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Introducing "Arnie"

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Good morning ladies .. an update as many will know I was diagnosed Dec2016 grade 3c .. had all the usual debulking 9 months weekly carbo /taxol.. . I named it "Derek"as too my children seemed less frightening than the C word.. (although they are 18 and 25yrs old ) but it worked and the C word wasnt used. Well was given Ned in Aug 2017 ... 😁😁😁😁. However throughout Christmas didnt feel right and gut feeling told me ... its back .. had scan in jan and sure to form .. its back .. (gutted as wanted more time in remission🀧🀧).. so here we go again on 4 weekly carbo caelyx.. so far so good 2 down and 4 to go .. This one is Arnie .(. I'll be back !!!) . I feeling better now treatment on roll although I would love to have been in remission longer there is some sad fact that whilst im been treated we are keeping on top of it .. reversed psychology???.. so at it again .. and ticking off things on my bucket list... oh nearly forgot .. im getting married in November to my rock and love of my life Jonathan .. chin up girls "you know your worth it" .. lol 😁😁😁😁😁.My photo is of us on my perfect date .. at the beach at sunset eating fish and chips and a tango .. lol with my man .. simply things mean alot .have a good day /week/year xx

17 Replies
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Lovely photo Suzi...glad you are finding some good stuff amongst the cr*p that Arnie brings x

SuziTench1 in reply to Lyndy

Thank you .. got to keep happy otherwise will sink 😁😁

Lovely photo, the coast (not seaside, they’re a different animal) is my favourite place, there’s always something to see and nature is beautiful.

I hope your treatment kicks Aries butt big style, and he isn’t able to cone back and I hope your side effects are manageable.

You do know that now you’ve told us you’re getting married it is now the law that we have to see photos. Many many congratulations πŸ₯‚, I hope the planning is going really smoothly and that you have a fabulous day.

You too have a good day/week/year/life ❀️Xx Jane

SuziTench1 in reply to Cropcrop

Thsnk you crop xx

Lovely sentiments to go with the lovely photo.

I hope your body will kick that cancer (no euphemisms here) out for good.

Go toxic chemicals! Do your work!

Best wishes,


SuziTench1 in reply to Lindaura

Too true . Must be the only time we are grateful for toxins 😁😁

Arnie doesn't pay rent, nor has he been invited to your wedding... so he has to go!

Love your attitude and will try to take a leaf from your book for my current carb/tax treatment.

Hope your chemo does the trick again and beats the disease back. Be well and have a wonderful wedding.


SuziTench1 in reply to Maus123

Thank you .. chin up onward march we go . We are all champions πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹

Hi Suzi,

Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

Annie the terminator finally got crushed (first film) let's hope that's what happens to your Arnie cancer - or is Arnie the chemo, the good Arnie in the next film who fights the bad guy?


SuziTench1 in reply to Irisisme

Thank you 😁😁take care too x

Hello Suzi

What a superb photo. Good luck with the chemo and may all be well for your wedding. Photos obligatory!

All the best!


Hey Suzi, Your post reminds me to BE HERE NOW! Your sheer enjoyment of the moment raised my spirits! So glad you're getting married! I figure if a man's worth living with, one ought to legally commit to him!

SuziTench1 in reply to Tesla_7US

I agree .. I also think when this happens to us it shows other peoples worth also with their love and support . You take care too xx

Isn't it lovely that sunsets (or rises) can make us feel so grateful? I just had a similar experience. Sorry about Arnie (love the name and reasoning for the name) and maybe he "won't be back" after this treatment!


I love your names and positivity. I call it the cleansing, as I believe, God is with me and ensuring I am cleansed of the toxic cell.

Hope we’re all invited πŸ˜‚

Lovely to read about your wedding. And chips on the beach? Heaven.

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