Statins for use in patients with cancer

Are any of you due to see your Oncologists soon? I'm not for 3 months. Many will have seen the news this week about statins use in cancer, including ovarian. I would dearly like to know if they would work in those of us who have had Ov Ca for some time or only for those newly diagnosed or as preventative measures.

Could someone ask their Oncologist please?

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  • Hi Veronique

    I'm going to see mine next week and had already thought about asking him. My guess is he'll say this was an observational and not a proper clinical trial but that could be years off and we don't have the luxury of waiting around!

    The articles I saw said that statins were not shown to prevent cancer, but once people had it they could slow down progression. So would appear to be us they could help - but there are many side effects of statins and not sure if doctors will prescribe them other than for people with high cholesterol/heart problems .... I will as the Prof for his view!

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Madeline, I look forward to hearing what he says. I wonder if it's all Statins or just some.

  • Hi Veronique. I read this on the Internet Some time ago. I didn't mention it to my oncology team at the time as I felt they wouldn't like me to be coming up with random things you read on the Internet. As it happens my. GP had put me back on statins as my cholesterol was so high. I had stopped taking them during my chemo as they were getting bad press at the time and could cause aching muscles and joints. As you know you get enough of that with chemo.

    Having read the recent theories on statins in the past few days I am now glad I am back on them. Plus my cholesterol has gone down. I am not due my next check up until August and I will certainly discuss it with them. By the way if ever they do decide to use them it will not be as a preventative measure from what I read.

  • Thanks Molly. It will be interesting to hear what the various Oncs say.

  • I was on statins pre chemo but I have to admit that I am not the best for taking them. I have read some articles before about statins and OC so of course the tablets are taken when I read these things. Another thing that motivates me is hearing someone has been diagnosed with heart problems and then I also remember to take them. They dont cause major issues for me. They work for the cholestrol which is the main thing. I am better at taking them now though. I didnt like taking them through Chemo because I felt my liver was on overload. Another thing is that sometimes you cannot take them with certain antibiotics, it is actually dangerous. I had Avastin today so will start back taking them tomorrow.

  • Thanks Suzuki. I asked my Onc about Aastin but as I was about to embark on my 3rd line chemo, she said it was only for lst line people.


  • GP's are advised to prescribe stattins for cholesterol I stopped a year ago to reduced the meds I take but I am going to ask to go back on them!

  • I'd be interested to hear what your GP thinks about their use in Ca.


  • Hi. I discussed with my excellent onc this week. As Madeleine has said, the point was made about observational rather than clinical trial research. She also said that being on statins can conflict with eligibility for acceptance on a lot of OC clinical trials? In her view the diabetic drug Metformin was showing even greater efficacy in slowing down progression but again can conflict with trial eligibility. Her view was decision-making on a case by case basis. Hope that helps Merylx

  • Thanks Meryl. Interesting about Metform too.


  • Saw my onc today. He isn't against statins but says there is not enough clear evidence that they can slow progression. He didn't know of any patients who'd been prescribed them to prevent recurrence. Presumably the women in the American study were taking them for cardiovascular reasons originally. I think I am going to get my cholesterol Checked anyway!

    Also interesting about metformin and as Meryl says probably each case is different and need to weigh up pros and cons of trying one of these drugs.

    Madeline x

  • Thanks H. Will look up the US studies.


  • V helpful thank you.

  • I hope I'm on right site. I have had left sided flank pain and heaviness and bloating for over a month CT scan said I have bilateral adnexal cystic lesions I have had blood tests and CA 125 and ago all normal awaiting to go to gyno dr put in urgent request but cannot see him for 2 weeks he has ordered again all cancer blood tests why if first ones were normal thanks

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