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Uses for udder cream!

In her reply to Eleni recently, Meryl talked of her use of udder cream to treat the dry skin and flaking on hands and feet with some chemo.

I thought I'd let you know that a very good friend of mine swam the channel (and several other long distance swims in the wild) with the benefit of it as a barrier. When you see the ingredients, it's not surprising!

Any other wonderful uses for this special stuff?


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This site has some ideas:-

(Udderly SMOOth being a brand of udder cream...)

Prevention of bicycle chaffing and turkey necks being the most interesting.

Obviously somebody should have told David Walliams about udder cream!

Love Lizzie



Damn; I knew I'd forgotten to do something!!

I xx


Oh thats interesting.

I hope the "Turkeys" enjoy the neck pampering LOL.

Dont ride a bike anymore, kept falling off !!

Thanks for the info . x


Hi there

I've used so much Udder cream I perhaps I'm now ready for a long distance swim !

I wish.



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