Spent 4 and half hours in a and e the other day as I came out in rash so phoned out of hours doctor for advice as a week before was dyanosed with nose infection so had been prescribed with nasel antibiotic cream been using it then I notice rash on arms and chest so thought it was cream then my temperature went to 37 .2 doctor phoned and said to phone ochologist 24 hour line explained to them my symptoms and said to wait for my go to get back to me he called me back and said to go to a and e they took bloods hence the wait temperature went up in mean time doctor then saw me said had to wait for bloods to come back but gave me antihistermine tablet and said it was not the nasel cream ask what else have I had that was different it was a new hand wash he thinks that was the cause and once the antihistermine worked temperature was normal but I was so frighten I am due for my 3 rd line of Caelyx Monday more bloods tomorrow and a missed appointment yesterday with consultant but looking forward to Christmas hope everyone has a good Christmas and big hugs xx

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  • Sounds traumatic Bobbylo!

    Hope you are feeling better now!

    Merry Christmas! 🎄

  • Feeling better now thanks for asking merry Christmas to you and all the best for the new year

  • My goodness poor you. Hope you're ok and feeling a tad better. Best wishes for Christmas Love Michelle xx💐

  • You poor thing! Let's hope things get markedly better for you and that you have a great Christmas 🎅 x Carole H

  • Thanks for your reply been back up hospital to see consultant today and the rash apparently is to do with the Caelyx I on so the chemo has been delayed from Monday to next Friday also been put on vitamin b6 tablets the condition is call hand and foot blisters have now occurred on feet just got to wait and see if it improves by next week have a merry christmas

  • Hi just read your post, it is frightening isn't it, I also had a rash from Caelyx, it was under my boobs and very itchy and sore, my onc said this is a side effect but have to keep an eye on it. Hope things settle down for you soon and you will be more comfortable. Take care



  • Hi it was also under my boobs so I thought it was my bras were tight so brought new ones did they put you on vitamin b 6 tablets to calm it down and did you manage to finish your treatment thanks also for reply

  • Hi I went to my gp about my rash and she to,d me it was a sweat rash which she gave me cream for!!!

    No I didn't finishe treatment for Caelyx it didn't work for me, I had quite,a few of the horrible side effects sore mouth and throat, sensitive to heat, hands and feet were red but in myself I felt well if that makes sense. Because it wasn't working my onc didn't put me on vitb6.

    as you know we are all different and there are ladies I've spoken to who have responded well to Caelyx

    Take care


  • Consultant said may have to reduce dose just have to wait and see as you say everybody is different thanks for getting back to me

  • No problem at all wishing you the very best xx

  • Hope things get better for you love,any reaction is scary,

    Happy Christmas

    Carole xxx

  • Thanks Carole's 1 your telling me happy Christmas tooxx

  • HI Bobby,

    I have just finished 6 months of caelyx one every 4 weeks.

    Part of the side effect was a rush all over my body and blisters under my arms.

    My oncologist gave me steroids before each caelyx this cleared up the rush and blister,

    I have had other side effects like my toe nails are falling off, my hands are red and feel like paper cuts, I soak them in cold water and moisturizer as much as possible.

    With my toe nails I also soak them in cold water with bi carob soda and when dry with a eye dropper use tea tree oil to stop any infection.

    I know this sound bad but I managed to still do my part time job the whole time I was on caelyx and my energy was good.

    Also it was only one a month,

    I wish you all the best.

    Lorraine xx

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones from down under

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