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Mineral Water whilst on a Chemo??

Does anyone have any information/advice on the type of water you should or should not drink whilst on chemotherapy?

A friend of mine was told by her oncologist not to drink mineral water, but only to have tap water! I would have thought it would be the other way around?!

Has anyone had any advice from their oncologist regarding this?

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Bottled mineral water is supposed to be more likely to contain bacteria whereas tap water does not, I think this is the reason.


What type of water was never mentioned to me, just to drink

Lots yo stop dehydration. I stuck with good old fashioned tap water. Ann xo


It was never mentioned to me and I drank both tap (from filter) and bottled water and don't think I suffered from it. Good luck

Francesca x


It'll be the chance of infection I expect but 'mineral' water also has higher mineral content which varies between makes. I only ever drink tap water but it tastes good where I live anyway. It does vary. Plenty of it is the main thing. I'm on avastin maintenance and I have at least 3 litres a day.


Mineral water is carbonated, that may be the reason for being restricted I will guess.


I would have thought it was because mineral water has a high calcium content which can show up in your bloods. I drink both but not allowed take calcium tablets or any medication with calcium in it. Hope this helps


Thank you everyone for all the replies, I think I may stick to tap water until I see my oncologist next week, then ask him the question, though I am not hopeful of an informed response!!!!

I am amazed at how much water some of you are drinking, I drink as much as possible, but I would be swimming if I drank 3 litres a day!!!!!

Thank you again x


Tap water is better for you apparently, for lots of reasons including the chemicals in the plastic bottles for mineral water and the lack of fluoride etc - cheaper too lol



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