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Not all angels have wings`

Hi again guys,those of you who have commented and offered me support will be pleased to know that the family and myself are feeling a bit better following moms sudden passing on the 12th,we have got her a lovely plot at a new cemetry so she will always have a piece of the countryside,she always wanted a little bit of land `out in the sticks`...I cant stress enough the urgent need for women to recognise any of the warning signs of OC,we know that for most the signs come when this disease has had time to set up home,but listen to your body,look into your eyes and check old photos to see the sign of tiredness,wearyness,these on top of the usual signs,bloating pain change of menstruation and so on,my mom is out of the clutches of her `octopus` now,my prayers are for you all now fighting this demon,be strong,be clear on what you want,never give up hope and importantly remember too that your loved ones are fighting it too,ladies I bow to thee,love and prayers xx

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Hi Shaun,

Thank you for the update and encouragement.. I wish you well and trust the lovely memories you have of your mom will carry you and all your family through... which must be hard times for you all.. you will have good days and bad days because grief is like that... but we are all still thinking of you love and best wishes x G x



Thanks for writing and for your kind words.. ..its sometimes hard to remember that loved ones are also going through this big fight and I think you and your family have been amazing and so brave helping your mum through it lucky she was, is...

May you continue to seek comfort in all the wonderful memories you have of her..

Big hugs to you all xxx


Hi shaun...

Thank u for thinkin of us all at this sad time for u and ur family..

ur mam wld be proud of u.. My thoughts and prayers are wid u... Good luck for the future..shenx


Dear Shaun

Thank you for thinking of us. It has been very moving to share this sad time with you. I am glad your Mum has her little piece of the countryside and wish you and your family peace and happiness for the future.



Hi Shaun, I lost my mum on Sunday morning so I share a little of your pain. I never told my mum about my cancer but I suppose she will know now. My mum was 90 years old so she had a good long life. She will also be in the country as she is being laid to rest in Sherwood forest. Take care Shaun and remember the good times. Thinking of you. Hugs Lucy.


Hello Lucy,

I'd just like to offer you my sympathy on the loss of your mum. I do hope she had a nice peaceful end.

Thinking of you, love Solange


Hi Lucy,

Just to say how sorry I am to hear your mum passed away, it must have been hard for you to not be able to talk with her about your cancer, although I can understand why you chose not to tell her, I hope you have family to help you through this, 90years old is a good age, my m/inlaw is 93 and although frail is still very with it, I must admit although my parents know I have cancer, they are in their mid 80s, I am 61 I don't talk very much about it probably for the same reasons you didn't, anyway sending you some hugs. xxxx Jorja


Hi Jorja thank you all for your kind words. My mum wouldn't have taken it well so I didn't want to upset her but now she will know why I didn't see her when I lost my hair or when I was having chemo. I know what you mean about your parents they are too old to discuss these things with. I have a great family and good friends who help me through my journey.

Lucy x


Thank you Shaun for those lovely words. Your Mum would be proud of you for taking the time amidst your grieving to come on here and offer support to others.



Thank you for that Shaun!

If you want to help raise awareness of O C check out Target Ovarian Cancer. They do a lot of work raising awareness among women, doctors, and employers.

I work for them too and find them very helpful!

Thinking of you at this time!



Shaun, you're one in a million. Thank you for sharing all your experiences with us. Your kindness and compassion has touched us all.

Wishing only good things for you and your family.

Best Wishes



Thank you Shaun for taking time out from your grieving to send this message to us, you are a very caring person, we all felt for what you were going through with your mum, she will be happy now she has her little piece of countryside, you still take care of yourself and your family, will be thinking of you. xx Jorja


Dear Shaun

It was nice to hear that you have found somewhere lovely for your Mum and that the cemetery was new: so many of the long established ones are no longer cared for in the proper way and I find that very distressing.

I'm glad too that you regard the people on this site as your supporters and have written on here again. I have wondered a lot in the last week how you were coping.

God Bless and best wishes for your future too.




Hell Shaun,

Thank you for your kind comments and thinking of us all. I love the thought of your dear Mom having "a little bit of land out in the sticks".

Best wishes for a happy peaceful time now, Solange x


Hi there Shaun ...

You are a son in a million ...

You have done so well and Mums little piece of the country side sounds perfect .

Thank you for thinking of others at a time like this xx You are so right the message needs spreading out there for all women to be aware of the signs of OC .

Take good care now .

Love Jan xx


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