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i was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer at the beginning of June. It has spread to my bowel and they say there is something on my appendix too.

I have just had my third chemo of paclitaxel and carboplatin and they are scanning me in two weeks.

They are planning to operate, a full hysterectomy, plus removal of omentum appendix and whatever bit of bowel is damaged too.

I have lost a stone in weight since diagnosis and am battling to put the weight back on though trying to eat really well

Has anyone any good advice for putting on weight?

Has anyone had this op?

What can I di if anything to best prepare, really scared.

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Dear Pilates13x

No wonder you feel scared. That seems like a big operation. I didn't have an appendix by the time I had my op last year but signed up to the operation you are about to have. You might be surprised how on earth so much can be removed and how quickly you'll be up and about. I managed to sit in a chair within hours of recovery in order to have a refreshing wash, and was out of bed the next day. I think you'll have other messages of support and reassurance very soon so you'll feel less scared about the op.

As for the weight loss I had this too as my ovarian cancer manifested itself in a dramatic loss of appetite. If you're worried that your weight is dangerously low I should book an appointment with the oncology nurse at your hospital and they might be able to give you some advice. From a non-professional perspective of someone who's been in your shoes not too long ago I just made myself very small portions and ate 5 or 6 times a day preparing foods that took my fancy. I remember I enjoyed Chinese food at the time as it's light but spicy. I also invested in a juicer and pressed fresh fruit juice with Spirulina and other supplements that go well with juice. I found the fresh juices very refreshing and enjoyable even though my appetite had plummeted.

I hope you find this helpful. Keep posting and asking questions and you'll find it all much easier to cope with.

with love xx Annie

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Hi I am sorry I can't be much help there..but I guess it would be to eat little but often...and of course to eat anything you fancy..the blog earlier was in the opposite direction people are worried about putting on too much weight..I do hope you get it sorted, you have come to the right place for support.. You could always give the support line a ring tomorrow they are very good at giving advice tel Ruth Payne.... 08453710554 .....I think she is off on Mondays and Tuesdays..but there will be someone else that can give advice love and best wishes x G x :-)


Hi Pilates,

Oh darling, I do understand what you are going through - we all do on here.

Being scared is the most natural thing in the world when facing such a serious shock.

We have all been through that horrible experience of fear and I think that will continue to stay with us forever.

Although I was diagnosed as a 2c, I had the exact same operation that you are facing. I also lost weight but I gained 2 stone and the rest after chemo and with the steroids they give us to stop the sickness symptoms.

I had full hysterectomy and appendix and part of my bowel removed - omentrum had cells there and that was also removed, but think most people have this taken away as we don`t need it and its just one more thing for the cancer to cling itself too.

I also had a second primary cancer in my uterus but was still diagnosed as a borderline 2 - 3.

Eat as and when you can and whatever you fancy luvie. It is important to eat to keep your strength up. I feel quite ashamed now for moaning about my massive weight gain.

Good luck with the surgery - I was petrified but it wasn`t as bad as I ever could have expected.

Rest plenty, the waiting is always the worst.

Love from Tina xxx


Thank you for all your replies, just good to talk to people that have been through this too.


Hi Pilates

Try not to be too scared. Silly to say I know, I was petrified. I had a massive op for stage 4 oc in April 2010, but like Tina said the waiting is the worst. On the day of the op I just wanted to get on with it. You will be in safe hands. Sorry, can't help you with the weight loss, like a lot of other ladies on this site I just got bigger. Hope everything goes well. Love and hugs Chris x


Hi pilates . Sorry you needed to find this site but hope you find all the ladies here a good support . Have had the same surgery in May this year and recovered well . It is probably case before the surgery as i put it battling down the hatches . Have help on board for all the housework/shopping etc . For eating i would recommend trying to stay healthy with all your fruit and veg so bowels keep working properly . However for the weight if you fancy chocolate/cream buns etc have them . Sometimes eating smaller but more often helps ( grazing) as if we are worried we dont feel like sitting down to a big meal . Hope all goes well with the surgery . Any questions you have ladies here can help as all been through this . Let us know how you are doing



Hi Pilates!

Sorry you have the anxiety of this but once your op comes around, you will just want to get on with it all. I was amazed at how well I felt after my op, I put on 2 stone in the month or so after it all, as I ate and drank too much in an effort to re-gain the weight I had lost prior to diagnosis. I took homeopathic arnica tablets in the week before my op and for a couple of weeks after. I don't know if it helped, but I had remarkably few side effects after the op. I healed quickly and was not in much pain at all. It really isn't too bad, especially as, in my case, the surgeon removed all the bits where there was any sign of cancer. That was nearly ten years ago now! You will be overwhelmed with the kindness and professionalism of the nurses, if my experience is anything to go by. I was so well cared for. After the op, listen to all the advice. The worst after-effect for me was constipation, so be prepared and stock up on fruit and dried figs! You may well feel very tired and must not do any heavy lifting for weeks, but there's time for all that later.....just concentrate on looking after yourself for now. Stock up on easy-cook ready meals and magazines to read while you are getting over your op.

Will be thinking of you

Love Wendy xx


Thank you for your encouragement, will try the arnica tablets when I get nearer the op.

Thank you so much x


I have recently been to see a specialist in America (I was diagnosed with 3c 2 years ago and have had one recurrence). In terms of diet she put me on a high protein low carbohydrate diet. I now feel better than I have in absulutely ages. I eat a lot of fish eggs and whey.



the operation sounds scary, but isn't too bad. You'll be surprised how soon you start feeling better. It certainly helps knowing that somethng is being done about the oc.

As for food- I lost a lot of weight, but found proper meal-sized meals too much, so went in for snacks and snacks between snacks. Breakfast, then crackers with cheese at 10, fruit at 11, lunch, peanut butter sandwich at 2, more cereal at 3, banana sandwich at 4, fruit at 5, dinner at 6, biscuit at 8, and muesli later to see me through the night. Avoid too many easy gainers such as cream cakes and doughnuts as they don't contain much to give you energy and feel better.

I'll be thinking about you

Hugs Christine



I often let the fear of this awful disease drag me down.. we all know how it feels to be scared out of our minds.. Talking and sharing on here helped me immensely . There are some amazing people on here who inspire me so much.

I wish you all the best with your op and im sure you will make a speedy recovery.. I agree with all the other ladies eat little and often.. And don't worry eat what ever you fancy..

Lots of love an prayers

suzanne. xxxx


Hi, I was diagnosed with stage 3c last year and had very similar op, my appendix itself was not disease but the cancer was all stuck to it so they took it out anyway, it was also stuck to my bowels but they managed to remove it all without damaging my bowels. The people who do these ops are usually experts in this field and used to doing this sort of thing.

Try not to worry about the op too much, see it as getting rid of the horrible cancer, then hopefully the chemo will mop up any remaining cells.

I found that once my bowels got over the shock and starting working properly again that I didn't have a lot of pain post op and was soon up and about going for short walks (slowly of course).

As for putting on weight, the surgeons don't like operating on overweight people so don't worry too much, just eat whatever you fancy, fatty foods have lots of calories and my oncologist recommend these to prevent weight loss, you can have healthy foods as well to get a good balance.

All the best for the op and rest of your treatment

Best wishes George x



i was diagnosed with grd 3b ov cancer in august 2010, and had the same operation as u.

try and not to worry abt the opearation, just think that u are getting rid of that awful cancer out of ur body......

Just eat little and oftern and eatwhat u fancy..

good luck with the op, this site is a wonderful way of talking to other ladies who have gone thru the same as u... and they are so knowledgeable it surprising how they can help with questons..

good lcuk



it is scary... but the most important thing is that you get the surgery done and they get it all cleaned out. Then you can start fighting and get on with your life. Having chemo before surgery helps shrink the tumors so the surgeon can clear them away better. That is a good thing. All of us have had similar surgeries. I wish you the best and you are in my thoughts. Kim


Hi Pilates, I hope hearing all these replies have helped. I had the same op in late March and I agree with the other ladies here in that it wasn't as bad as I was expecting.

I like you was very scared, but really it was "over" before I knew it and the pain medication post op was excellent. Hardly any pain at all. The operation as described does sound awful to anyone but hopefully the chemo so far has done its job on the tumours and any removal of bowel (if any) will be minimal. They really won't know till they get in there. Eat what you can at this stage to aid your recovery and switch to a healthier way of eating once you feel you can. Take care of yourself.


Would like to advise, everyone can request to see their Ct Scans reports to keep ahead of exactly what is going on. With ovarian cancer they do de-bulking surgery. Remove Uterus Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes, medical terminology "Total Hysterectomy" Omentum. Specimans are sent to Pathology discussed with the Multi Disciplinary Team the best course of treatment for you. Surgery cannot remove a malignancy that is what the Chemotherapy does after the operation. Sending lots of encouragment to all of my brave and courageous sisters. If you have any questions, the Macmillan Nurses are there for you, to give advice and are very knowledgeable and compassionate as they deal with Cancer patients on a daily basis. Sending lots of healing and Love. Murdina x


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