Can you have your tooth filled whilst on chemo - the strong one

had 4th cycle of chemo on weds, yesterday had a nose bleed that would not stop for ages rang chemo helpline ad was advised that if if did not stop in 15 mis would have to go to A & E - eventually stopped, got cold sores on mouth and front filling in tooth came out today , do I just go to the dentist as normal , or do I need antibiotics ?? falling apart :(

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  • Hi woolton, sorry to hear you are poorly. I was advised to go to my dentist whilst on chemo, carbo/taxol, but only for checkups, but everyone is different so I would maybe ring your dentist and see what they suggest. Hope everything goes well for you and you feel better soon

    Ann x

  • thank you - if it was not the front tooth dont think it would be bother me - but hey ho see what happens x

  • Oh poor you! My onc told me I could go if it was an emergency but luckily I didnt need to go while on chemo. When I finished chemo and had a check up with my dentist she thought it was

    more important to keep having check ups while on chemo and has written to my oncology dept regarding this. I think if I was you I would have a word with your dentist and explain about your chemo.Good luck.

    Angie xx

  • thanks Angie - you get so much info that you sometimes dont know if your doing the right thing or not x

  • I had a check up while on chemo but I was told I could not have anything done not even a clean and polish. I think it is just in case you get an infection. I would check it out first before you have anything done to your teeth.

    Good luck Babs x x

  • thanks Babs x

  • Hi Woolton,

    You will need to mention your chemo to the dentist and ask his advice, I had an abscess just the week before starting chemo so had to have the tooth taken out, because there was no time to treat it, fortunately my dentist was familiar with chemo (and I think he was familiar with OC as well) I have since got very loose teeth... but too squeamish to go to the dentist as I think there is only one way to go and that's to have the loose ones taken out and at this rate I won't have any teeth left haha wishing you all the best love x G x :-)

  • ahhhhh poor you - think I will open a bottle of wine :) x

  • Good Idea enjoy :-/ ;-) xx

  • Hi Woolton

    Sorry to hear this. Sometimes it feels as if all the organs in ones body are conspiring against us. Hope you manage to get something sorted. I'm going to pour myself a glass of wine too and I'll raise a toast to you.

    Lots of love and best wishes

    Mary xx

  • x

  • My teeth have not been very co-operative recently, but my dentist does a good temp repair, won't do anything that includes injections, or clean and polish while on chemo, she just tops up the temp filings.

    GP/ onc should give you a prescription for mouth wash for ulcers.. It s standard issue when needed. My GP says the onc treats the cancer and she treats the side effects!

    Good luck


  • great advice thank you so much xxxxxxxx

  • I was told so long as I had antibx cover it would be ok, I think you may have to get the prescription from your GP or hospital as dentists have a very limited list of antibiotics they can prescribe. Speak to your nurse for advice.

    Hope it isn't painful

    Chris xx


  • x

  • Crikey I didn't know anything about this and went to the dentist as usual - in fact I booked extra dental hygiene appointments during chemotherapy to keep my mouth free of infection.

    I'd imagine it's best to consult the dentist as they'll be best placed to advise you what you should be having whilst on chemotherapy.

    I really hope everything sorts itself out for you Woolton. xxxx love Annie

  • Annie Actually,

    I think you are fireproof... haha xx :-)

  • Eira Gwyn, Yes I must have a cast-iron constitution. Why did no one tell me I couldn't go to the dentist. The dentist said I should go more often!

    In fact my dentist suggested I had my teeth whitened and straightened and I said I would next time if I was going to lose my hair.

    I retract the suggestion that dentists know best.

    xxxx Annie

  • I think your dentist was after your money. They would not do that in Swanley x x

  • I'm liking Swanley. My dentist is a money-grabbing sort of person. I've been meaning to change to another and will need to look for a decent sort of person. xxx

  • x good on you I am not so brave xx

  • I'm not brave at all with dentists. I'm a dental-phobe. Absolutely hate the noise of the drills. Dentists should install flat screen televisions on the ceiling to distract you whilst they're doing frightful things to your teeth.

    There's so much talent on this site - I've just noticed Suzanne's post below. Take no notice of anyone elsel!

    love Annie

  • hello.... i am a dental nurse.. if you have cold sores then it is my advice that you get something for these first as no dentist likes the risk of spread. then i would make an appt to see the dentist.. he may not want to do anything whilst your on chemo but with it being an exsisting filling he may just be able to put a temporary in for you. this would be done with no injection and no drilling therefore no risk of infection to you whilst on your chemo..

    lots and lots of love

    suzanne... xxxx

  • Thank you so much this is really good advice xx

  • Hi Suzanne,

    I have a tooth that is breaking up at the back of my mouth, do you think a dentist would extract as I am having chemo?

    Wendy x

  • hi wendy. is it causing you pain?

    i would say that if it is tge dentist would be cautious but there is no real reason he couldnt take it out and give you a course of anti biotics to be on the safe side.

    love suzanne.. xxxxx

  • Love this site so much its always there for you - thaks everyone :) xxxxxxxxxxxx

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