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HOORAY!!! Goodbye to Cathy-the-Catheter

Yes, Cathy will not be joining the family for Christmas. She was removed just after midnight and I'm not missing her one bit.

You won't be surprised to hear that not all went according to plan but then, when does it ever? Having resigned myself to Christmas with Cathy, I thought it would help if I at least had a date for the check cystogram to look forward to. Husband went to check this out and was gobsmacked to learn that I had in fact not turned up for my appointment 3 days earlier. I was officially a DNA. The shame! (Missing link, the need to inform the patient prior to the appointment.)

Luckily they were able to book me a slot for Tuesday morning. Everything looked fine on examination,though I felt a little bit sore and we toddled off home to await further instructions. I started to suffer more pain and wondered if I'd already got the infection that I had been warned about. Apparently the contrast used in the examination carries that risk.

I forgot my pain however when I received a phone call from the hospital asking me to attend at 8 o'clock the next morning for the removal of the catheter. Whoops of joy! :)

Trouble was, Cathy must have got wind of this because she started to play up big time. She stopped draining and urine started to overflow outside the tube and it was all very OUCHY indeed :( I admitted defeat and off we went to A&E at the Royal London Hospital at Whitechapel. Had to wait a couple of hours (it is very lively there) but once my number came up, all went smoothly. Cathy was taken out and tossed, unmourned, into a bin.

I spent the night in the Clinical Decision Unit so that I could rise to the Urine Challenge (i.e. prove that I could pee ok.) I soon did this to everyone's satisfaction, though the burning sensation made it obvious to me that I had an infection well before the urine was tested..

By this morning everything was very much better and the fantastic consultant in charge of A&E was happy to let me go with antibiotics. :) :) So I was back home by 11 this morning and have spent the day chilling out and enjoying the sensation of not having a bag of wee strapped to my leg. Since then, all has gone well and I am now really looking forward to Christmas.

Thank you all very very much for the support and all the kind messages you have sent me, particularly when I know you have major anxieties of your own to cope with. I really hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Love and best wishes

Mary xxx

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What fantastic news Citrine. You always make light of a big deal. The night in A & E sounds horrendous - but at least you've come home less Cathy. Good for you.

Now I hope that little infection soon clears and you can enjoy Christmas!!!!

with loads of love Annie xxx


Dear Mary

What a lovely and funny blog. So pleased to hear Cathy has now been consigned to the bin and all went well....eventually!

Here's wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas.

Love Linda xxx


What a wonderful outcome! No Cathy for Christmas, great. :-D Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Love Wendy xx


Hi Mary,

Great news... have a good Christmas... love x G x :-)


Well done for passing the Urine challenge Mary. Isn't it great to get rid of clingy friends? Bye bye Cathy.

Hope the infection disappears quickly too and that you really enjoy your Christmas.


Linda xx


Great news and a great pre Christmas event! I am so pleased that Cathy has been relegated and that you can enjoy festivities without an attachment, shame you ended up on CDU for the night but at least they had a bed and you were able to escape, this time of year it is possible that there may not have been any room at the Inn, dread to think what an NHS stable is like! Have fun over Christmas xxxxx


Hi Mary,

Hadn't been aware of your late, unlamented, partner Cathy. Not at at all surprised you were glad to get shot even despite a few complications! Here's to a far more comfortable Christmas with one less guest at table!





Hi Mary!

Great news! What is it with the NHS? Sometimes they just do not read the notes! Having agreed with my breast surgeon that I would have the op on Jan 11th because I am in London next week and received letters arranging admission and pre-op assesment in Jan I came home the other day to an answerphone message asking me to ring because the assessment nurse would not be there the following day. When I rang she wasn't there and rang back the next day! I was on the computer twice because "cancellations" had automatically moved me to an earlier date! Trouble was they didn't consult me or read the notes to check why I did not want to have the op on the day after boxing day!

Stil at least they do not focus on my age! Probably because I do not look it, never have, and I am fit!

Not even using the stick these days!

Have a great Christmas!

Love Margaret xxxxxxxxxx


Thanks Margaret. These automated systems have a lot to answer for some times. You were on my mind when I mentioned people having their own anxieties to cope with. Sending you my best wishes.

Love Mary xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Wonderful news. So long Cathy. Vx


She was your 'wee' friend. :D


Lol I shouldn't be too hard on her, she was only doing her job. I just didn't like her attitude sometimes :)

Mary xx


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