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What a fantastic day we had last Saturday. It was worth getting up at 05.30 am to get to London. Feel extremely grateful to Ovacome and the wonderful speakers who gave up their time to share their expertise with us. For anyone who couldn't make it, I wholeheartedly recommend that you log into Ovacomes website and watch the webcam 'cos the information we gained about Ovarian cancer, the treatments and causes is just invaluable. My husband was a first timer to this event and was completely engaged with it all.......surprised me but I am very happy that it did. Thank you again Ovacome.

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Hi Eleni

I was due to attend but circumstances prevented me. Glad it was good and I am looking forward to when it will be available to watch.


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Hi Fay. I think there is a link to the talks on this site now? was invaluable. xx


Hello Eleni,

I was also fortunate to attend, and found it very useful, and agree we should thank ovacome for organising a great day with lots of information from the expert guest speakers and also from chatting with other members.

I was attending the event on behalf of my mum who is being treated in Italy after my parents retired out there 10 yrs ago.



Hi Mauro, did you get any reason why the survival rates are lower in UK than mainland Europe, are there any factor to influence this?


Hi Suzuki,

I think it might be due to better / earlier diagnosis and possibly being treated by a specialist multi-disciplinary gyno-oncology team. The chemo protocols are pretty standard, though Avastin might be easier to get in Europe?

Also the results for sweden looked impressive, but as the Prof mentioned in his talk, they have a smaller population, and for other countries the data collected may not be as rigorously checked as in the UK.

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Thank you for that, I believe now it is due also to accessing diagnostics, theatres and staff. Obviously the other countries have far more staff and theatre hours. We all need funding to make this happen, in UK, Scotland Wales and Ireland.


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