Can dogs smell/ sense cancer?

Hi, I havent posted for a while, I have Oc stage 4. I have had one line of chemo, Debaulking and just finished my 18th Avastin. I had a CAT scan last week and get my results on Tuesday. My puppy keeps scratching my tummy like hes digging for something? He has only been doing this the last couple of days. I have read before, that dogs can sense cancer. Has anyone else had this experience with their dog? He only does it to me.

 My last CA125 was 7, a great improvement from 4000 before I had treatment. I know I will not find anything out before Tuesday,

I guess Im anxious about my results, and have felt very depressed the last few weeks, I have spoken to my GP who has upped my Anti depressants, I have also got counselling booked through the Fountain centre.

Caz x

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  • Best of luck Caz...hope it's all good for you and that your dogs are rubbish at smelling cancer..they are just being playful! Xxx

  • There has been a lot in the press about dogs detecting cancer. Maybe your puppy can smell the residue of it. Your ca125 is fantastic at 7.

  • Dogs react to all sorts of things, and they know when we're sick, or worried, or in pain. My in-laws old dog used to know when I had asthma and wouldn't leave my side.

    If you dog is reacting to something he can sense, it doesn't mean he's sensing cancer. He could be picking up on your stress about the scan.

    A CA125 of 7 in amazing, and SUCH a good sign that you're OK.

    Good luck with your results :)

  • I think your puppy is just being a puppy. You have a great ca125 at 7, try not to worry too much xx Trish 

  • Well, it's said they can sniff cancer from a sample of urine and I've read that they sometimes can pay particular attention to a skin cancer, but my gut feeling is that any smells in your tummy would not become available to a dog.  Possibly perhaps some scent may be breathed out, who knows yet, but unlikely to be from right inside your stomach.

    I think the others are right, he's picking up your feelings and that's what he's reacting to.  It must be such an anxious time for you waiting for these results but from 4000 to 7 is really fantastic.  Take him out for a walk and try and throw your cares away for awhile.  There's something so comforting about walking along with a little inquisitive creature, sniffing here there and everywhere and occasionally glancing at his mistress.

  • Sorry you're feeling low. I found counselling helped although I only saw them twice as I'd started feeling better anyway. I've read that there's research into training dogs to detect cancer so yes, it seems they can sense it. in was diagnosed stage 3/4 in 2010. I'm on 3rd line now but have had some good times between chemo's. It sounds as though you're having a good response to treatment.

  • Hi I do think dogs can sense when there is an illness but it doesn't mean it's the cancer. I had a massive abdominal mass (thought I'd just got fat) and looking back my dog used to do the same as yours. She doesn't do it anymore since I've had it remved funny eh? I didn't have cancer I was very,lucky. Dogs are very intelligent creatures. Best wishes x

  • ExCELANT CA125, My friends dog was on chemo with me,he use to come sit with very gentle rottweller, I heard dogs can sense cancer bet I believe he picked up more on I was sick with him and seemed very commpastionate towards me, to think before that I was afraid of dogs,,Best wishes, Rose

  • Thank you all for your comments, I agree I think he may be picking up on my stress. I am so lucky that I have responded well to my treatment. fingers crossed for Tuesday for scan results. Took Reggie out for a nice gentle walk, he loves to explore, he also gives me that look with his gorgeous eyes....pure love! Have a lovely weekend everyone

    Caz x

  • Hi caz God luck with them an fingers crossed and lots of positive vibes, your ca125 is fab.

    I have a dog and sge does pick up on how I feel, if I'm feeling a bit lie she follows me everywhere and sits with me etc, so agree with the others I think your dog is picking update n your feelings. Unconditional love x

  • I had read that they are training dogs to be able to tell if someone has cancer by smell.  Don't know if this is true or not, only read one article on this. 

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