My Ovacome

worried and scared

.im 34,and for the past year ive had terrible pain on one side of my abdomin.ive been to the doctors and he refered me to a gyno...he said i have endometritis and told me to have the mirina coil fitted..i had it fitted in march, and the pain on my right side has got really really bad.

ive been back to the doctor and told him my symtoms,extreme pain on my right lower abdomin,feeling sick,my stomach bloats out so much, that it looks like im pregnant,and when i pee it hurts my side.ive also had really bad wind too.and lower back pain,my breasts are really tender too.

He examined me, and he said he could feel a lump and that i was to have a scan,,he gave me dyhydrocodine to take for the pain,and wait for a appointment for a scan.

im so worried,i dont even know what scan im going to have?

What happens next?

im so scared and worried about the results of the scan.

Could this just be a cyst? Or could it be something sinister?

thanks for reading.

Regards Jani x

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Hi Jani

It must be so worrying for you at the moment. The wait for the symptoms you have been experiencing seems like it's endless. I'm not an expert, you might like to ring one of the specialist nurses at Ovcome (Mon - Fri 9 to 5) to talk to someone. They are so understanding and can reassure you. The number you need is 0845 371 0554.

I can only tell you about my experience. I had ovarian cancer 8 years ago (I'm in the best of health now!) and had scans to see what was going on before I had an operation -- don't worry, though, it's probably easily investigated before getting to that stage. The first scan I ahd was an ultrasound (like you have when you have a baby), then I had a transvaginal scan (not at all as scary as it sounds, just a small probe internally to see what's going on in there). They can also do a simple blood test to rule out other possibilities.

You will hopefully get your appointment for a scan within two weeks, if the GP suspects it could even possibly be something sinister.

I only got back from hols last night so only just saw your question. Do try ringing the helpline number. It's so much better to talk to somene with all the knowledge and experience, and the nurses on the helpline are so understanding.

Let me know how you're getting on in the meantime, even if you just want to "talk" -- I don't mind any questions but I'm not good on the medical or diagnosis stuff!

All the best, Wendy x


Do not let male Dr's fob you off ask for a CA125 test and, if that is raised, a CT scan. I have been lucky but, if not satisfied forget British restraint and stand in the most public part of the unit and scream! VERY LOUDLY!

Sod being noble and forbearing and ladylike! LIVE!

Good luck!



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