Still stuck with the Old Bag

On Friday, I celebrate 6 weeks since I had my fistula repair. At which point, the plan was for me to have a cystogram, and provided it showed everything had healed, to have a trial without catheter. Disappointingly, its now looking as if I'm stuck with it till the new year :(

As we hadn't received a date for the cystogram, Mr Citrine made a few enquiries at the hospital yesterday. He discovered that the referral for this had been made on 14th November. All well and good. He was then told that the waiting time for cystograms is six weeks. Assuming that the clock started on 14th, that takes us up to Boxing Day. I don't rate the chances of being seen in the dog days between Christmas and the New Year very highly. He sent an e-mail to the head of department and copied my Urology consultant into it but I'm resigning myself to putting up with the catheter bag for longer than expected. :(

Must admit I had to think hard before I worked out what the silver lining was this time. It eventually dawned on me this morning. Because Mr C is doing all the general household shopping and I am not going out much, I have saved shed loads of money over the last 6 weeks. If I have to wait another month, I'll save even more. So when I finally lose the bag I can go mad :) :) :)

I did have one go at Internet supermarket shopping a few weeks ago. The delivery men refused to carry it beyond the front gate. As I live in a second floor flat with no lift we didn't think much of this. They told my husband they only carry it up to flats if a lift is available. Nice. Anyway, it means I've spent less.

Also, at least this particular test isn't concerned with cancer. That would be so much worse.

Anyway, all that talk about wine on the other blog has got my taste buds going. Must go down to the cellar * and select a bottle for this evening.

*That's a wine rack on the landing :)

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  • Good for you finding the positives in this situation, and for turning it into such an entertaining blog! Sounds like its time to give your catheter a name if its going to be part of the family over Christmas.

    Hope the 'cellar' yields up something full bodied with legs. LOL


    Linda xx

  • Thanks Linda, that's how I like my wine, full bodied. Cheers!


    Mary xx

  • You simply must spend it on a designer bag and call it a style upgrade!

  • :)Oh yes, an upgrade on the "golden handbag :) :)

  • Lucky you, having a frugal other half! When Mr D goes shopping, it's choccy biccies, wine, whisky, pies, pasties, nothing useful and 'forgets' the essentials like washing powder :-O

    I hope Cathy (catheter) behaves herself over Christmas. My Mum is having similar problems at the moment, it's a bind, isn't it. Have you got a flip-flow? She finds that so much easier than a bag. I love the idea of a designer bag upgrade!

    P S I am glad we're stuck with you :-)

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Wendy

    That's brilliant. From now on the bag will be called Cathy. I don't think mine is a flip-flow. Just a bag with a vlave on the end.

    Got to say, Mr C does need to be reminded about essentials such as loo roll and mince pies do seem to jump into his shopping basket too.


    Mary xx

  • My Mum has a catheter tube with a valve but no bag attached, apart from at night. She can use the valve (flip-flow) to empty her bladder every couple of hours, straight into the loo. It does away with a bag. It came in VERY handy when my Dad locked them out of the house, and she had to have a pee into a bottle in the garage ...... she was really amused that she could standup and pee like a man ;-) It does make it easier when she is out and about though.

    Mr C sounds more house-trained than Mr D :-D

    Love W xx

  • A shopping spree sounds Just the way the to celebrate saving all that money hope you enjoy it when you get out there to spend it xx

    Love Jan xxx

  • Thanks Jan, with a bit of luck it will be the January sales.

    Love Mary xx

  • Haha! Great finding something good thank you for the cheery husband does the shopping now, he always gets stuff we don't a mountain of loo rolls, he buys loads of luxury stuff too, everyone likes to visit to eat the stuff they wouldn't buy themselves haha they don't quite feel as guilty eating stuff that they shouldn't be eating, and it is a treat for them but there are times I don't have anything to cook for tea,he is good at buying fruit and veg though... but I have to remind him of the basics...but I don't complain as he is lovely really...he doesn't like clothes shopping though..I don't think he likes any shopping really,but he shops as fast as he canI think is ideal way of shopping would be to sweep everything off the shelf into the trolley haha...but I can't have it all..I have stopped asking "why did you buy that ?" Love x G x :-/ ;-)

  • Hi Gwyn

    Can you get your husband to have a word with mine. Loo rolls are one of the things he always needs to be reminded to buy. He doesn't like changing them on the holder either. (We have stand offs about that from time to time but I usually blink first.) He does buy the luxury stuff too. Generally, he is a typical male when it comes to shopping. No browsing.

    We do suffer a bit from "refrigerate after use and use within 4 days" syndrome. I went through the fridge last week and buy the time I'd finished throwing out that kind of thing, I'd cleared at least a shelf. Disgraceful.

    Love Mary xx

  • Hi Mary,

    Haha.. just read this and I have the exact same problem, with things going out of date(I hate throwing stuff out) if he thinks things are good for me he buys it by the truck load,but never seems to check first if I have got any, in particular pears and other fruit (perishables)..but there is a limit how much I can eat...we never go short of toilet rolls if he spots any that are on offer.. he will buy them needed or not, very large packs of them...when one of my son's asked me if he had a problem, my husband started hiding them haha.we will be ok though if we ever get housebound lOL love x G x :-/ ;-)

  • What an uplifting blog, turning something that could be really depressing into something so positive.....and funny!

    I love the idea of a designer bag and calling it Cathy....very good!

    Enjoy that wine, my wine cellar has dried up tonight so have one for me lol!

    Take care and stay positive.

    Love Linda xx

  • Thanks Linda. Hope your cellar recovers very soon.

    Love Mary xx

  • Dear Citrine

    Your blog is enough to cheer anyone up. You're making pretty light of a situation anyone would feel wretched with. I hope they get this cystogram sorted out but I'm assuming as you've worked in the NHS you'll be right about the dog days between Christmas and New Year.

    I do think the supermarket that delivered the goods - or didn't deliver them in your case should be contacted to ask what they can offer disabled people. Perhaps you can find another one that is more user-friendly.

    I can't imagine what you get in your basket when your husband goes shopping. Mine comes back with all sorts of strange things. Beef pie in a tin was a recent addition to the larder after a man-shop. Martin loves tins of things. Do you let your husband cook too? When I was convalescing I got tinned spinach on toast one morning for breakfast which was .... interesting!

    I hope you've got your thinking cap on for deciding exactly what you're going to buy to celebrate when you get this all sorted out. Sounds like you'll need more wine at least!

    lots of love, Annie xx

  • Hi Annie

    Yes, he is doing most of the cooking at the moment as I'm a bit uncomfortable standing around for too long. He has recently been going to town with omelettes and adds ingredients to them as if they were pizzas. Spring onion, mushroom, peppers, olives. Surprisingly filling.

    You are right about contacting the supermarket concerned. With delivery men, you can never tell whether they are stating company policy or whether they're just being bloody minded.

    Love Mary xx

  • When I was told to up iron levels my hubbie got a ramekin, made a nest of defrosted frozen spinach (seasoned with salt pepper and a teeny smidge of nutmeg), cracked an egg in it and poured some cream on top' added a little twist of salt and pepper, before baking. Utterly brilliant breakfast with some buttered toast -- it's just how you do it!

  • Do you mind sending him round to me when he's finished your dinner? xxxx

  • Oooooh! That sounds yummy ;-) I wish mine was that domesticated. Mr D once made me fried eggs, fried bacon, fried sausages, fried tomatoes when I was laid low with a my youth, I hasten to add......he fried the whole lot in oil and tipped it all, oil and all, onto my plate. Needless to say, he had extra breakfast and I made a dash to the Great White Telephone to call for Huuuuuuughie :-)

    Enough info's tea time!

    W xx

  • Mine is irritatingly the opposite -- as a chef is under delusion that its quite normal to make ones own tomato ketchup etc so barely buys anything prefab. Fine for him but I look at same cupboards, think "sigh, nothing to eat again but toast" and pick up the phone for a takeaway. Sure I more than blow away any savings...!

    Mind you it comes in handy for cravings. At the weekend I said "oh what a shame we have no scones I really fancy a snack. Square ones. No, round ones." and a while later a tray of them arrived complete with jam, cream and square, round, moon shaped and heart shaped ones. He said "I'd give you the moon because I love you."

    Aaa ah. Or vom, your choice.

  • Wow, I'm impressed, Home made tomato ketchup,

    That's definitely an aaaaah. What a lovely man.

  • I can't figure out why all he experimentation to get something that s EXACTLY like Heinz though! He did same with tomato soup!

  • Aaawww that is so sweeeet love x G x :-)

  • Home-made ketchup, heart-shaped scones. Let him continue! Sounds wonderful to me.

  • How awful! When I shopped Tesco online the delivery man brought it in , carried it down to my basement kitchen and unpacked the boxes (I opted for no bags)! I was very impressed!

    I suggest that you write to the manager giving them a double barrelled blast about how useless they are for the sick and disabled! Threaten to go public in the local paper! They like to project themselves as community friendly!

  • here here Margaret. I've always found Tesco, Ocado, Waitrose and Riverfords more than obliging but didn't like to say anything unless I just hit it lucky.

    Write a letter Citrine - but make sure you don't get the same delivery driver again - he might spit on your carrots. xxx love Annie

  • Thanks for that Annie. I've certainly heard good reports about Ocado and Waitrose and am willing to give them a try.

    The errant supermarket isn't on your list needless to say. Its a very well known one beginning with S.

  • Ocado brilliant never had a bad driver. The first one who saw I wasn't well from the baldy heed offered to put it all in cupboards if I said where it went!

  • ha ha! you're being good and not naming and shaming on the site ..... but we all know who you mean! I shall never shop there again! xxxx

  • Hi Margaret

    Yes, that's what I thought. It really isn't good customer relations. I'll let them know why I won't be orderig from them again.

    Love Mary xx

  • Wow there are some inventive husbands around, I'm not sure about the home delivery, surely the clue is in the name? If they are not actually delivering to your home then they are in the wrong job? Waitrose fetch it to any room and the service is great plus delivery is free.

    It's a shame you have to wait over new year, the upside, hubby can wait on you.

    LA xx

  • And Waitrose now have a loyalty card Waitrose..... So that's another thumbs up! I have to say, Riverford are really good for organic stuff and they are excellent quality, if they deliver to your area. They are a bit pricey though, so check online first!

    W xx

  • Ooh free delivery? May give them a go...

  • ah it's only free if you spend enough! There are others though that are a bit cheaper and source from local UK farms and organic produce where possible. Abel and Cole came out well in the Which report though Riverfords came top for a friendly local and knowledgeable delivery driver and I can vouch for that. Ours even put on suppers for customers every now and then, getting in a chef and hiring a suitable venue. These are really enjoyable evenings.

    Interesting thing about Waitrose. I read a blog about a couple who decided to live for a fortnight on the average world daily food budget - 12p per day. They did a lot of research and said they decided to buy Waitrose Essentials as they were more competitive than any other supermarket. I don't recommend their diet mind - mostly oats, lentils and veggies to make up a form of gruel.

    I'm a big Waitrose fan but I buy local from the shops on the corner where I can to support local traders and do a supermarket shop once a month - using my Waitrose Rewards Card too.

    You've inspired us all on this blog Citrine. Hope it goes some way to cheering you up - bag an' all!

    Loads of love xxx Annie

  • Yes, it has given me many good giggles. Thank you everyone.

    :) :)

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