Members' Day - Saturday 18 May 2013

Members' Day - Saturday 18 May 2013

Dear friends, A little while ago I posted up a blog to ask if anyone would like to get together on Friday 17 May, the night before Members' Day next year. There was an enthusiastic response but you know how these blogs disappear. At the risk of hogging the bloggingsphere I'm posting up a resume of who's said they're interested, who's definite, who wants a hotel booked for the Friday evening, etc. Here it is! Everyone is welcome - as soon as we're sure everyone has had a chance to see the invite and comment - either to be kept in touch - or to say you're definitely coming - we'll start a group email to finalise arrangements - with the proviso of course for us all that a 'definite' is relative in our terms.

These are the provisionals and the definites

Members expressing a Provisional Interest in Meeting Up Friday 17 May






Members who wish to make a Hotel Reservation - Friday 17 May







Please add your name if you're interested. xx

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  • All being well, please add me to meet up on Friday :)

    Julie x

  • whoop whoop whoop. I'll do a resume at the bottom of the blog. xxxxx

  • Yes, Friday for me too please!

    Lynn x

  • Dear Lynn - this is wonderful news. Can I just check you want to look into reserving a hotel room too - I just ask because perhaps some of you have places to stay in London or are returning at the end of the day.

    If you confirm I'll do another resume later on. xxxxx Annie

  • Yes I think reserve a room as will be easier than travelling out.

    Lynn x

  • Yep, will get this listed too and will do another list. Sooooo exciting to meet each other. xxxx Annie

  • Yes all being well I will be there on Friday x


  • Dear Babs,

    Are you returning to Maidstone after the Friday evening get-together or should we be looking at a hotel for you? Loads of love xxx Annie

  • Hi Annie

    Can you include me in your list for a hotel reservation?



  • whoa! a weekend in London for you! I'll change you to the hotel-for-the-evening but we'll in touch in case you need two nights as you've travelling so far!

    Looking forward SOOOO MUCH to this!! Annie

  • Will do Linda, and do another resume at the end of the blog. xxxxx love Annie

  • Hi Annie, I would stay in London not worth going home plus it will be nice to have a night away

    Ps I live in Swanley I go to Maidstone hospital, x

    Love Babs

  • I had to google Swanley to see where it is. It's not an area I know well but we're getting down towards that way more often now with a new grandson living in Ladywell which is part of Lewisham. I think you must have the most complex railway lines ever in your area. I'm forever getting the wrong train from Blackfriars.

    I was impressed with Maidstone Hospital when I visited my brother there. Is it convenient for Swanley - looks quite a distance to me.

    xxx love Annie

  • Hi Annie

    Just a suggestion! That we all wear badges with our blognames and 'real' ones so we recognise one another!


  • Well, I shall recognise you from your lovely photo. It might be a idea to encourage everyone who's coming to post up a photo of themselves on their profile. Actually I think most people who are coming already have. I must admit when I started to list everyone's names I got confused as I tend to think of you all by your screen name. I'm beginning to regret calling myself Whippit!

    We can certainly make up badges for people to wear if they want. Another thing to do is to make sure the hotel has a meeting/reception area where we can all meet up and to co-ordinate arrivals at mainline stations so no one's left making their way to Euston on their own. It seems some of us are meeting up to travel to London together.

    When I did my CELTA course there were 15 of us on the course. The first session we were given 5 minutes to find out everyone's name and that was a good way of making sure everyone felt easy about moving around to meet each other.

    I'm really looking forward to getting to know everyone face-to-face. You must be the best friends I have as I'm not even worried about going on a diet beforehand!! lol

    xxx Annie

  • Done those name exchange exercises! Both as a student an.d running courses! I suggested badges because chemo brain is inclined to forget names within minutes! My appearance will have changed by May as my hair is getting longer! Waytch for the new glam picture after Maddy's wedding on Thursday!

    Love Margaret


  • Ah yes, the fascinator! You're right about keeping our photos up-to-date and I'll organise name badges too if people wish to wear them. I'll be doing a bit of homework prior to meeting you all to try to memorise faces and names. I know what you mean about chemo-brain though - sometimes I can't recall the names of people I've known for years.

    Enjoy the wedding on Thursday. Hope the weather is good and you have a wonderful glamorous day. I'll be awaiting the blog and pic! xxxx Annie

  • Lol re diet Annie!

  • Morning Margaret ..

    That is a good idea .... could be badges or stickers ...

    Love Jan xxx

  • Hi Annie,

    Maidstone hospital is about 20 miles from me its not my local hospital but its the nearest one that has an oncology dept. We go down the motor way and providing its not during the rush hour it takes about 30 minutes.

    I was looking at hotels around the Kings Cross area last night. They range in price from about £60.00 per night for a BB to about £150.00 for a Comfort Inn. That is for a twin with 2 people sharing. I would be happy to share to keep the cost down maybe its an option you could put to the others.

    I know Ladywell I used to live quite near there in Peckeham about 37 years ago. My husband drives his bus through there and Lewisham. He is a night bus driver in London.

    Buy for now

    Love Babs x x

  • Hi Babs, I've been looking at hotels too. They do seem more expensive in the Euston area than some other parts. I stayed in a Travel Lodge in Waterloo recently for £35. That's not terribly convenient for the conference centre but it may be we can find hotels which are well placed and inexpensive. We do have enough of us now to negotiate a discount and Ruth's also offered to help once we get ourselves in a position to make a reservation.

    I'd be fine about sharing a twin-room. That's another thing to add to our list when we're making the arrangements.

    Your husband could be very useful for our night out in London. He could take us on a night-bus tour! lol - only kidding. He must have the patience of an angel to do that job. My dear bro was a bus driver in Maidstone and he could tell some stories about people on the bus.

    xxxx love Annie

  • Hopefully not A la 'Harry Potter' LOL!


  • I have no objection to sharing but warn everyone that my daughter says she can hear my snoring on the other side of the house when I stay with her and my best friend and I almost ended up not speaking when we went on a cruise 2 years ago because I kept her awake and if she got to sleep first I was terrified to go to sleep in case I woke her! It cost us £200 each to up grade to separate cabins.

    As a result I will opt for a room on my own. We should be wary of B&b's round kings cross! I stayed in one once for my friend's son's wedding and I am sure they were renting 'by the hour' as the expression goes! The standard of cleanliness left much to be desired too! I used to stay in a hotel called 'the Mabel' on Mabledon Place when I went to NUT HQ at Hamilton House but that was over 20 years ago and I am not sure that it still exists! I will check the website!

  • Dear Margaret

    I loved your caveat - so you shall have a room of your own - possibly in an adjacent hotel if your daughter's claim is accurate!

    I was thinking myself that King's Cross would not be wise. I did an 18 mile walk through London overnight for The Big Issue a couple of years back. We arrived at King's Cross at about 2 in the morning and it was quite an eye-opener. Luckily there are a few who know London well and Ruth will also give us the latest information on hotels so we'll be able to negotiate a safe and comfortable night for ourselves. x love Annie

  • Great idea Annie! I used to know the Kings X Grays Inn rd area well when I worked for the Union but that was on expenses and we all stayed at the same hotel for RO's meetings with The GS. That was nearly 20 years ago! Barely credible! LOL! To me at any rate. My ex used to meet his many " others" at the Ibis near Euston! I have stayed at one or two places on Russel Square, the Russel, The Imperial and the Tavisctock all come to mind. They were quite good and 'reasonably priced' but I have no idea what they are like now. As I have said I now stay with my daughter or my friend Molly who lives in Bayswater.


  • I looked up The Mabel & it is actually the Mabledon Court and charges £95 for a single room! The Ibis at Euston looked reasonable too!

  • What a blessing your husband is Babs! My daughter has often used the night bus to get home to North London. I feel so much easier about her safety as minicabs can be dangerous and the black cabs often won't go that far! The daytime fare is £40 (I had to use one to get to her place last year as I was on chemo, she could not collect me from kings X and I could not manage to negotiate the tube and busses with a suitcase) so what they would charge at night is unthinkable.


    M xxxxxx

  • Hi Annie, I must have missed that blog but I would love to meet up on the Friday. Only thing is I would maybe need the room for 2 nights as I live in Scotland. Can u please give me some details Ann xxx

  • Dear Ann, That's brilliant if you can get down. I often think of you as your profile shows your location as near Kilmarnock. I get to Largs quite a lot to visit some very dear friends. Linda (Tweetingasme) is coming over from Ireland so I'd imagine you'll both want to book 2 nights in London. If you look above you'll see I've asked if she wants a second night booked. I flew to Glasgow from London City Airport recently. It's really well placed and convenient for getting to the Euston area.

    Looks like we've got quite a big crowd now. Can't wait to meet up with you all. xxx Annie

  • Hello i would love to meet everyone. But i must have missed the last blogg.. Where would all this take place?

    Love suzanne.. Xxx

  • Dear Suzanne - I'm really glad you saw this blog. I wondered whether the previous one had slipped down the screen too far to remain visible. It is called Members' Day - Saturday 18 May 2013 and I posted it 6 days ago. It gives details about the Members' Day at Ovacome on Saturday 18th May. It will be held in London near Euston Station in a Voluntary Organisations Conference Centre. I posted a pic of the centre on the last post.

    I suggested it might be nice for us all to meet up the evening before assuming that some of us would choose to stay overnight in London to make the Day on Saturday. We're currently looking at cheap hotel options.

    What's really lovely is that we can all get together for a natter. I think many of us feel we have some of our best friends on the site and yet we've never met.

    What I'm trying to work out is how many of us would like to get together on Friday 17 May, and if so do they need a hotel that night. If you can let me know what you would like I'll add you to the list. Once we get the list together we could keep in touch via email if everyone's happy with that.

    Let me know if you'd like to join us Friday evening, and if so whether you would need to stay over in London for the night. Ruth at Ovacome has offered to help us find a good hotel and negotiate a discount for a group.

    xxxx hope to hear from you soon. Annie

  • Hi Annie. A hotel I've often stayed is the Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury. It might not be the cheapest but worth checking out what kind of deal they'd do for a group booking. It's probably about a 10 min walk from Euston and very near Russell Sq underground. There's lots of places around Marchmont St for breakfast and I've never been disturbed by traffic noise. I've no objection to sharing either.


  • And Jury's Hotel on the Pentonville Road near the Angel would be handy too!

  • Dear Linda

    Thanks for this recommendation. I've phoned the hotel to get a quotation for a group booking. Once we get a list together what I'd suggest is getting back to Ruth G at Ovacome to see if she can help with the group bookings. I noticed that the Holiday Inn have a corporate code as well. Some organisations have negotiated special rates. I'll also ask the Conference Centre where we're going on the Saturday as they are likely to have something like this in place.

    I must admit I like the Bloomsbury area of London if we can find something affordable for everyone. As you say HI is quite pricey. No reason, however, why we shouldn't split into 2 if it gives a choice.

    Will suggest getting together a group email in the next few days/weeks for organising the finer details. xxxx Annie

  • Hello Annie. Im not sure i would be able to make it.. :( Mark doesnt really like me going any where on my own and it is a long way for me to come. I dont want to say definately not.. I will try my best i would LOVE to meet everyone. we are all so close and some i class as my real friends.

    I hope to make it but wont be able to confirm anything till later on next year..

    Thank you.

    lots of love

    suzanne.. xxxx

  • Dear Suzanne, The invite shouldn't be a cause for worry for you or friction at home. The offer is there is you want to take it. I'll have to tell Martin that your hubby doesn't like you going anywhere on your own. I think mine finds it quite restful when I'm away lol!

    I know exactly what you mean about having real friends on this site. There's no reason why members shouldn't arrange a couple of events so people can get together for a day nearer their home. I guess that's something the Regional Reps might be able to think about or something we might ask on Members' Day to assess how popular that would be.

    Whatever you do don't feel pressured into the idea of coming down for Members' Day - though I read somewhere - I think from Gwyn - that Members' Day is for all the family so then Mark could come to that.

    I'll keep you on the list so you'll get all the emails but let me know if you'd rather not hear from me about all the arrangements.

    loads of love xxx Annie

  • Dear Annie, I actually live in Kilmarnock but havent always. I know Largs very well used to go there regularly when I was young and then took my own family there when they were little. We also used to visit Millport a lot, have u ever been over there. It will be lovely to meet you all. Can u maybe give me some details of the Members meeting and where roughly in London it is being held. I did live in Tottenham for a while but will probably have to google for directions Ann xx

  • Dear Ann

    What a coincidence! I love going up to Largs. I visited Cumbrae in July on my last visit and we walked round the island the long way round the island through Millport back to the ferry. It's a beautiful island. Last visit we went to Bute which has very close links with Cardiff as the Bute family own large parts of Cardiff and gave us the wonderful heritage of our civic centre and the Victorian Gothic castle.

    My original post 6 days ago is the same title: Members' Day - Saturday 18 May. The next Members' Day is Saturday 18 May in the National Council for Voluntary Organisations Conference Centre next to the Regent's Canal, London.

    Here is the website for the NVCO Centre - so you can look it up. It's just 6 minutes walk from Euston Station. Ruth at Ovacome has offered to meet anyone who's not used to coming to London. Nearer the date we'll get an email distribution list going to keep in touch and make detailed arrangements. By then if you let us know how you're coming down it should be possible to organise a meeting place for you so you can find your way to Euston without too much bother.

    I was born and brought up in London but don't know North London at all. I've only just recently discovered Stanstead! lots of love xx Annie

  • Hi Annie

    Definitely add me for the Friday night get together. I live in London so won't need a hotel reservation

    Mary x

  • Hi Mary - brilliant you're joining us and I've noted no hotel is required. Perhaps nearer the day we can swap photos so we recognise you. It's going to be a good evening with friends.

    All the best. Annie

  • Yes, will get photo sorted. By the way Annie, I think you asked some time ago where "Citrine" came from. When I'd finished my chemo and the scan was clear, my husband bought me a ring with a citrine stone. He said it was to show that no matter how much life had changed or might change in the future, he would be here for me. He's not a romantic by nature so it is something to treasure.

    Mary x

  • Mary, that's the most amazing screen name of all. I actually think there's a deep romance in the most unromantic of men. I don't know what a citrine stone looks like but our get-together gives an opportunity to share all these sorts of things. What a blessing.

    xxxx Annie

  • Hi Annie,

    I will be wanting to stay as well (all being well) I was thinking two nights would make a good weekend of it!! :-) Lots of love x G x 8-)

  • Oh yes we should all wear teal ribbons (badges) or something so we will know we are part of the group :-/ ;-)

  • Dear Eira Gwyn, Teal is a super idea. I think you've secretly been on hen-parties aplenty and know the ropes already!

    I'll add you to the list of evening dinner and 2 nights in a hotel. There are 3 of you now who are staying for the whole weekend. I'll be in London but will only stay the one night in a hotel. We must get some pics of this event. I think we should be asking someone for sponsorship.

    xxxx love Annie

  • Hi Annie,

    I take it this is only if there is someone travelling back this way and only staying one night (or the other way round ) then I will try and fit in...I noticed that it is members day for families as well there anyone going with partners? I am thinking that we will gel better if we are on our own..but then I feel mean (aaaww) love x G x :-/ ;-)

  • Hey Gwyn, I think everyone must do what's best for themselves. It would be lovely to have Friday evening to meet all our pals on the site. Like you say, Friday night is our night.

    What I'm trying to say is if you and Tony, or any other couple want to take advantage of a weekend in a hotel in London you should. I agree with you it's best all-round to have a girls' dinner and get- together on the Friday evening. We could leave our men-folk and partners to organise their own get-together and moan on the Friday evening. As you say, Saturday is a family day.

    Does this make sense? xxx loads of love, Annie

  • Hi Annie,

    Just wondering what others were doing that's all...I am quite happy to go with the majority :-) love x G x

  • Hi Annie

    Please keep me updated on this, if I do come will want to stay the Friday night, Just saw this blog have not been on line much.


  • Hi Annie

    I don't mind sharing and I am used to people snoring, although my huaband accuses me of the same!!

    How's the kitchen?


    Anne xx

  • Dear Anne,

    I'll make a list of the sharers and non-sharers and will post it all up on another blog for confirmation. Will wait a couple of days in case more want to join up.

    The kitchen now has a tiled floor, painted walls and ceiling, and a couple of skeleton cupboards. They should all be in place by Friday and by 9 November the kitchen will be near complete. I'll definitely post up a pic as this has been ongoing work since mid August.

    I'm fine about sharing too. Prices in London near Euston are pretty high!

    xxx Annie

  • Hi Annie

    I would be interested in this too. Would need to stay overnight

    Ann- I am from Scotland as well, Greenock- largs day tripper xx

    I am going to look at dates as next year a big year for my daughter, leaving school and going to work in Africa for charity foundation


  • Hi Ally, Are you interested in sharing? just wanted to check whilst I'm making out my list.

    My daughter has also been working in the voluntary sector with Africa - for Read International.They ship obsolete text books from the UK to Tanzania. Would be interested to hear more about your daughter's plans.

    xxx Annie

  • Morning Annie ...

    Catching up again as we spent the day walking at the coast on Tuesday .

    Just wanted to say thank you for organising our weekend in May next year I am so looking forward to meeting everyone .

    Glad the kitchen is coming along now xx

    Love Jan xxx

  • Hi Jan,

    Walking along the coast sounds a great day to me. I'm not doing much really. It's Ovacome who are doing all the work organising Members' Day on the Saturday. I got the idea from my former job. I used to attend 3 meetings a year with people doing the same job as me in 24 other universities across the UK. As most of us would have to stay overnight to attend the meeting we started to get together in the same hotel the evening before - and what great evenings they were.

    I was just thinking yesterday that I'd ask my contact in UCL if they have any B & B opportunities. A lot of universities rent out their best student accommodation outside term time. May 17th might be a few weeks too early for this option but worth asking as Russell Square is so near Euston.

    Organising overnight stays and summer schools at university was one of the roles my team carried out - but in our case it was for 15 year olds. Our main preoccupation for them was making sure they didn't have access to alcohol, drugs or sex whilst in our care. You ladies can do what you want when you're in London. Organising an overnight stay for you is going to be a walk in the park. lol

    xxxx love Annie

  • Hi there Annie ,

    Our walk was wonderful ..its now the second time we have been to Holme-Next-the sea .On Tuesday we walked from Holme to Old Hunstanton which was a very nice walk . I am just hoping that my boots will go a little longer as they are still comfy but they are wearing out in places .... Dread the thought of a new pair and breaking them in ....

    I can see you will keep us in good order if we get a little out of hand .... The line goes like this does it not 'Girls just wanna have fun !!!! '

    I think there will be a lot of it around next May ..that and a few glasses of wine drunk .

    Love Jan xxxx

  • Your walks sound wonderful. I'd envisaged you like a mountain goat capering up and down cliffs that are part-and-parcel of a sea walk in Wales but then remembered you live in Norfolk. I imagine a sea-walk must be very relaxing there and leave you enough energy to enjoy the lovely views.

    I'm so looking forward to meeting you all in May. We'll have to talk about where we'll eat as we'll be quite a large crowd. I'm sure Ruth G will be able to help us choose somewhere suitable. It'll be fun to have a glass of wine with such good friends.

    Hope the boots hold out for another few walks yet. xxx love Annie

  • Norfolk is so very flat in places ..we do have Beeston Bump which is near Sheringham ..not been up it as yet ..and we have two pretty steep hills in Norwich . As much as I love my birth county I do love hills ... Yorkshire , Derbyshire which is where the boots came from .

    I just love Ireland as Brian's Sister and her hubby used to live there for nearly ten years they were in the south .

    The cliffs at Hunstanton start off at the bottom a rusty brown then red and a large topping of white chalk .

    Well my feet have been given a make over today by my Chiropodist .They feel so much better ..all ready for another walk now ....

    Would be good if we found somewhere to eat with a very large round table ..great for chatting round ..if not we have to get up and move around a bit ....

    Love Jan xxx

  • Funny you should mention finding a way to chat to everyone whilst we eat. I went to a dinner party one New Year's Eve - a four-course dinner in a friend's house. After each course the men (every second person) had to move 2 places round the table. It was a really good way of getting everyone talking to each other.

    Once we get this email distribution list sorted out we can all chat about how we want our evening to go.

    xxxxxx loads of love x Annie

  • This is a reminder to myself to add AdeleSewell to the list of ladies coming on Friday evening - no B & B as Adele lives in London.

    I'll be posting up another comment with the definitive list of ladies, then I'll be PM'ing everyone to get email addresses so we don't clutter up the blog space with our plans.

    xx Annie

  • Hi Annie

    Quick question regarding the member's day itself. Do we need to register for this in advance?

    Mary xx

  • Hi Mary,

    I'm a novice as far as Members' Day is concerned. I've never been to one. This is arranged by Ovacome. I hope I'm not highjacking their event by organising a get-together for us the evening before.

    Hopefully someone with more experience than me will be able to tell you what happened last year. I'd guess you might get an email and an announcement on the Ovacome Community Blog.

    Anyone know what the process is??

    xxx Annie

  • Hi everyone - just in case you read a thread about looking at student halls of residence for cheap accommodation, I checked this out but there's nothing available for groups in May.

    Should anyone be interested in booking accommodation in London and staying in a university hall LSE offer this out of term time.

    You can book online at:

    Obviously not suitable for us for Members' Day so I'll continue to look at other options. xxxx

  • Just had a response from UCL. They have rooms too but only June to September. The website explaining more about renting student accommodation is:

  • Here's another list ladies. It looks like 13 of us are interested in overnight accommodation. Whilst there's no need for anyone to make a firm commitment at all there are some people who would like to take advantage of an early-bird deal and group booking. In order to do that we need to identify who's in that frame of mind and we can then share email addresses in order to contact one another and share ideas.

    So far the cheapest deal I've found in the Euston Area is the Euro Hotel at Euston with single rooms for £67 per night and they will reduce this for a group booking. This at least gives us an idea of the sort of cost we're looking at.

    So far we have the following:

    Provisional Interest in Meeting Up for Dinner Friday 17 May

    Gwyn (Gwyn)


    Wendy (Wendydee)


    Julie (Kitjules)

    Mary (Citrine)

    Adele (AdeleSewell)

    Provisional Interest in Hotel Reservation Friday 17 May

    Would Share1 Night or 2

    Babs (Doreenharwood) Yes 1

    Margaret(MargaretJ) No

    Annie (Whippit) Yes 1

    Jackie (Jacks150)

    Jan(Jan76) 1

    Anne (Anne-2) Yes 1

    Chris (Darragh) 1

    Lynn (Lynn2012)

    Linda (Tweetingasme) 2

    Ann(Sweetpea) 2

    Julie (Julie93)

    Ally (Iamstillme) 1

    Colette (Fitzy) 1

    Can you please PM me if you want to go ahead and discuss making an early group hotel booking. Please include an email address so I can make up a circulation list and we can discuss all the options and agree where to book.

    Sorry to be so bossy. It's the result of having spent the last 10 years organising events on a university campus for 15 year olds!

    Loads of love xx Annie

  • Hi Annie Actually,

    Could you add my name to the list of Hotel Reservation for one night please? I don't mind sharing love x G x :-)

  • wwwwooo hooooo Eira Gwyn, Do I get to meet you on the platform at Euston Station?

    Did you look at the Euro Hotel? It looks rather nice and scrupulously clean. At least having a lot of single bedrooms avoids the worry that rooms might be rented by the hour which Margaret experienced in a nearby hotel!!!! It looks a nice family place and it's main advantage as far as I can see is that it has a breakfast room and a lounge where we can all meet up. The lady was very helpful when I rang this morning. I'm waiting for confirmation of numbers before emailing them for a Group Booking Quote. We could practically take over the whole hotel - like the Middleton's before the Royal Wedding - it's not exactly Buckingham Palace Jan but not at all bad if this is the sort of place everyone's looking for.

    Lucky I already have your email address so no need for a PM.

    xxxx Annie

  • Hi Annie,

    I couldn't reply above because it keeps coming up with an error Doh!

    I see there are some people that are from my area (like Colette) so perhaps we could arrange to catch the same train and that would make it easier all round (I think) but we shall see love x G x :-/ ;-)

  • It'll be easier once I have everyone's emails. My list on the spreadsheet here at home includes everyone's location to help people get together for travelling. I noticed that Colette lives in Liverpool and wondered whether you would be getting together to travel. I'll have my Old Codger's Rail Card by then so should be able to get to London off-peak for about £8. Ruth G offered to meet people at a London station too.

    Did you have a look at the hotel? I gave the url in the blog above so people could have a look. Looks a really nice place - and the same price as a Travel Lodge. It might be some people would rather leave it till later to book and find themselves a hotel.

    Just come in from a freezing walk with the dog and it's dark already at 3:30 in the afternoon! The kitchen now has cupboards. The builders have promised to fit the oven at least tomorrow and will try to plumb in the dishwasher and washing machine so I'll be half civilised for the weekend. I've never had a dishwasher before so will have to do some careful study of the instruction booklet. Won't have a sink for another couple of weeks.

    We're going to the James Bond movie this evening and dinner out. Marty's getting a bit fed up with the mess everywhere on the ground floor of our house.

    xxx love Annie

  • Hi Annie,

    Yes I forgot to mention that I did have a look and it looks ideal ...well I think it is great...I thought if I didn't make up my mind fast I am going to miss out on a good deal I might apply for a rail card people say it is a good saving. I thought it a good idea to see who else from this way are going then it might be an option to travel at the same time.

    Your kitchen sounds fab I wish I had the get up and go like you,I know it's been a long drag for you...but reading about it just makes it seem so easy..but I can see why Martin is fed up the weather is getting too cold now and when you are not straight at home with alterations it seems so much worse this weather doesn't it ? You can't live in the garden haha.

    Enjoy James Bond he is from up this way ( not that I've met him) LoL.and have a nice x G x :-)

  • I wish I had your logical and mathematical brain Gwyn. I booked the film online and managed to book for NEXT Thursday. We had dinner out then managed to change the tickets for an IMAX showing tomorrow evening so it wasn't a disaster. I've never been to an IMAX film before. Good to try new things.

    The dinner was lovely and when we came home we watched the documentary on Ian Fleming on television. It was really interesting. I didn't know anything about him even though I devoured all the 007 books in my early teens.

    Re Codger's Rail Cards they're really good value if you use the train regularly. I'd use public transport in favour of a car any day so it's quite attractive for me. I'm also looking forward to getting discounted tickets into various places, films, etc. I can already get some discounts on account of being disabled. Always worth asking.

    You're right about the house being in a mess. It's not just having to try and cater in the dining room. Every room downstairs is full of kitchen stuff and washing is piling up as I haven't had a washing machine for 6 weeks. No point in worrying overmuch about cleaning because the dust keeps on coming. I just swab down the floors and surfaces every afternoon when the builders leave. It will be worth all the hassle and I'm lucky the builders are good friends. They've been working on the house for abour 12 years on and off.

    I'm looking forward immensely to meeting up with everyone and Members' Day.

    xxxxx Annie

  • Hi Annie Actually,

    We have just got in after going to a friends house....haha I had to laugh at you booking the wrong day but at least you haven't wasted won't be long now and your kitchen will soon be house is messy and I haven't got an excuse LoL

    Oh well I am going to have a nice cup of tea mmmmm xx

  • Hi Annie

    Going to keep mine a provisional for time being .We are fund raising like maniacs just now so not sure how busy will be after xmas . She is planning to work in Rwanda next year for a few weeks , Her and 5 class mates , They need to raise £1500 each so a lot of work for us all to do . Plus exams/prom etc. Would love to come as would be so nice to meet everyone in person

    Ally xx

  • That's brilliant Ally, I've moved you to the provisional list. When the early-bird bookers have chosen a hotel and made a firm booking we'll let you know where we are staying and you can join us at a later date if it works out for you.

    It sounds very ambitious doing voluntary work in Rwanda It's often a popular destination for pupils hoping to get into med school. It sounds as though she's got a busy and challenging year ahead - A Levels are stressful.

    Hope we catch up with you sometime.

    Lots of love xxxx Annie

  • Hi Annie

    I am up for the meal on Fri, I will be coming on my own, like your husband Martin likes the peace and quiet when I'm not around, no doubt I will leave a few jobs for him to do tho' we should be up to date with all that sort of thing as he retires in Feb.

    Hope to meet up soon, have PM email address.

    Chris x

  • Hi Annie,

    just had a look at the Euro Hotel and it looks lovely x


  • Hi whippit, can you put me down for a provisional booking for both please ? It will be my 50th a few days after that so more of a reason to go..... Jackie

  • Hi whippit

    Can you please book me for the overnight too? do u want me to message you directly with my email address? It would be great to meet everyone who have given me so much inspiration!!!!


  • I have just been directed to this site by Gwyn. Where would the meet take place? I would love to come, depending on circumstances, so i'd be really grateful if you would give me the necessary info - locations, time? I am quite likely to be able to stay at a cousin's pied -a -terre in Kensington if needed, so not bothered about accommmodation and in any case only coming from Margate and could get high speed train to and from St Pancras or the slow slog to Victoria.


    Patsy x

  • Dear Patsy

    It would be lovely if you would join us. There are 14 of us staying in the Ibis Hotel in Euston on Friday 16 May with the intention of meeting for lunch - probably the Friends' Meeting House opposite Euston Station, then having dinner somewhere. We haven't got round to thinking about the venue for the evening meal.

    I'll send you a PM with my email. If you let me have your email address I'll add you to the distribution list for emails so you can keep abreast of plans - there are about 6 people living locally who will be joining us for the dinner.

    PM coming up! xxxx love Annie

  • Hi Annie

    My Mum (Fannyanny) and I want to meet up with you all the day before and also require a hotel room if possible - no worries if you've already booked and have no space left as we can book our own. Would just like to know where your all meeting etc...

    Look forward to meeting you all.

    Best Wishes



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