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A Good Day

A Good Day

We seem to be striking it lucky at last with the weather. It was such a lovely warm day yesterday I decided to cycle along the banks of the River Taff with the dog. We went about 10 miles in all. It lifted my spirits to see so many people out walking, cycling, families out with picnics, and children splashing in the river. The smell of the foliage and blooms was fantastic. We stopped for a rest half way and to enjoy the view of the weir and watch the scullers on the river. The dog splashed about in the water with a group of young lads. It really lifted the spirits.

I wonder what is going to cheer you all up today?

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Hi Whippet,

Look lovely where you live. 10 miles bike ride that's great and such good exercise. Its so good to read an uplifting blog. What will cheer me up today is seeing the lovely weather we are having at the moment. Feeling good and just living a normal life for the next 12 days (till I have my next chemo) . Tomorrow we have a big family BBQ to go to and although everyone will be asking how I feel which my answer is always "fine thanks" don't really like telling people all the rotten bits about chemo. The sun will be shining and I will be having a cheeky glass or two of wine.

Have another wonderful day Love and Hugs Babs x x x


Dear Annie,

You already have (cheered us up) lovely photo...have a good x G x 8-)


Love the idea of 'the dog' on a bicycle!!

I shall be mowing the lawns today, but yesterday a friend and I played tennis at 8.30, and by 10.30 we had both melted in the humid heat. We were at 10 games all; so decided to call it quits and go home!

Beautiful weather - just been to the local lake with our mutts - moorland ponies, foals, sheep, cattle, etc.....excellent!! I have to say that personally, my cancer has given me so much.......



Wow Isadora - Two hours of tennis! You must be feeling quite well to be able to do that. I agree that if things are going well cancer can give us so much. I would never have thought of retiring just before my 60th birthday but here I am negotiating a nice big lump sum as a severance and starting to look at less demanding part-time jobs to keep me occupied. I seem to enjoy working as much as relaxing. Your location sounds wonderful with moorland ponies, foals, sheep and cattle. My urban location only offers dogs, cats, the occasional vole and lots of sea and land birds, butterflies and insects. Enjoy! xx


Dear Annie. what a lovely blogg it looks lovely on the photo. so glad you had a nice dau.. Yes the weather is great and does help to cheer us all up..

What will cheer me up today is to hopefully go to the hospital and see my new great niece (miss Katie Issabbela Sawle) She was born on wednesday but we havent been able to see her yet as the birth was a bit traumatic and her mum is in high dependency but shes ok.. Its just we arnt allowed to go and see her till shes on a ward which will hopefully be today.. :)

keep enjoying the sun

lots of love suzanne



Wow, that's enough to cheer anyone up to have a new great niece and to have a cuddle. Hope her Mum's feeling better soon. xxx


Hi! Hope you're still enjoying the sun, Annie! How do you get the photo on your blog? It looks lovely. I'm in Wales too, at the moment. Working on the garden in my late mother in law's house. I love it here but got a bit fed up with the rain until yesterday. Also, our Internet and mobile connection gets very patchy when there are hills and thick clouds to contend with :-(

Hope you have a good day today as well and continue enjoying your retirement.

Love Wendy xx


Dear Wendy

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Hope this is helpful.

Where are you in Wales? It's steaming hot in Cardiff. I think you must be in the north - what a shame. It would have been lovely to have met up.

xx Annie


Hi Annie

Glad you've been having a good day. It's lovely here too. My best friend from Shropshire was staying with us for a few days and just left at mid-day. We had super weather and got to Titanic and the new visitor centre at the Giant's Causeway. Now I'm sitting out in the shade of an umbrella on the patio. What's not to like?!

Here's to all of us.



It's really lovely to read about the nice things everyone is doing. I've only ever visited the other end of the Giant's Causeway near Arran. I'd love to visit the Titanic Visitor Centre - such an interesting bit of history. Hope today continues in the same vein.


Dear Annie, it is so nice to read an uplifting blog. It is also heartwarming to know that once all the surgery & chemo is over one can continue living a normal life.

I have had a lovely day enjoying the sunshine & had a lovely lunch with a friend & her daughter. They brought over a very delicious meal for us all to enjoy. My husband & I are going to a friend's house for dinner so looking forward to a change of scenery.

I have not been going out to restaurants or to anyone's house as I am worried about catching infections either from food or people having colds & coughs etc. I don't know if I am being a bit paranoid however I am feeling really well while I am having chemo that I do not want to rock the boat. I have my 3rd chemo on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!!

Lots of love, Samixa X :-)


Dear Samixa

I'm glad the blog has given us some lovely interesting tales to read. I had my diagnosis lasst spring and then 6 rounds of chemotherapy. Like you I was a bit nervous at first at all the warnings not to do this and not to do that to avoid infection. Over the six treatments I didn't seem to have any problems at all so gradually increased my activity and ended up enjoying life to the full as usual. We went camping over Goodwood Festival weekend, I flew to Cork and Toulouse for holidays, visited friends, ate what I wanted and even went into crowded places - all with no ill-effects. Perhaps I was lucky, but it was good for the morale to continue a normal life. As you see life is still good and we sometimes need to remind ourselves that given a bit of luck we'll have lots of things to look forward to for many years.

Hope the remainder of the chemotherapy goes well - good you're feeling so well. I just found I became a little tired after the last couple of sessions. That was all.

lots of love, Annie xx


Thank you for your reassuring reply. I too want to enjoyife @ do all the things I used to before I was diagnosed with OC. If eek very uncomfortable at the moment on crowded places so try & avoid them. After my chemo on Tuesday, I have a scan booked for the 20th after which I will know whether I will have debulking surgery. I have been well over the last 2 chemos however am still reluctant to take chances with infections. I suppose it is something that I will have to come to terms with. I will be happy to resume my normal lifestyle once the chemo stops. I am banking on it all being resolved by the end of the year if things go to plan . I know that OC can recur so am not living with the hope of a complete cure. I just want some time without chemo to do all the things I had planned & to celebrate my 50th birthday next year.

Reading everyone's blogs really inspires me & gives me the hope & confidence that all can be well.

Have a super weekend.

Lots of love, Samixa X :-)


hi ladies...

just had to add to all ur wonderful uplifting messages...

the sun is shining up here in the lake district.. a nice change from all our rain.. reading all your messages makes me think its time i started getting a bit more exercise, ive hibernated away, for the last two years, partly because i was so down and depressed and so so frightend abt the future, but unsure of what i could or couldnt do... so starting from tomorrow, instead of just a little walk with our new little dog ( we adopted her from the dog trust... we lost our little dog in september) its going to be like it was before this bloody awful disease, nice long walks out... meals out and good shopping trips... u have all inspired me in different ways... and im going to fight this disease too...

have a wonderful week end all my brave friends

best wishes

luv shenx


Hi Annie,

Sounds like you had a lovely day - Gosh where do you get your energy from. I've just come back from a lovely meal in a new restaurant which has opened down by Brixham harbour.

I met up with my friends from work and we had a really good natter and lots of laughs. Its

good to escape for a while from all the negative thoughts that creep into our heads isnt it.

But oh - do I feel full !!!!!.

Enjoy the weather tomorrow - we have rain coming for Sunday.

Best Wishes

Angie x


Dear Angie

I'm not really too energetic these days so I love cycling along the river which is flat. I love Brixham. We have a boat in Plymouth and have called into your marina from time to time. Last time we were there was a couple of years back and we found a little wooden cafe/restaurant right on the harbour near the Marina. It had lovely views and the food was good. Is that the place you'd recommend?

It's good to hear about all the things that cheer us up. I feel quite inspired to take a week in the Lake District, revisit Brixham and have a trip to Belfast. Reminds me there are loads and loads of things to do and see without travelling too far abroad.

Hope you continue to enjoy some lovely weather and lots of laughter over the weekend! xx


Hi Annie,

Your photo brings nostalgia as you might already know I am from South Wales (Rhondda Valley) but my husband is from Plymouth and I lived there when I first got married.....we still have a lot of family down there.... more nostalgia Ahhhhhh!!! It is a small world we live in... Thanks for the memories

love x G x 8-) 8-) (I can't believe this lovely weather) 8-) 8-)


I think you mean The Breakwater restaurant with the lovely sea views

Yes the food is really good there.Also if you walk round the harbour

where the Golden Hind is, the old stone building which used to be

the tourist information office has now been converted to a really good

restaurant called The Market House.It also has seating outside and a

balcony overlooking the harbour.Food is very good too.

We have a slight breeze here today - so not too hot. We went walking

to Berry Head this morning (hoping to see a dolphin or two) sadly not

any today. Think the sea was a bit too choppy.

Enjoy your weekend.



Dear Angelina - you're inspiring another visit to Brixton to see all the changes. The former Tourist Office must be a brilliant restaurant. If we don't get there by boat it's not so far by car so we'll definitely try it out. When is the trawler racing? Martin and I arrived at the car park over the marina some years back and couldn't believe our eyes to see a dozen fishing trawlers crashing round the bay at impossible speeds.

For spectacular views and fantastic seafood have you tried 'The View' in Milford? It's just a prefab really poised on top of the cliff by Rame Head. It's worth the drive to Plymouth, then take the ferry from Tor Point. Book a table by the window to watch the sun setting over the sea at Lizard Point.

How I envy your blue water down there. I sometimes take a walk along the beach but the water's always muddy grey/brown in the Severn Channel even when I wear my blue-tinted specs.

love Annie x


Hi Whippit Sorry - you missed the trawler race this year it happened in June. I have been off sick since last managed to miss the invasion of the dutch trawler men

invading the hotel where I work.

We haven't been to 'The View' sounds really good. I am now

considering not returning to work as think I have been

away from my job for too long and dont think I could cope

with the long hours and responsibility of being head

housekeeper. It has been a difficult decision to make but

maybe its time for me to make changes and have lots of

me time now and do all the things we haven't had chance

to do.

Best wishes

angie x


Dear Angie

We seem to be in exactly the same place. I had 7 months off last year and was full of trepidation returning to work. I did but my employer - a respectable university - had given my job to someone else. To cut a long and nasty story short I have agreed to a compromise where I'm paid a sum of money to leave.

I think you're right to think about some 'me' time and do the things you want to do and visit places you want to see. I shall finish work in January but am on garden leave from September to December so I shan't have to worry about going in.

I've just had my first week officially not working last week and already my days seem very full and interesting. I do a little bit of work for my husband to help out with his business and I've signed up to do some volunteering for various cancer charities. I don't think I shall be bored - far from it - it looks from my perspective that retirement is all good and there for us to enjoy!

love Annie xxx


Hi Ladies

It's beautiful here in the New Forest too. Waited so long for the sun and it's put a smile on everyone's face. Went out with my lovely husband yesterday for lunch and on the way back stopped at the beach and had a paddle it was great. Would have like to have had a swim but were dressed in our best. Think I'll start keeping the cozzie in the car just in case. Just think if I hadn't got oc I would have been stuck in a stuffy office instead of enjoying life. It's not all bad

Love Chris x


Hi Chris,

Woooo I can just feel the water on my toes..hmmmmm...sounds lovely..thanks for pointing out the upside of this haha...lots of love x G x 8-) 8-)


Dear Chris,

Your day in the New Forest sounds fantastic. We had a holiday there just last year and I visited Beaulieu Motor Museum which was a great day out and we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and lovely walks along the water at Lymington. I'd only just had 2 chemotherapy sessions at the time so was feeling a bit fragile but the beautiful scenery and lovely warm weather really cheered me up.

You've really cheered me up at an uncertain time. I've just negotiated a retirement from work. I'm feeling a bit nervous about that as I'm so used to working full-pelt. I was thinking I should get into an exercise regime to keep a structure to my life. I thought it would be a good idea to swim regularly and your idea of putting a cozzie in the back of the car is a good one. I'll try that too.

Thanks for your lovely uplifting post. xx


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