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Hi all, at the end of May I went to my gp concerned about a persistent pain in my side & some bloating, he had a feel of my tummy & ordered some bloods and a referral for ultrasound. 10 days later i went back as my tummy was & still is humongous. I found out then that the CA125 was slightly elevated. This Dr sent a referral to gynae they examined me & referred for ct or mri...whichever came first. I'm due back to hospital in the morning for results and to be honest I am terrified. I keep saying to myself its nothing butttttt! I am scared xxxx

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Hi, it's a very scary time. I think the speed with which they move, which is good, is frightening, as it makes you think the worst. I remember the whole process from when I first went to see my GP, to when I had my surgery, was about six weeks and it was the longest six weeks of my life. Surprisingly when I first met my consultant and he told me I was booked in for surgery the following week I felt an enormous sense of relief. I just wanted it out of me so I focused on that date and kept myself busy writing lists for my hubby and cleaning the house from top to toe. My tumours turned out to be borderline so I didn't need any further treatment. I won't say don't worry as that's impossible so all I'll say is good luck for tomorrow and Keep us posted. Kerry x

Thank you , it us the speed, everything seems so fast...on the other hand its dragging

It's only natural to be scared, but at least your GP is doing things quickly. I was going back and fro to my GP for nine months, and was finally rushed in to A&E, tests for two months and finally diagnosed eleven months after initial GP visit, so even though you're very scared at least you'll know quickly and hopefully it'll be something easily dealt with. Good luck in the morning, really hope it all goes well for you.

Love Kaz xx

Thank you Kaz x

It's only natural to worry. Thankfully not long now till your appointment.

Maybe some distraction TV and a glass of wine tonight?

Wishing you all the best for tomorrow. Please let us know how you get on.


Zannah xxx

Hope it all is nothing to worry about but at least they have acted very quickly . Please let us all know how you get on

Ally x

Thank you all x

Thinking of you. I know its scary but you are in good hands with your medical team. CA125 can be raised for many reasons not just OC. Try to stay calm and positive if you can xxx Trish

Thinking of you m x

I just want to wish you all the best. We have all been there and can empathise with you. Please let us know how you got on. Ann xo

Hi all, thank you for all the kind words. I dont have ovarian cancer I have a 6cm endometrioma. , I've still to have the mri as they want to be 100% sure xx

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Jan76 in reply to elaine27

This is indeed very good news very pleased for you and let us know how you get on .

Jan x

What wonderful news its so good to hear it. A lovely change to have a happy ending.

Regards Barbara

That's great news, so pleased for you. Kerry x

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