.

Love Elaine xx


HI, Just reading your full post -- don't delay in ringing for results, if the option is to wait 6 weeks. And don't wait around worrying.

Love & best wishes for a clear result of remission.

Daisies xxx


Hi Kaz, I got my scan results within three days. Hoping your high ca is just a blip and you have a remission x


i know how hard itis when you are told it is stage 4 i am just hoping for a little remissin time too but i think its not going to happen for me but it may happen for you, good luck with you r ca


I was scanned six weeks after finishing the first line of chemo. The hospital told me that's because the chemo continues to work and that six weeks gap will give the overall picture. In my last hospital I received scan results some weeks after the scan. I have now changed hospitals and I'm at a much larger centre with more resources. I have the results 24 hours after the scan by which time all members of the MDT have considered it. On the last occasion it was thought there was pressure on the Ureter so a urologist joined the MDT to give their opinion.

I think if you are worried by this wait it's worth contacting your Clinical Specialist Nurse, Key Worker, or consultant's secretary to tell them how you feel.

I try to be philosophical about scans. Whatever is there is already there so I try not to dwell on it. Easier said than done for many of us. I just hope you manage to get your treatment matched to your individual needs and not feel as though you're having to fit in with the hospital's routines. That is not a positive patient experience.

Let's hope you can put it out of your mind so you enjoy the winter festivities. xx Annie


Thanks Annie, are your results given over the phone or do you have an appointment?

Many thanks & best wishes for the festive season xx Karen


Hi Karen, I've always had an appointment to have my scan results and then a discussion with the oncologist as to the way forward. I think that is the minimum surely? xxx


I would imagine they would contact you if there is anything worrying on the ct scan. Give it ten days and then think no news is good news. Then again you can also ring gynae liason nurse and maybe ask her after a few days if you are up to ninety. I dont like scans, I got melt down at last scan but once it was over I just thought well whatever the photo took is true and I cant change the result and that seems to calm me down


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