Introducing mums cat FiFi

Introducing mums cat FiFi

This is FiFi my mums cat (mum is away on holiday). She is 7 yrs old and a bit of a stroppy cow as she has gone for me a few times over the last 2 weeks but I still love her (but not as much as Mia).

She managed to get out in the garden today so I had to chase her around and catch her otherwise mum would have not been pleased with me if I lost her cat.

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  • What a lovely daughter you are to have your mum's cat whilst she's away. Fifi does look a bit of a madam! xxx Annie

  • I love animal wanted to be a vet when I was younger but A level grades not good enough so did Biology instead

  • These days you could do zoo or vet nurse studies at university. I was the same as you. Love animals and was a bit lost as I progressed through school as I couldn't envisage a career.

    I ended up doing a bilingual secretarial course and worked in London and after 19 gap years went to university where I read English and Theatre Studies.

  • I did a PhD then ended up working in Transport for about 12 yrs. Come to think of it nobody asked me to look after FiFi they just assumed I would. Lol got to love families still mum have been on very few holidays in her life

  • Lovely photo she looks at home so you must be doing something right.

    I love animals and am off to find a new cat café tomorrow which has opened

    in Totnes. There are 6 cats lounging around on sofas waiting to be stroked

    by customers. It's a cat therapy café run by an ex nurse....might have trouble

    dragging myself away!!!!!. Will let you know how it went.

    X Angie X

  • Wonderful love Totnes. I saw one of those on the TV once but I think it was Japan or somewhere like that

  • Sounds divine!

  • Fifi certainly looks as if she rules the roost !! my last cat could have won prizes for being grumpy whenever we left him, he was infamous at the local cattery. We found him as a stray when we lived in the States and he had been declawed so he probably had something to be grumpy about...


  • Gorgeous Fifi

    jackie xxx

  • Fifi looks gorgeous. I hope Mia isn't feeling too put out! I love the idea of a cat café ..... sounds really innovative!

    Love W xx

  • She has been a bit quiet of late and not eating as much as usual

  • She looks lovely. Reminds me of having one of my son's cats the year before last. She managed to force tiny window and escape in the night. We were horrified and so guilty. We made notices and put them on lamp posts in loads of streets and asked people to check their sheds and garages - all to no avail. I was heartbroken because we were having awful rain. Son and wife and family sooo good about it. Told the children she'd gone to stay with a little old lady who was lonely. Eleven days after she escaped she turned up at their home, absolutely fine!! Then the children worried about the little old non-existent lady ....... Doh!!

    Love Solange

  • What a rascal and what sweet children

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