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To me, you are all such an inspiration. I do not come onto the site very regularly, but when I do I am so encouraged by the way you all deal with your experiences of OC. You have all come through or are going through so much and you all find time to be on here and encourage each other. My daughter is an inspiration to me too. She is so strong and so young to have suffered the way she has. I have had personal encouragement from several of you and I am here again, feeling wobbly, worrying about my dear daughter:

She had been suffering pain, way back in June before her 3/12 MRI. The MRI showed nothing new which was good news, but did not explain the pain. After an examination by the consultant she was told it was a case of constipation and was given Lactulose. The consultant said that the Lactulose may not be very effective and to go to our GP if that was the case. It was the case. He changed the meds to Movicol and that was certainly more effective - 2 sachets per day. Today, after three weeks on Movicol we went to see the GP again because whilst the "movement" is much better, there are still signs of constipation and the pain has never gone away. He has upped the dosage to three sachets a day (oh lucky girl!) and still puts the pain down to her adhesions. He asked questions to make sure she is drinking enough and she is.I am hoping he is right, but I am not 100% sure that the explanation is so simple? She is so incredibly tired and looks yellow at times. She has ME and Fibromyalgia as well as this going on and it could be the extra problem is just makinf the ME worse. I hate being such a worry guts.


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Hi Honey,

Nice to hear from you again... I am sorry to hear about your daughter's problems... I just want you to know that I haven't stopped thinking and praying about you and hope all goes well on the twentieth love x G x :-)


Thank you Gwyn. Much appreciated.

Love, Honey x :) x


Hi Honey

I am sorry that your daughter is still not feeling better. I m sorry I cannot answer your question directly however I wonder if it may help to talk to someone on the ME helpline and to Ruth on the Ovacome support line - 0845 371 0554 or 020 7299 6650.

I can understand how worried you must be and all i can say is that it always helps to talk things through so please do try to talk to someone.

I pray that your daughter gets relief from her symptoms soon. Good luck for the 20th.

Love, Samixa X :-)


Thank you so much for your reply. I have tried phoning Ruth but the is always someone within earshot in my house! I have two other daughters. One is job-hunting and at home a lot and the other is on school holidays and of course the daughter who is ill is at home too. Just coming on here and sharing really helps. I will try to find an opportunity to phone Ruth.

Xx :) xx Honey


Hi Honey

I'm so sorry to read that your daughter is feeling so poorly, and that you are worrying. It's so hard for you to watch I know. My daughter is in a similar situation. She has had hip pain for three years now after her op. and they are no closer to finding the problem. She also suffers constipation. Now waiting for a bone scan to try to find the cause of the hip pain.

Like you I worry all the time. When she is suffering, I am suffering too. The colour of her skin, the tiredness, the pains all send my mind into overdrive, which helps no-one! I tend to think too far into things and replay conversations that we had with doctors over and over, reading into them far more than I should.

I hope that your daughter is feeling well today and that the MRI turns up answers on 20th.

Try to curb the worrying and stay strong. We need to focus on the positives and take strength from them. Your daughter is a very independant young lady, and she has good caring people looking out for her.

Wishing you both well, love K x


Thank you K. I think about you and your daughter from time to time and I am sorry to hear that you are still waiting to find out the cause of her hip pain. It is so hard, as a mother, to watch your "child" suffer. I do try not to worry, but when things like this drag on it is hard not to think the worst. I am so like you, right down to re-playing conversations with Drs in my head and reading far too much into it all!!!! The trouble is, it is what the Drs don't say that is the problem! We always come away with more questions than we have had answered!

I know we are very fortunate with my daughter's care and I ought to trust the drs more, but as you say it is the watching her suffer bit that is hard. I want an instant fix, I want to make it all better, or all go away. What mother wouldn't?

Thank you for your support,

and hoping your daughter's bone scan reveals some answers,

Honey x :( x


DOH!!! That was meant to be a :) not a :( !!


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