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how are you defined to be platinum resistant

I have recently been told that i can not have carboplatin as 3rd line treatment. they have offered me myocept with 20% chances of it working. if it works they say i can have carboplatin again in May as this works well for me but if it does not then it's palliative care. am trying to find out why they will not give me carboplatin again as i finished 2nd line treatment at the end of April. thanks

shabila xxx

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Hi Shabila,

I think they like to give a break from the same chemo regime...then it works better.. otherwise I think you can build up a resistance I am not sure if this is right..but I think this is the reason.. people can become platinum resistant ...if they have it too many in a sense they are saving up your options love x G x


Dear Shabila

As I understand it carbo-platin works most effectively the first time you have chemotherapy. Whilst it can destroy the tumours it changes the structure of essential proteins that are present in all Ovarian Cancers so the next time you have it those proteins are resistant.

I'd look at it like a carbo-platin holiday which will give your body a chance to rest and recuperate. I'd try Myocept if it was offered to me and I'd ignore the stats. There's no point in worrying about them because you don't know if you're one of the 20 or one of the 80. If you're one of the lucky ones you'll have had months of misery worrying which makes life less enjoyable. The other thing I guess would be to seek a second opinion. It's something I would do in your situation.

Please let us know how you get on with the next treatment. I'm wishing you love and luck with it. xxxx Annie


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