introducing Alfie

introducing Alfie

Thought I would even up the pet pics, and introduce Alfie to everyone, he is the new (and only) man in my life, and moved in a week after my liver biopsy. he was rescued from a nearby village and went to live with a lady a few doors down from me, but he decided that I was a softer touch I think.

it was lovely to meet him, as my old lady cat had passed away a few weeks prior to the op at the grand old age of 21, and her brother had died 3 years earlier at 18.

I had forgotten the joys of having a young cat- I now have lots of presents of small mammals and birds, as he is only coming up to 2 years, I think he is just learning still!

take care ladies!


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  • Hi Sue,

    Aww he's lovely... and I am glad we are going on to cats now...thank you for sharing him with us...could I ask you to "tag" him under "pets" that way when he disappears down the blog site he will be easier to find thanks love x G x :-)

  • Hi Sue your blog as come up twice but you can delete one if you want to....the delete button is on the righthand side xx

  • Hi Sue - What a beautiful cat Alfie is i'm sure he must know he's found a

    good home with you.

    Give him a big cuddle from me.

    Love Angie xx

  • how odd, the other one has pic on this one doesnt!

  • Hi Sue,

    I am sorry I didn't notice that the other one had a I didn't open it...sorry oh well we have two different pics now... haha... I thought the little pic was the one you posted at first... and I had to look at it with a magnifying glass haha love x G x

  • I've tried to open your other blog but it won't open ??? xx :-)

  • dont know how to move them (the pics) from one to another!

  • He is gorgeous, Sue! I probably missed the tutorial earlier do I put pics on here? Thanks, girls!

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Wendy,

    Whippet (Annie) wrote a blog on how to upload photos and she tagged it "upload photo" or "images" love x G x :-)

  • I just knew you'd come to the rescue, Gwyn! Thanks :-)

    Love W xx

  • Sue ,

    Alfie is smashing ! ..we really miss our Tessa ..Brian would love another cat so maybe later on as they are such good company and give out so much love ..

    Love Jan xxx

  • What a handsome cat Sue. He looks a lot like a black & white cat we had a few years ago who ruled the roost and was a real character. I'm sure he's great company!

    Monique x

  • Congratulations on your new member of family, our cat came to find us a year or so ago when I was on chemo, we took her in and she produced kittens which was a great distraction during the long months of chemo. They brought so much joy and laughter, we had her spayed after that and she enjoys a happy carefree life, Diane xxx

  • Dear Sue, Your little Alphie seems to have come into your life just at the right time. You're obviously made for one another. It's good he's there to cheer you up and bring you little 'presents'.

    Xxx Annie

  • Dear Sue,

    Lovely to see a little cat amongst so many dogs. Another Alfie! That is a good name for animals isn't it.

    As well as my dog I have two cats that are about 13 years young now (still both bring home presents) and 4 guiena pigs. I should put pictures of these on here to help redress the balance with so many dogs.

    Pets are a great comfort when you feel unwell. My little puppy Alfie is a handful at the moment and doesn't often cuddle up with me for long periods. However yesterday I had a portacath fitted and laid on the sofa all evening feeling very sore. Alfie laid beside me for most of the evening - he seemed to know I needed cuddles.

    Hugs Jackie xxx

  • Hi Sue

    He looks adorable, a right little mischief. I hope he will bring you lots of joy.

    Love Linda xx

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