Hi , I will be finishing my chemo next month

Hi , I will be finishing my chemo next month and was wandering if anybody has been to or knows of any place to go to to get healthy and also get a bit of pampering. I have found lots of bootcamp retreats but not really any that focus on healthy eating , yoga and really just being a little bit pampered after chemo. Thanks jane

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  • Hi Jane,

    This is Kaz, we met in Cardiff, haven't been anywhere myself but I've heard marvellous things about Penny Brohn centre, think it's in Bristol, they've got a web site, could be just what you're looking for, x x

  • Hi Kaz , I went to Penny Brohn when I started chemo , although it was fantastic its not quite what I am looking for now, its more like just being fed well ,getting fit by yoga or pilates and maybe a few massages stuck in there. Anyway hope you are well and let me know if you are heading to Cardiff xxx

  • Hi ,

    I would echo Kaz , the centre has a great reputation and does lots of courses , many residential . They do lots on relaxation, meditation and healthy eating. I haven't used them but I have a friend who has , dy xx

  • I went back to the gum and aquarobics, tai chi and yoga. Healthily eating I do for yself with the help if Slimming World Extra Easy programme!

    It works well and after finishing my third lot of chemo yesterday i am planning to get back to it. At 73 it takes me time to recover!


  • Hi Margaret. When I read you went back to the 'gum' i had visions of an old lady with false teeth and i know that's not you at all hee hee!! Glad you are doing well and chemo finished yesterday. :-D x

  • Dumb fingers! Mind you the effect of chemo on my teeth and gums may well end up that way! As soon as the chemo and anti nausea meds on the bowel settles and I can be sure of irrigation I shall be back at the pool and trying aquarobics again!

  • Like you Margaret, I've found the slimming world EE plan has really worked for me and it is really compatible with the advice from Penny Brohn- lots of veg, fish and whole grains. I can also recommend Zumba Gold which is a gentler version of Zumba. Lots of laughter and great to have an excuse to dance around for an hour whilst increasing fitness!!! Best wishes xxx

  • Unfortunately my hops and back are not ip to zumba, I prefer aquarobics because the water provides both extra resistance and support! Slimming World EE is also compatible with low GI for diabetes control and cooking from scratch which I always do and helps me to control my cheese intake!


  • cheese and red wine is my weak point too ;-) xx

  • It's just lovely to see you back Margaret and to know that you've got to the end of that gruelling treatment. I see your sense of humour hasn't suffered as much as your gums and other stuff. Good on you and loads of love and good wishes for a speedy recuperation. xxxx

  • Hi Jane,

    I finish chemo on friday hooray!! And ive been thinking the same thing, I need to detox and get fit, il do some googling and see if I can find anything local to us,

    Hope your well, speak soon

    Andrea x x

  • Hi Andrea , thats great that you have finished, bet its such a great feeling. I have been looking but cant find anything for more than a couple of days and i could do with at least a week. I will also keep looking and maybe we could go together if the dates and such are right ( thats if we find something ). Anyway hope all is good with you

    Jane xx

  • Hello

    There are cancer support centres dotted around which will provide complimentary therapies such as massage. Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Bach flower remedies free to cancer patients. Not sure where you are but this is a link to the Helen Rollason centres in the south east.


    Sending best wishes.

    Love Mary y

  • I don't know what your budget is but you could try a health spa like Champneys or hoar cross hall. I treated myself to a weekend there once and it was great. enjoy the planning!

    Francesca x

  • Good morning!

    So pleased you will be finished with chemo soon. If money no object then Kamalaya spa in koh Sami, Thailand has been highly recommended to me by a pal who goes regularly. It is beautiful. Otherwise, key in Best Health spas in the Guardian for more options. Finding a good hotel and planning good walks (north Wales is glorious) and trips can work too.

    Wherever you go, have a wonderful, pampering time! X

  • Hi

    Try spabreaks.com, which lists spa are now willing to accommodate patients recovering from cancer.


  • This is a great link thanks- I clicked on their 'spa for all' section and it has tailored sessions. I have heard some dreadful experiences of women treated to a spa day post-chemo only to be refused even the most basic of treatments. I understand that it's a training/insurance issue but tbh, I feel able to assess my own health and so don't disclose when I don't think it's relevant. Sxx

  • Yes, I had the same experience as I went to Ragdale Hall when I finished my first round of treatment four years ago and, though it was lovely, I was only able to have a facial and not a full body massage. According to this website they now offer a "body stretch" rather than massage to people in recovery so not quite there yet!

  • I had a look on the website but can't find this list can you remember how to get to it please? Maybe I am just too thick! Julie

  • Hi there

    If you look under the "Speciality" and then "View all Specialities" there is a "Recovery Retreat" option. When I googled "spa breaks for cancer patients" initially and clicked on spabreaks.com it did take me into the recovery retreats home page which listed spas in the UK where you could have a recovery retreat which is what I thought the link I posted above would take you straight into. Anyway hope you find it ok now and plan a lovely break!


  • Thanks everybody

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