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Does anyone have any experience of post op infection/abscess?

Hello Ovacome members, I am new to the site. I have found the site an amazing comfort and resource since my mums OV diagnosis. My mum as diagnosed Stage 3B OC early November 2012. She has since had debulking and was due to start taxol/carbo chemo on New Years Eve. She did not get any chemo treatement in advance of surgery. Shes been in hospital since December 28th with an abscess in her pelvic cavity. She's being treated with IV antibiotics and has had 2 litres drained from her tummy plus surgical procedure to scrap away abscess. Her tummy is still hugely swollen and CT scan showed spots on liver and lungs. We are so worried and know she needs to start her chemo. Does anyone have any experience of post op infection/abscess? My mum was in great health pre diagnosis, non smoker, really fit and active.

I would appreciate any information whatsoever. Thanks so much.

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Hi Ginny

I am so sorry that you are both going through this journey.

I am a health care professional and I have seen many many people develop and recover from abscesses during cancer treatment. As I am certain you know the fact that she was in good shape before her diagnosis will be of enormous significance in terms of her recovery from this. These things take time but with the right antibiotics and good supportive care , as well as plenty of love and affection things should start to improve in the next few days...very roughly speaking.

I would certainly keep asking her doctors about how things are going on a very regular basis.

Also ask what the plan is and if here is anything you can do to help. Sometimes it is best to have the cancer removed before any chemo and sometimes not.

Take care




I am so sorry to hear about your mum, I can't help you with the problem that your mum is having but they will need to get her well enough to take the chemo, do try not to worry too much (easier said than done) lots of people get a delay in starting the chemo and the utcome is the same, the good news is that they have got rid of as much cancer as they can (debulking) the next step is to get her well enough for chemo, I do understand the urgency you must be feeling and welcome you to our club that no one wants to join... you will get a lot of help and support on here and probably someone who perhaps have gone through the same as your mum, sending you best wishes love x G x


So sorry to hear about the added problem your Mother has had. As Charlie said infections do happenand once the antibiotics kick in things will soon improve. A few weeks delay will not be a problem from a chemo point of view. The fact that she was strong and healthy before surgery will stand her in good stead all round.

How lucky she is to have a caring daughter like you. Your love and support will be invaluable to her.

Best wishes to you all



Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my question. It's very comforting. My mum is still in hospital on day six of the IV antibiotics. We are hopeful that things will improve soon.



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