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Experiencing 'the blues' while on chemo

This is a follow up to my question 'having a lot of the blues while on chemo'. I have had reflexology about ten days after each session of chemo since. I got her name from my local Maggie's Centre and asked her to concentrate on the depression, anxiety, crying, sleeplessness etc. I am happy to report that since then I have not experienced any of this and have also been sleeping much better too which has helped enormously. At £30 a session it has been well worth it and maybe worth a try for others in the same situation.

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Hi Cathy

That's really interesting to hear! I too had reflexology after my chemo's - but to help deal with nausea - talk about chemo brain - I had completely forgotton how much it helped. I think I need to write a little note to self of helpful things during chemo so that I can share with some accuracy.

That said, I am pleased that you're coping better and getting through the chemo. I found that once I had a couple under my belt I knew what to expect and some of the fear and uncertainty reduced.

How many more do you have to go? Hopefully you'll be at the end of it before you know where you are. Keep smiling and keep in touch.



Hi Cathsal,

I am really glad to hear that Reflexology has helped you.What a fantastic recommendation for others in a similar situation.

Some hospitals are now incorporating complementary therapies with conservative treatment in order to treat the patients in a holistic,way, thus addressing the mind, body and spirit of the individual.Complementary therapies work alongside the treatment regimes offered by these hospitals.

Some centres offer a certain number of free complementary therapies for patients and their carers, so please ask for more information at your local cancer centres.They may also have a list of therapists that they could recommend.

Good luck and keep safe.


Hi Cathysal

Reiki is another great help it balances mind and body and helps you to cope really well. I went on a three day course to the Penny Brohn in Bristol where I learnt relaxation, meditation and visualisation techniques which have been a great aid to getting through chemotherapy.

Art Therapy is another great help, even if you have not done any art since your school days and feel you have no great drawing skills you can use colour and shape to be very creative and lose yourself for several hours in the process. Try your local hospice they run all sorts of complementary classes for day visitors.

Good Luck



Hi Cathysal

As others have said it is very useful to be reminded about complementary approaches. I had forgotten that last time round for me a head message before chemo was very helpful and that reflexology did get me to relax. I am trying Art Therapy this time as it does absorb attention and helps with depression. When I feel able I wll try golf lessons as I have found that the combination of concentration and open air does wonders.

I hope that you have found the way to deal with chemo now. Like beckyh I found that the first 2 were the worst, then I found variuos coping strategies and wasn't so frightened. It sounds like you have found yours. Hope so. Good luck and take care.



Hi. I have diagnosed with breast cancer and I found so hard to cope with the treatment . I had my second one last Friday I am really struggled . Could hardly walk of exhaustion and feel nauseas . I panick at times felling that I can cope with treatment . Is anyone felt like that? Does it get better ? Xxx


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