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Ovacome Members' Day 2013

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Hello everyone,

Ovacome's Members' Day will be taking place on Saturday 18th May at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, Regent's Wharf, 8 All Saints Street, London N1 9RL.

We will be joined by three guest speakers in the morning including, Professor Ian McNeish, Dr Adam Rosenthal and Chris Jacobs who will be covering topics such as the latest advances in ovarian cancer treatment, screening and the wider issues of genetic testing.

After lunch we will be joined by Hillside Hair Studios and the Art Therapy Centre who will be hosting two workshops which will run along side each other. You can sign up for whichever workshop you prefer on the day and one to one sessions with our help line nurses will also be taking place in the afternoon.

The day will begin with registration and tea and coffee at 9.30 and will finish no later than 16.00. We will also holding our AGM immediately after the event which you are welcome to attend if you wish.

We hope Members Day will give those attending a chance to catch up with old friends and acquaintances and have the opportunity to make new ones. Refreshments will be provided so please come along and join us for lunch.

If you would like any further information including a full programme, directions and a list of near by hotels then please get in touch.

To book just give us a call or drop us an email,

0207 299 6654


We look forward to meeting some of you in May!

The Ovacome Team.

5 Replies
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Dear Sonia

Thanks so much for posting this up. I was relieved to see some information on Members' Day and should be really grateful if you would email me a programme.

I pre-booked train travel some 2 months ago to take advantage of cheaper rail fares but have had to make a guess as to the timing of the event so may have to leave early.

May I make a suggestion from the regions? It would be really handy for those of us travelling some way to Members' Day if we could have advance notice of the draft programme and timings in order to take advantage of cheaper rail fares and to know that we can enjoy the whole event.

I'm really looking forward to it and really grateful for all the hard work that goes into organising this sort of event.

best wishes.

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Hello Annie,

If you ever require information about any events or activities taking place at Ovacome then please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email directly and we will try and answer your questions as best as possible. I'm sorry this blog was a little late but in the future do not hesitate to give me call especially if you want to sort out travel arrangements as I understand you want to book as early as possible.

Best wishes,


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Whippit in reply to SoniaOvacome

Dear Sonia

Thanks for this advice. I know I could have rung to ask because everyone's very helpful at Ovacome. I was just thinking it might be something to note for next year's event so people could organise their hotel and travel in plenty of time. My thinking is that new members will join in the coming year and they won't know about Members' Day and wouldn't think to ring an ask you if you have one and when it will be. This puts people outside London at a bit of a disadvantage and the cost of last-minute travel/hotel can be inaffordable for some.

I only made this suggestion as feedback hoping to improve access next year. I'm really grateful for anything you guys do that gets us together.

best wishes


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Hi Sonia, I think I am booked in, but if not, yes please! I'll be there. Do we need to opt for the workshops now? If so, art please.

See you all there

Love Wendy xx

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Is there a place we can just sit and chat without feeling we are expected to be at workshops. It's not often we get to meet each other and I can do art or hair at home. xxx

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