Side effects to first chemo

Hi All, Happy Sunday. I am writing on behalf of my mum (as some of you are aware). Mum has had a mental week extremely constipated, urine infection and prickly heat. She keeps saying can you ask the ladies on the forum what they experienced when going through chemo. Mum is very depressed at the moment and still thinks she is on her own and noone else has this type of cancer. Any of you lovely ladies have any words of wisdom that I can pass on to her from your experiences with chemo and psychologically how you coped? Xx

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  • Yes first chemo is very debilitating as you really dont know what to expect. You do feel horrible and down. Make sure your Mum has enough fluids and eating small meals more often rather than large ones. Chicken Bovril is good and Carrs water biscuits when you dont feel like eating much. These days of gloom will pass and your Mum will be okay for about eight days before the next treatment. Constipation isnt nice so hope your Mum got recommendations on what to take from her team. Maybe prunes in juice will also help or prune juice. If your Mum is unable to go out, make sure she gets up and walks around every so often as it is good for the circulation. Any major issues refer back to her team. Maybe your Mum can go to Macmillan Centre where she can meet other ladies with same illness here again her team should be able to point her in the right direction. Unfortunately there are many of us with Ovarian Cancer and yes it is difficult. As well as being kind to your Mum please also be kind to yourself

  • Thank you for this Suzuki ill be sure to let her know what you have said. Prune juice we have just started with :) onwards and upwards moving forward to next chemo xx

  • It can be tough getting used to what happens to your body whilst on chemo treatment .... some sail through and other ladies have lots of different side affects ... think best advice I have is to rest eat little and often having what you fancy your taste changes so sharp tastes like lemon and fresh pineapple are refreshing ... make sure you moisturise too your skin can become very dry .. non perfumed ones are best ... chemo is pants but I just saw it as making me well a necessary evil I guess ... try planning social events to look forward too doesn't have to be big maybe a coffee out .... hope your mum feels better soon ... big hugs 🤗

    Ps constipation is a side affect of chemo do mention it to your cns as they can prescribe medication

  • Thank you for this Shellygirl! Good idea about moisturiser ill be sure to mention that to her xx

  • I had severe sickness and retching, nausea, leg pains, constipation, cystitis, high temperature - It was not fun. Taxol strength was reduced for next session, Carbo remained the same, anti sickness tablets changed.

    Ring your mum's Unit, don't let her suffer, she may feel she doesn't want to bother them but its important they know x

    I ate fresh pineapple - not tinned, a good quality traditional lemonade helped with disgusting chemo mouth, nibbled ginger biscuits and lemon sherbert sweets. Drink as much as possible and eat little bits and pieces.

    It passes and she will have at least a week if feeling OK if not good so don't lose sight of that x

    Clare xx

  • The first chemo side effects strike like being hit by a bus! I took to my bed the first time - I think it's shock and fear of the unknown. Reassure your mother that in a funny way it does get easier in that you know what to expect. The effects are cumulative but tell mum that she will start to recognise the effects and learn to manage them and cope. This chemo 'journey' is not for the faint hearted but it is doable. Tell mum to mention everything to the oncologist, they have meds and solutions for all side effects. The most important thing I can tell you is listen to your body and be kind to yourself. Do not suffer in silence.

    As for the constipation ask for Laxido and take regularly starting the day before chemo.

    Your mum is not alone.

    Wishing you the very best of luck

    Janine xx

  • Does your Mum like smoothies? I made some ones with high fibre fruits like dried dates, figs and prunes. She didn't particularly want to eat and drinking smoothies was an easier alternative.

    Your Mum is not alone and neither are you in this fight.

    Stay strong xx

  • Hi EL. I found lime cordial was good to keep the chemo-mouth at bay. Cool drinks better than warm. Banana milk-shake too - that's a food as well as a drink. It would be a good idea for her to write down her side effects each day. They may well be similar each time and she will then know what to expect and can be ahead in any relief. e.g. the constipation. That's one thing she doesn't have to suffer from once she knows when it will arrive and how long it will last. As I recall mine began soon after the infusion and lasted 6-7 days. Good luck. Pauline

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