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Members' Day - Saturday 18 May 2013

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Ruth's just emailed me to say our next Members' Day is Saturday 18 May in the National Council for Voluntary Organisations Conference Centre next to the Regent's Canal, London.

A number of us were saying it would be good to meet up the evening before. If you're provisionally up for this would you let me know on this blog and I can make a provisional list and then get back to you nearer the time.

It'll also give us space to have a bit of a banter about what we'd like to do when we get together, where we'd like to go, and where we'd like to stay.

Here is the website for the NVCO Centre -

I'm looking forward to this ladies!!!!!

Annie xxx

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40 Replies
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Please put my name down for it. Hopefully I will be in good health then got a few months to get fit again.

Love Babs x x x

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Whippit in reply to doreenharwood

I think it's going to be a fun evening with you there Babs! xx

Ooooh Annie Actually..I am povisionally up for it.. But I am not sure it is bit of a brave step for me....But no harm in getting details is there? I would love to be there though x G x

:-/ ;-)

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Whippit in reply to

Gwyn, I'd come and collect you and take you home again so you don't miss it and we don't miss you!!! Loads of love xxx

in reply to Whippit

Aww Annie Actually.. It isn't so much the train journey from Chester.. it is the other end that bothers me (London) I even find the underground a bit scary I am not at all used to London ...lots of love x G x :-)

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Whippit in reply to

I usually cycle in London. You can ride pillion! Only kidding - they must've organised the event especially for you - apparently it's a short walking distance from Euston.

Having said that nobody expects you to come. It can be daunting thinking about travelling and nobody would think badly of anyone for deciding not to go to the members' day. xxx

in reply to Whippit

There a srtaight through train to Euston from Chester easy peasy love x G x :-)

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Jan76 in reply to

I feel the same about undergrounds Gwyn ..but cannot not miss this chance to meet up will find a way round it ....

Love Jan xxx

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Jacks150 in reply to Jan76

Hi jan, we can travel there together.

Hugs Jackie xxx

in reply to Jan76

Where have you been Jan? You've missed the fun and games

I kept thinking where's Jan ...but you are here now love x G x


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Jan76 in reply to

Hello there Dear Gwyn ,

Have been feeling very tired but I am ok bless you xxx think I have been over doing it ... its also half term soon which will be good to have a little break from dashing about ... I have been peeking a little at the games now and then ...lots of fun ... Tried to post back last night but the site was not having any of it ..thought it was Brian's lap top ... so tried the PC but no chance .... so here we are again .... The idea of us all meeting up next year is a wonderful one ...just have to be there ....

Porridge time now ...

Love Jan xxxx

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wendydee in reply to

Gwyn, I know exactly what you mean. I only live less than an hour's train ride away, but am always convinced I will get lost. I guess it comes from being a Yorkshire girl, originally, and visiting London was such a big deal........when I went to the member's day, I got attain, then chickened out and got a taxi. Much easier ;-)

I do hope you can make it

W xx

In a positive frame!!!!!! So put me down as a provional too. Would sooooo much like to meet you fun ladies1

love Suex

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Whippit in reply to

Yes Soapy Sue. I'm thinking exactly the same thing! xx

I like the sound of it Annie. I might well fly over and make a weekend of it.


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Well I'm happy to spend a weekend in London if you're over for a long weekend! Will be in touch re where and when to meet! xxxx Annie

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I'd love to meet up with you all. Put me down, provisionally. My Mum and Dad are in their eighties and not in the best of health, so I get called away quite a bit. Fingers crossed.

Love Wendy xx

Hi Annie, sorry about this morning, will re arrange soon. I would like to go to the Members meeting, so please add me to the list

Chris xx

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Whippit in reply to

How is your grand-daughter Chris? We can meet up another time. I found a fab little cafe in Rhiwbina - Snails. You're added to the list for the London trip. I'm getting very excited about it. x

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Whippit in reply to

We could travel down together if you like. I'm very excited about qualifying for an 'old codgers rail card' on 3 January so I'll get discounted rail fares. xxx

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I am up for it. I would normally stay with my daughter in N London but a get together in town would be good!


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Whippit in reply to MargaretJ

I'm in the same situation as you having daughters in London who I'd probably stay with if that doesn't worry anyone. I was thinking we could take bookings early and get discounted hotel rates for people who have no rellies there. xx

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A good idea and it might be fun to have one night in a hotel! Somewhere like the ibis or one of the travel lodges near Euston! That way my need to attend to the stoma in the morning would take less time out of my day!


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Hi Annie

Put me down for it. I stayed recently for a very reasonable rate at the Covent Garden Travel Lodge which was very central ( we were going to the Paralympics and managed to get to see 'Chariots of Fire '- the play the night before).

If you book these hotels early enough you make a lot of savings.

How's the kitchen?


Anne xx

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Whippit in reply to Anne-2

Dear Anne, Thanks for the advice on hotels. I'll consult with everyone to get the best deal but as you say it's as well to book early.

The kitchen is progressing and we should have the floor in by the end of the week, and cupboards going in next week. I still have to deal with the neighbour and am trying to put that off as long as I can.

Most exciting thing is I've decided to have a kitchen party in Jan to raise funds for Ovacome and to invite all my neighbours. For now, we're still cooking in our camp kitchen in the dining room. xxxxx Loads of love xxx Annie

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Hi Annie,

Definately put me down. It will be something to look forward to for next year and it would be lovely to meet everyone face to face.

Hugs Jackie xxx

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Jan76 in reply to Jacks150

Great news Jackie ..... perhaps we can get the train together ....can see this is going to be good fun ....

Love Jan xxxx

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Whippit in reply to Jacks150

looking good Jackie! I'm very excited to meet everyone. xxx

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Hi there Annie

You can add me as well rellies in London so will need a bed for the night .... Now there is a large Palace in London that has lots of bedrooms spare ......

Love Janet xxx

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Whippit in reply to Jan76

shall we write and ask? xxxx

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LouiseOvacomeMy Ovacome Team

Its lovely to see that you are all so keen. Would you like it if we tried to finagle a local hotel? (I can be good at the charm side of things if needs be,) There are a few local ones to Kings Cross/Euston and we are more than happy to meet people off the train and walk with you if that makes a difference.

L x

Whippit profile image

That's kind Louise - what are you doing messaging at midnight! Do you guys never stop working for us? From the banter on the threads so far it looks as though we'll be looking to you for recommendations of night clubs.

I think it's a good idea to work out who wants a hotel and what everyone needs. I've offered Gwyn a pillion on my bike if she makes it to Euston. Only kidding. There's no need to get into the underground. The conference centre is 10 minutes walk from Euston. If you're coming into Liverpool Street the 205 bus will take you to Euston. The busses are great these days as they have a display panel and recorded voice telling you the next stop. We could also ask Louise to help us get round.

A few of us are looking at the idea of a Travel Lodge or Ibis. I've also seen a deal at a Comfort Inn near Euston A bit of homework ladies - Can you take a look at hotels in the Euston area - postcode for the Conference Centre is N1 9RL - and say which one you would recommend for Friday 17 May? There are discounts for group bookings in some hotels.

Checking through this thread I've listed below where I think we're at so far. I'm sure not everyone would want to commit right away as May's quite far off in the scheme of things. As some of you say there are advantages in booking early to take advantage of discounted and/or group rates.

Members expressing a Provisional Interest in Meeting Up Friday 17 May






Members expressing the Intention to Meet Up Friday 17 May - no interest in hotel reservation


Members who wish to make a Hotel Reservation - Friday 17 May






Let me know later if there are any changes to the list and we can have another recap in a couple of days' time.

The way we're going we ought to hire a stretch-limo. xxxx

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Fitzy in reply to Whippit

Hi Annie

Just seen this message - must have missed it earlier. I am intending to come to the next Members Day and would love to meet up with everyone the night before so please include me in any arrangements (hotel included). I will be travelling from Liverpool so can get a train direct into Euston.

What a lovely idea. Thank you, and Louise, for your efforts on our behalf.

xxxxxx Colette

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Whippit in reply to Fitzy

Dear Colette

I'm really pleased you caught the second blog and will be coming. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.

Once we get a more or less definitive list we can share email addresses and agree the finer details for our stay in London including hotels, restaurant, meeting and greeting, travel and anything else anyone wants to add to the pot.

I'll add you to the list of hotel and dinner and will be in touch.

. Annie xxxx

Hi Annie, good idea to travel together, I too have a codgers rail pass. I will need hotel, no relatives in the capital. I don't think you need to pay upfront for hotels and so long as you give 24/48 hrs notice of cancellation you won't get charged, worth checking.

Glad the kitchen is coming along nicely, ignore the neighbour !!

Chris x

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Whippit in reply to

Hi Chris

I'll amend the list and will create a new post so everyone can take a look. It would be lovely to travel there together. I'll probably tack on a couple of days afterwards in London to visit one of my daughters/grandson. I think the thing about pre-booking hotels in London is that they go up in price the nearer the date of booking. I'll ring Travelodge to see what their policy is. Louise in Ovacome has also offered to help once we all agree what we want to do.

Re kitchens, it is getting there. The units are going in today. We've had another crazy solicitor's letter which was so daft it made me laugh even though it's not a nice situation to be in. You never want to fall out with people who live so close but if that's unavoidable at least they're a family of 3 who are out most of the week as the parents work and the daughter is nearly off to university.

How are you feeling? Let's hope we can get together soon. I saw Rachel Mary Jones in the Velindre last week and she was really enthusiastic about a support group and said she'd give flyers and information to all her patients. They've started a fund-raising appeal called Aphrodite to raise money for research into gynaecological cancers. She said she'd come and give us a talk - something to bring us all up-to-date on research and progress at Velindre. Apparently it's just won the right to do first-stage trials which puts it on the leading edge of research.

Must stop - will be in touch via PM or text. xxx Annie

That's a bit more positive, I saw a young lady Dr a couple of weeks ago who gave me very misleading information about what the surgeon had done, and as she was reading from his report in my notes I can't understand how she got it so wrong., The nurse specialist assured me that what she had told me hadn't happened, don't know if I'll ever get to the bottom of it. I have my post op post chemo CT scan next Tues and meet with Emma Hudson the oncologist the week after, hoping for some good new.

I'll ask the nurse specialist about the support group when I'm in clinic. I'll text you about getting together soon, once half term is over. I'm feeling fine and having the children here and my new pup (Westie) is keeping me busy with little time to dwell too much or for too long on anything else.

Chris xx

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Whippit in reply to

Dear Chris, Can't wait to meet up. It would be good to get a first meeting together this side of Christmas if poss. Just a few of us to start with - and see how it goes from there. You can see all the groups they've established so far at and I thought of ringing the breast cancer support contact to ask for a few tips. Perhaps you would like to meet up with them too?

Funny what you say about Velindre giving you the wrong information. I was told I had non-differentiated tumours which are the worst and are reputed to respond to carbo-platin then come back very quickly. I've only just found out after a year I don't have these tumours at all. I have serrous tumous - the same as most other people.

I was so excited when I found this out. It must be the reason I've had such a good remission. It's like I've been given a reprieve from a life sentence.

If you want to meet up to walk the dogs that would be fine too. I've heard Caerphilly Mountain is lovely and has a nice roadside place which is reputed to sell the best bacon butties in Wales.

xxx Annie

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Hi Ladies, just to say that I would be happy to meet up on Friday, 17th May (provisional). I won't need a hotel as I live in London. Kind regards, Adele

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Whippit in reply to TealSista

Dear Adele

It's lovely to hear from you. I'm really pleased you're up for a get-together on Friday 17 May. I've now written another blog listing everyone who's interested so I'll add you to the list on that.

I thought once we get a rough idea of who's interested I could make an email circulation list so everyone can contribute to the details of the evening. I've since posted a new blog with the same name.

xxxx lots of love Annie

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