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Meeting next week at Portcullis House

Hi, I have put my name down to attend the meeting next week at Portcullis House. I am sure I read somewhere it started at 12 noon. Its just that when I was reading the Ovacome Mag today it said it started at 1pm. Please if anyone know what time it starts please can you let me know as I don't want to be late.


Babs x x

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Hi Babs! I have emailed I think it's her who is co-ordinations all the visitors. It also says, on the Ovacome site, that there will be briefing notes sent to us before the visit, so we can know a bit about the facts in our area. I'll let you know if I hear anything from her.mi've asked for some clarification of times, meeting places etc. it may be an idea to email her too. Let me know if you hear anything.

Good luck for tomorrow. Onwards and upwards, eh? Will be thinking of you

Love Wendy xx


Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the confusion. The meeting starts at 1 pm, but given the extensive security we are asking people to arrive at midday.

Area specific notes will be sent out by the end of the week so that you can familiarise yourself before the day, and the team will be available to answer any questions in advance.

Please do post any further queries.

We have had some people asking if they can bring family etc. Yes - the more the merrier!



Thanks, Louise! See you there

W xx


Hi Babs, If it was anything like my visit to the House of Lords an appointment at 13:00 meant arriving at 12:00 as we had to go through security. Shall we try to meet up before we queue so we can have a bit of a natter? We've got each other's mobile so I'll ring when I'm near xxxx love Annie


Good idea, Annie. See you then. I'm aiming to get up there to Westminster area by about 11.30. I don't have Babs number though. Babs, I'll PM mine to you and we can stay in touch

W xx


Hi all

I have contacted Ovacome to see if it is possible I could attend too . I hope it is not too late

for me to go too. I would be happy to discuss regional and national differences.



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