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A Time to Reflect & Be Grateful For What You Have (and Have Had)


Hi Everybody,

Just thought I would drop you all a quick line, as its been a while. I personally find Christmas the most difficult time of year. Its a time to reflect on the year, and with great anxious anticipation, desperately wonder what next year has lined up for us. Its been a bump ol' ride of late with weekly chemo (3 weeks on and 1 week off). It seems like a lifetime ago that we started this 4th line of treatment, but it truth it was only this Summer. Our second holiday to Spain was difficult. Most people dump their bags and head off out to the beach, I was driving around in the hire car looking for somewhere that sold hair clippers! The 'short bob' haircut that Vic had before we went away was supposed to take the weight of it down a bit so she may be able to keep her hair a little while longer. As you all know, it doesn't really work like that. It was falling out in clumps by the time we got to the villa. So off I duly went on my Clipper finding mission! Found some! We laughed and messed about as I covered off a range of 'comedy' hair cuts ranging from Mr T to Mohican to longer tuft at the front. The floor was soon covered with hair, with just a very (very) short skinhead style crop left. She couldn't see the tears rolling down my cheeks as I did my best to chat and make fun of this unenviable of jobs! I just sniffed it up, wiped my eyes when I could and carried on messing about and having banter with her. We had a great holiday and laughed and drank and ate and the best time. I snapped a pic of her sat on the beach and I often look at this on my phone when I feel a bit sad or have a 'wobble'. We have this togetherness that some couples often don't, and whilst things do get tough, we carry on with our sworn mantra of 'Let's make Memories'. I know its tuff when you and your loved ones are going through these awful times, but be together, laugh and love. Cherish the time that you/we have, because I learnt a while back that taking or thinking about 'stuff' is no substitute for DOING it. So go out there and get it done, the memories you make will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, when the time comes, it will be these memories that will sustain you and help guide you through the darkest of times. Sending you all much love, and wishing you all a very Happy Christmas

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Happy Christmas to you both, what a inspiring message xxx

Wishing you both a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2019 xx

I am welling up , you are so right .Merry Christmas to you both .xxJulia

Brilliant post, and good ideas in there too, glad you cherish every day, we all should do the same, HappyXmas

Beautifully put. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and nothing but the very best for the new year. xx

Touching Hun, my son shaved my head when my hair was falling out in clumps, kept asking if it hurt, by that point I didn’t give a stuff. Vic looks amazing and you are so caring, treasure every moment.

Happy Christmas and New year to you both,

Carole xx

Very well said! My hubby John is one in a million too!,Have a wonderful Christmas! I'll be wearing my bikini also as its summer here in Oz! Dawn!😀🌲😀

That's a great picture of your wife on the beach. Your message is inspiring to me; thank you. Here's wishing you both a happy Christmas and a healthy 2019.

How very lovely. Here's to many more happy memories. 🎄🎅🎁☃️ Xx

What a super, sensitive post, SuperHubby. Such good advice. Long may you both be making Super Memories. Happy Christmas to you both.

Love, Solange 😊

I bow to you, sir.

You have a gorgeous wife, by the way, and I wish you two the best Christmas possible, with or without hair. Xx. Maus

Wishing you both a wonderful Christmas and lots of happiness for 2019. Personally speaking, I find losing your hair is a very small price to pay. That’s a lovely pic.

My hubby is amazing he spends all his time propped next to me on the bed. He has halved his working hours but some days for me I complain, unfairly. That’s so not how I am but currently the OC is hurting me deeply with sickness and weakness. We made lots of memories over the last couple of years. My second recurrence was May 2017. Time to do as much as we could

Our partners and families have such a tough job. It sounds as if you are doing so well

Merry Christmas

LA xx

Beautiful post and important message thank you. You sound like a wonderful support to your wife. Happy Christmas and thank you again- Nicola

What an incredibly beautiful message, my husband and I read it together and cried together. You were writing from our hearts as well as yours. We wish your wife and yourself a very Merry Christmas and wish you a new year filled with hope, good health and many wonderful new memories. Thank you SuperHubby x 🌹

What a wonderful post, really inspiring. Sending you both my best wishes for a very Happy Christmas. Jo 🌺🌼🌸🌻🌹

Keep on enjoying each other's company. Having someone to walk with you with your illness means more than anything - my hub and I find things to laugh about, and suddenly the world's all right again.


Happy Christmas. Hope 2019 proves to be a better year. Xx

What a lovely post, thank you.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you both.


What a lovely message, and so true. X

Such a lovely post. We spend so much time wondering ‘what if’. Creating memories is so important and although we may have to reset our goals, sharing your time together or with others who make you happy is what makes it matter.

Have a good Christmas and New Year.

Hats off to our wonderful partners for their love and support.

Cheryl. 👏🏼

What a wonderful post - I have tears in my eyes. You have inspired me to try to make more memories next year with my other half. He has had a bit of a wobble this week so I need to help him in the same way he helps me.

I hope you continue to make lots of memories next year. Xxxxxx

What a wonderfully inspiring post. What a wonderful time of year to share it. Thank you! I wish for the both of you a very Merry Christmas and Many Blessed Years ahead. Peggy xx

Lovely message, I think we can all relate to your words, this awful disease certainly refocuses us all and makes us realise what’s actually important, the fripperies and fun times are often as important as the day to day living.

Thank you for your inspiring message, I hope many currently going through this experience are able to draw some strength from it.

Best Christmas wishes and love to you and yours ❤️🎄xx Jane

You're so right. I wish you the very best Christmas and a very happy new year.

Happy Christmas!

Lovely pic Merry Christmas to you both ❤

What an amazing and inspiring post! Pleased you’re making memories, you are absolutely spot on with everything you said! The photo is lovely she looks amazing! Merry Christmas to you both and all the hope for a cure in 2019 xxx

Bless you! What alovely caring courageous post. You sound like a super husband! X

I have tears running down my face and your post says it all, Merry Christmas to you both and hope 2019 you make more beautiful memories.Hugs Ellsey xx

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